Theory and history of state and law


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Theory and history of state and law

  1. 1. Юридический факультет
  2. 2. Burkov А.N. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.; Honored Worker of Higher Educationof the Russian Federation;Valova О.М. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Voronina L.V. – Assis. Prof.;Guryanov М.М. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Guseva P.D. – Assoc. Prof.;Dryakhlov V.N. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Zyryanova А.V. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Kislizyn Yu.S. – Assis. Prof.; graduate student;Konyshev D.N. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Kulikov V.V. – Doctor of Law; Professor;Mamaeva Е.А. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Makhnyova Z.P. – Assis. Prof.; Honoured worker of VyatSU;Mashkovtsev А.А. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Morozova А.L. – Lecturer;Mukhlynina М.М. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Nemchaninova Е.N. – Lecturer; graduate student;Timkin Yu.N. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Travina I.G. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Fominykh S.М. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.; judge;Kharin А.N. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.;Shchepin B.P. – PhD; Assoc. Prof.; Honored Worker of Higher Education of theRussian Federation.
  3. 3. Burkov А. N., PhD, Assoc.Prof., Honored Worker ofHigher Education of theRussian FederationShchepin B.P., PhD, Assoc.Prof., Honored Worker ofHigher Education of theRussian FederationTravina I.G., PhD, Assoc. Prof.,acting Head of the Departmentof Criminal Law Disciplines
  4. 4. I. «Agricultural history and USSR peasants in 1946-1985».Research Team:PhD, Assoc. Prof., Head of the Department Konyshev D.N.;Assis. Prof., graduate student Kislitsin Yu.S.Goal: study of agricultural policy and the peasantry in the 1946-1985 on the materialof the Volga-Vyatka region.Issues: study of archival and statistical material, introduction to the scientificrevolution of new archival sources.Expected results: determine the effectiveness of agricultural policy and changes(social and economic) of the peasantry - the main group of population in Russia andSoviet Union in the twentieth century.Results in this scientific field will be reflected in the doctoral and mastersdissertations.
  5. 5. II. «Criminological aspects of environmental crime».Research Team: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Travina I.G.Goal: study of the practice of enforcement provisions of the Criminal Codeof the Russian Federation on environmental crimes.Issues: review of legislation and court decisions.Application: during the training process of lawyers.Expected results: analysis of the legality and appropriateness ofenforcement.The main result will be stated as a doctoral dissertation.
  6. 6. III. «The problem of political culture».Research Team:PhD, Assoc. Prof. Burkov А.N.;PhD, Assoc. Prof. Kharin А.N.Goal: development of the modern definition of politicalculture and its features in the modern political life of Russia.Expected results: series of articles, monograph.
  7. 7. IV. «Legal heritage of Russian lawyer Timashev».Research Team:Voronina L.V., Assis. Prof.Goal: contemporary legal theory in comparison with legalheritage of the 19th century by the example of academic lawyerN. Timashev.Expected results: texts translation from Russian to English.New sources of legal doctrines history introduction to scientificrotation.
  8. 8.  2006 – PhD dissertation on the specialty07.00.02 Native History,Nizhny NovgorodState University of Architecture and CivilEngineering, Konyshev D.N. 2008 – PhD dissertation on the specialtyCriminal Law, Travina I.G. In connection with the opening of the Facultyof Law VyatSU requires the preparation ofcandidates and doctors in law at the universitylevel.
  9. 9. Travina I.G. with Dr. of Law, Prof. AntonyanI.G. Travina and D. N.Konyshev with colleaguesfrom Department of theMinistry of theInterior, Federal Authorityfor Road Traffic Safety andGeneral Prosecutors
  10. 10. Kharin А.N.: On the formation of Russian civilization space, “Power”magazine. 2011. № 12. p. 126-129. Russia and the globalist projects in Panarin’s works //“Geopolitics and Security” magazine. – 2011. – № 4. p. 43-48. The second new world: Illusions and Reality.// “Geopolitics andSecurity” magazine. – 2012. – № 1. – p. 64-70.
  11. 11. Nemchaninova Е.N. The role of patronage in the appointment of the governors office in the XIX - early XXcenturies. (on ​​the materials of the Vyatka province) // Vestnik of the Oryol StateUniversity. Series: New Studies in the Humanities. - 2011. - №6(20). - p. 352 - 355. Education as a factor of Russian officials career advancement in XIX - early XXcentury (on the materials on of Vyatka Governorate history) // Scientific problems ofhumanities research. – 2011. - №12. – p. 26 – 33. Russian pre-revolutionary era governors preparedness to administrative activities //Science and business: ways of development. – 2012. - №3. – p. 18 – 23. Russian pre-revolutionary era governors preparedness to administrative activities //European Social Science Journal. – 2012. - №3. – p. 364 – 371.
  12. 12. Konyshev D.N. Khrushchev’s agrarian reforms // History teaching in schools. 2010.№ 2. p. 33-38. «One outcome - to steal ...» // Rodina. 2010. № 6. p.119-121. State policy of private farming population limiting in 1953-1964//Russian History. 2011. № 3. p. 102-111. USSR agrarian policy after the World War II (1945 - 1953) // Historyteaching in schools. 2012. № 3. p. 74-76.
  13. 13. Travina I.G.Monograph “Theoretical basis for economiccrimes prevention” / edited by Doctor of Law,Professor V. D. Larichev, 2012.
  14. 14. During 2007-2012 department lecturersparticipated in international and nationalconferences on the history of law: In Moscow; Vologda; Orenburg; Izhevsk; In Universities: Kolomna State PedagogicalInstitute, Vologda State Pedagogical University,Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs,Peoples Friendship University of Russia, RussianState Social University.
  15. 15. D.N. Konyshev during a symposium on the agrarian history ofEastern Europe with colleagues from Lipetsk and Vologda.
  16. 16. 1. Research Institute of Internal Affairs Ministry (Moscow);2. Faculty of History of Moscow State University;3. Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and CivilEngineering;4. St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law;5. Udmurt State University (Izhevsk);6. Vologda State Pedagogical University;7. Lipetsk State Pedagogical University .
  17. 17. Department of Theory and history of state andlaw graduates specialists in 2 directions and 1specialty: Records management and Archivistics; Legal Studies; Legal EnquiriesDepartment equipment: Training courtroom Criminalistics practice ground
  18. 18.  State and Law Theory; Native State and Law History; Foreign Countries State and Law History; History of Government; Records Management; Professional Basics; Roman Law; Politology; Geopolitics; Political Ideology; Archivistics; Archives History; Political and Legal doctrines History; Law Basics; Jurisprudence.
  19. 19.  Academy of Law and Management; Federal Bailiffs Office; Kirov region Police; Federal Tax Service Office; Kirov region Federal Security Service; Courts.
  20. 20. Kirov, Moskovskaya str. 39, off. 2-301(8332) 64-67-69.