Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2014


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Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2014

  1. 1. Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2014 Leaders in Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security ©notice This material is copyright by visiongain. It is against the law to reproduce any of this material without the prior written agreement of visiongain.You cannot photocopy, fax, download to database or duplicate in any other way any of the material contained in this report. Each purchase and single copy is for personal use only.
  2. 2. Contents 1. Report Overview 1.1 Current Mobile Security Market Overview 1.2 Mobile Malware Attacks on the Rise 1.3 Mobile Security Ecosystem 1.4 How This Report Delivers 1.5 Who is This Report For? 1.6 Methodology 1.7 Other Visiongain Reports Published in 2014 1.8 About Visiongain 2. Introduction to the Mobile Security Market 2.1 The Mobile Security Market Growing Rapidly 2.2 Mobile Security Market Definition 2.2.1 Device Security 2.2.2 Data Security 2.2.3 Network Security 2.2.4 Mobile Security Tools 2.3 Proliferation of Mobile Devices Leading to Rise in Security Threats 2.3.1 Mobile Malware Evolution 2.3.2 Trojans 2.3.3 Worms 2.3.4 Spyware 2.3.5 Spam 2.4 Mobile Threats Affect All Platforms 3. The Global Mobile Security Market 3.1 Mobile Security - A Major Concern for Consumers Worldwide 3.2 Extensive Growth in Mobile Security Market from 2013-2024 4. Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies Market Share 4.1 Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2013
  3. 3. Contents 4.2 Analysis of Mobile Security Vendors 5. Leading 20 Mobile Security Companies 5.1 AirWatch 5.1.1 Awards and Accolades 5.1.2 AirWatch Mobile Security Solution 5.2 Apple 5.2.1 Apple’s Best Practices for Mobile Security 5.3 AVG 5.3.1 AVG Mobile Security Applications 5.3.2 AVG Retains Position of #1 Downloaded Security App 5.3.3 MTN Delivers AVG Mobile Security to South African Subscribers 5.4 BullGuard 5.4.1 BullGuard Mobile Security 5.5 ESET 5.5.1 ESET Mobile Security Solutions 5.6 Fiberlink, an IBM Company 5.6.1 MaaS360 5.7 Fixmo 5.7.1 Fixmo Enterprise Mobility Platform (Fixmo EMP) Fixmo Sentinel Fixmo SafeZone 5.7.2 Fixmo Announces Expanded Collaboration with Samsung 5.7.3 Fixmo to Provide Mobile Security to U.S. Department of Defense 5.8 F-Secure 5.8.1 F-Secure’s Mobile Security Solutions 5.8.2 Majority Mobile threats are Targeted at Android 5.9 Good Technology 5.9.1 Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform Mobile App Containerization Mobile App Management (MAM) Mobile Service Management and Mobile Device Management
  4. 4. Contents 5.10 Google 5.10.1 The Next Phase of Android Security 5.11 Kaspersky Lab 5.11.1 Kaspersky Internet Security for Android 5.11.2 Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device 5.11.3 Kaspersky Lab Anticipates Double-Digit Growth in 2014 5.12 Lookout 5.13 McAfee, An Intel Company 5.13.1 McAfee Mobile Security Solutions 5.13.2 McAfee Labs Threats Report Findings 5.14 MobileIron 5.14.1 MobileIron Mobile IT Platform 5.15 NQ Mobile 5.15.1 NQ Mobile Security Products 5.16 Samsung Electronics 5.16.1 Samsung KNOX Workspace 5.16.2 Samsung Teams up with Zscaler and Citrix 5.17 SAP 5.17.1 SAP Mobile Secure 5.17.2 SAP and Samsung Expand Partnership 5.18 Sophos 5.18.1 Sophos Product Portfolio 5.18.2 Sophos Sees Explosive Growth for Mobile Device Management 5.19 Symantec 5.19.1 Symantec Mobile Security 5.19.2 Symantec Showcasing New Security Solutions 5.20 Trend Micro 5.20.1 Trend Micro Smart Protection Network 5.20.2 Trend Micro Mobile Security Solution 5.21 Other Leading Companies in the Mobile Security Arena 5.21.1 Mformation 5.21.2 Microsoft 5.21.3 Mobile Active Defense
  5. 5. Contents 5.21.4 Motorola 5.21.5 Orange 5.21.6 BlackBerry 5.21.7 Telefonica 5.21.8 Echoworx 5.21.9 DeviceLock Inc. 5.21.10 DataViz 5.22 Additional Players in the mSecurity Market 6. SWOT Analysis of the Mobile Security Market 7. Expert Opinion 7.1 Visiongain Interview with AVG Technologies 7.1.1 AVG Company Background and Mobile Security Products 7.1.2 Proliferation of Connected Devices Will Drive the Adoption of Mobile Security 7.1.3 Internet of Things is A Major Driver for the mSecurity Market 7.1.4 Key Trends in the Mobile Security Market 7.1.5 Apple's iOS is More Secure than Google’s Android 7.2 Visiongain Interview with Kaspersky Lab 7.2.1 Kaspersky Company Background 7.2.2 Mobile Apps and BYOD Driving the Need for Mobile Security 7.2.3 Cybercriminals Increasingly Targeting Android Operating Systems 7.2.4 Mobile Banking Trojans to Grow Significantly in the Coming Years 7.2.5 BYOD Becoming a Popular Trend for Most Businesses 7.2.6 Consumers/Enterprises Becoming More Aware about Internet Security 7.3 Visiongain Interview with Bullguard 7.3.1 Bullguard Company Background and Mobile Security Products 7.3.2 Security Vendors Must be Ready to Tackle Increasing Malware Attacks 7.3.3 Lack of Awareness Regarding mSecurity Will be a Inhibitor 7.3.4 Mobile Device Management & BYOD Gaining Popularity 7.3.5 Antivirus will be Mandatory on all Mobile OS 7.3.6 Mobile Security to Surpass the PC Security Market in the Future
  6. 6. Contents 7.3.7 Security and Privacy Issues Should be Given Utmost Priority 8. Conclusion 8.1 Mobile Threats on the Rise 8.2 Market Share & Outlook for the Top 20 Mobile Security Companies 9. Glossary
  7. 7. Page Page 56 Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2014 Leaders in Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security 5.6.1 MaaS360 MaaS360 is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that enables IT to deliver end-to- end security and management through the implementation of: • Mobile Device Management • Mobile Application Management • Mobile Content Management • Secure Mail • Secure Browser • Mobile Expense Management • Laptop Management For an overview of mobile security services provided by Fiberlink see Table 5.17 below. Table 5.17 Fiberlink Mobile Security Features User & Device Security • Authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP, one-time passcode or SAML • Create custom groups & apply specific policies to each group • Require two-factor authentication • Require passcode policies with configurable quality, length and duration • Enforce encryption and password visibility settings • Set device restrictions on features • Detect and restrict jailbroken and rooted devices • Remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices • Selectively wipe corporate data leaving personal data intact • Define and implement real-time compliance rules with automated actions • Enable geo-fencing rules to enforce location related compliance Application Security • Whitelist/Blacklist of apps • iCloud controls to prevent app backups • Enforce app security based on security compliance rules • Secure on-device app catalog • SDK for authentication and authorization • Selective remote wipe of apps Document Security • iCloud controls to prevent file backups/syncs • MaaS360 Doc Catalog isolates files in an encrypted document container
  8. 8. Page Page 67 Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2014 Leaders in Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security Table 5.23 Good Technology Company Overview(Mobile security revenues, market ranking, % market share, media contact, HQ, website) Mobile security revenues $bn USD 0.096 bn(FY 2013 estimate) Global market ranking 5 th Global market share % 4.7% Media Contact Becki Leonard Headquarters Sunnyvale, California Website Source: Visiongain 2014 Figure 5.24 Good Technology Mobile Security Market Share 2013 (%) Source: Visiongain 2014 4.7%
  9. 9. Page Page 115 Top 20 Mobile Security (mSecurity) Companies 2014 Leaders in Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security 7. Expert Opinion 7.1 Visiongain Interview withAVG Technologies Visiongain conducted an interview with Omri Sigelman, Vice President – Mobile & Marketing at AVG Technologies about his viewpoint of the mobile security market. 7.1.1 AVG Company Background and Mobile Security Products Visiongain: Please give us a little background about your company and your mobile security related product/service offerings. Omri Sigelman: AVG is the online security company for 177 million active users, securing devices, data and people. We deliver protection, privacy and performance products for desktop users and mobile devices users. Our flagship AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ app for smartphones is the number one downloaded security application on the Google Play store with more than 100 million downloads, which places it in the coveted 100-500 million download category. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Tablets is also a popular AVG app for those with Android based devices. We also offer a range of performance apps for smartphones and tablets including AVG Cleaner, AVG Uninstaller and AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp which help keep connected devices running smoothly, free of duplicate or unwanted files and apps, and operating at maximum battery by helping control connectivity and service settings to put them into sleep/turn them off when not in use. AVG’s aim is to secure as many end users as possible so ultimately our online protection moves and develops as they do and their devices evolve. Users have a right to be secure online whatever device they are using and wherever they are using it. Our approach to mobile therefore is to make our products as easy to use and as accessible as possible and as part of this, we recently announced our forthcoming AVG Zen application for mobile devices. AVG Zen is a simple approach to helping people run their connected lives on all their devices from one central, easily managed place. We’re also committed to ensuring our mobile users understand how our mobile apps work and in particular, being transparent about what data our apps collect and how it is shared. As part of this commitment, we have just announced our AVG short data privacy notice. AVG is the one of the first in the industry to pursue this best practice which arises from the National Telecommunications