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General History

  1. 1. Department of General History
  2. 2. 1. Scientific directions of theDepartment :• At the Department of General History isdeveloping a range of scientific fields. Some ofthem are assigned to individual teachers, whileothers are developed together. So for example Dr.I. Yu. Trushkova has the following themes: "Ethnicand cultural heritage of the Volga-Vyatka region,""Ethnic and cultural heritage of the countries andregions", "Archaeological and ethnographicresearch", "Actual problems of modern historicalresearch", “Micro-history", "Historical and culturaltourism", “National relations and migration. "• PhD, Assoc. Prof. Е. Yu. Mokerov – “World tradehistory”, "History of world money", "NumismaticResearch in Vyatka region."• PhD, Assoc. Prof. I. V. Chemodanov - "Thehistory of the Russian peasantry", "Agrarianhistory of the West," "Carrying the NEP inVyatka region."• PhD, Assoc. Prof. A. G. Prazdnikov - "MedievalHistory of Western Europe," "History of WorldCivilizations", "History of England."• PhD, Assoc. Prof. I. А. Vasilevskaya - "Literaryand cultural heritage of the southern andwestern Slavs", "The literature of Antiquity andByzantium."• Lecturer Е. S. Karpova – "The history of themonasteries", "History of the Russian OrthodoxChurch."
  3. 3. 2. Areas of Cooperation• Areas of cooperation at the Department :• I.Yu. Trushkova - Co-writing projects, conductingexpeditions problem seminars, organization ofscientific and practical conferences, exhibitions, co-writing monographs, co-writing thematiccollections.• I. V. Chemodanov - Writing projects, organization ofscientific and practical conferences and seminars,discussion forums.• Е. Yu. Mokerova - Writing projects, exhibitions andseminars.• A. G. Prazdnikov - Writing projects, organization ofscientific and practical conferences and seminars,writing thematic collections.• I. А. Vasilevskaya - Writing projects, participation inscientific and practical conferences and seminars.First graduates (2007)History of the Department of General Historybegins in 2006. Main activities and forms of itswork are shown on the following slides.↓
  4. 4. 3. Expeditions and Research InternshipsSince the summer of 2003 staff members of the Department of General History organizingarchaeological and ethnographic expeditions to the Kirov region, the Urals, other regions.During the expeditions exclusive historical information is picking, cultivating by members ofthe Department, using in the learning process, in the work of the student scientific society, inthe preparation of dissertation research. Expeditions are also take place in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Perm, Izhevsk, Riga, Tartu, Kiev, Odessa and Siedlce academic institutions.
  5. 5. 4. Research InternshipsInternship in Kiev, in the statearchives of UkrainePolish students internship in theDepartment of General History in 2008
  6. 6. 5. Student Scientific Society and Museum of the Vyatka regionHistory and CultureStudent scientific society on regional history and the study of ethno-culturalheritage of the countries and regions began its work in 2003. In 2004 "Museum ofHistory and Culture of the Vyatka region“ was opened, where not only the lecturesand seminars for students and historians are held, and also conferences, debates,meetings of student scientific society. According to the materials of the StudentScientific Society series of works were published; last works belong toSapozhnikova Е.А., Matveev D.А, Shubin D.V.
  7. 7. 6. Monographs and Articles• I.Yu. Trushkova Traditional culture of the Russian population in the Vyatka Region in XIX - early XXcenturies (life support system). - Kirov, 2003. – 722 p.• I.Yu. Trushkova Vyatka region traditional costume complexes: problems of formation, interaction andcurrent status. Kirov, 2005. – 217 p.• I.Yu. Trushkova Traditional culture of the Russian population in the Vyatka Region in XIX - early XXcenturies (life support system). – Kirov, 2007.• I.Yu. Trushkova A woman and a man in traditional Russian culture in the Vyatka region: gender portraits.• I.Yu. Trushkova Vologda and Vyatka Balts: ethno-cultural essays. Kirov, 2012• I.V. Chemodanov Vyatka region peasantry during the NEP period (1921 - 1921). - Kirov, 2011. – 200 p.• A.G. Prazdnikov English town XIV - XV centuries: social structure and mentality. Kirov, 2007. – 204 p.• I.А. Vasilevskaya Theological terminology in Russian and Byzantine version of "The Story of Barlaam andJoasaph" (the problem of word choice in translation). Kirov, 2007. – 125 p.• Е.Yu. Mokerova Coins and bullion in payment history of the Vyatka region in VII - beginning of XVIIIcentury [electronic resource]
  8. 8. 7. Conferences - international anddomestic• Traditionally, graduatestudents, students of theDepartment of GeneralHistory participate ininternational and Russianscientific and practicalconferences. Since thecreation of the Departmentthe geography ofparticipation has expandedfrom Poland to China. Since2005 more than 50international articles werepublished.
  9. 9. 8. Graduate students• Postgraduate studentship at the department was opened in2006. Since that time the following dissertations weredefended:• In 2006 two graduate students defended their dissertations:G.A. Mikheeva "The cultural landscape of the provincial Russiancity (on the example of Malmyzh in the Vyatka province)" andN.V. Shabalin "The relationship of the state and the RussianOrthodox Church in the Kirov region in 1940-1950"• In 2009 : S.А. Chirkin "The problems of the history of peasanthandicrafts in the market of the Vyatka region in late XIX - thefirst quarter of the XX century" and E.А. Tsegleev “Vyatkaprovince in World War II and the Liberation War of 1812-1814”,N.Е. Sokolova “Ceramic production in Perm Urals in XV - XIXcenturies: the technological aspects of the problem " and О.М.Kazakova “The provincial teaching in the XIX - early XXcenturies (on materials of the Vyatka province)”• In 2010 : А.B. Timokhin “The problem of the transformation ofthe mining population of the Northern Kama in the XIX century(the household, social and cultural settings) “• In 2011: Е.А. Titova “The specifics of education in the cultureof the Old Believers in the Vyatka region in the period ofsocialism.
  10. 10. 9. Grants• «The culture of the people - your culture» - Kirovadministration (2007);• «Vyatka State University corporate culture» - VyatSUinternal grant (2007);• «Computer technologies in archeology» - VyatSUinternal grant (2007);• «Actual questions on the Vyatka region history» - Officeof Youth Affairs of the Kirov region Government (2011);• «Ethnic and cultural heritage of the Stolypin persons(Latvians, Estonians) in Vyatka region» - RussianHumanitarian Scientific Fund (2012);• «Minorities in Priural region in XIX - beginning of XXIcentury: Questions of history and cultural adaptation»- Federal Target Program «Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia 2009-2013»(2012; for two years 2012-13)
  11. 11. 10. Cooperation in Russian: Kirov RegionIn Kirov:• Kirov Regional Museum of Local Lore,• Kirov Regional Exhibition Center "Diorama",• K.E. Tsiolkovsky Museum,• The station of young technicians,• A.I. Herzen Kirov Regional Scientific Library,• A.S. Pushkin Kirov Library,• Library-branch number 3 "Mayak“, Kirov ,• The Public Chamber of the Kirov region,• National-cultural societies, etc.• In Kirov region:• Center of the Udmurt culture in Svetozarevo,Sloboda District; Udmurt Culture Center inSiberia, Uni area.• Mari Cultural Center in Marie-Osharevo,Pizhanka area.• Komi Cultural Center in Afanasyevo.• Tatar Cultural Center in Malmyzh.• Russian Culture Center in Kotelnich.• Oparino District Local History Museum.• Maromitsa school in Oparino District.• Childrens Art House in Svecha.• Lalsk District Local History Museum.• Slobodskoy Museum, etc.
  12. 12. 11. Cooperation with other regions of the RussianFederation and foreign partners• Perm :• Perm State National Research University,• Perm Regional Museum,• Berezniki, Perm Krai - Ural State Economic University,• Syktyvkar - Komi Science Center,• Izhevsk - Udmurt State University,• Institute of History, Language and Literature,• Glazov - Glazov Pedagogical Institute,• Ufa - Bashkir State University,• Ceboksary - Chuvash State University,• Yoshkar-Ola - Mari State University,• Nizhny Novgorod - «Museum of the Old Believers»• Borovsk, Kaluga region – Borovsk Museum,• Novosibirsk - Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography,• St.Petersburg – Herzen State Pedagogical University, RussianMuseum of Ethnography, Cabinet of Curiosities (Museum ofAnthropology and Ethnography)• Moscow - Peoples Friendship University of Russia, RussianState University of Tourism and Service.• Ukrain:• Odessa - Odessa State University• Latvia:• Riga - The Baltic Center Science, Baltic InternationalAcademy, I.I. Zavoloko Cultural and Historical Society• Estonia:• State University, Tallinn• State University, Tartu• National Folk Museum, Tartu• National Museum of Ethnography, Tartu• Travel agency, Pärnu• Finland :• Helsinki – National University• Oulu – Science Academy of Finland• Poland:• Torun – State University• Lublin, National Catholic University• China, Yunnan Province - Yunnan University• USA - University of Washington
  13. 13. 12. International CooperationIn addition to international internships,conferences and practices, staff of thedepartment realize international scientificmobility by means of lectures. For example, in2012 I.Yu. Trushkova read a series of scientificlectures in the Baltic International Academy, atthe Center of Public Policy Research (Riga, Latvia).In 2013 she read lectures at the EstonianAcademy of Sciences, and National Folk Museum(Tartu, Estonia).In 2012/2013 at the Department of GeneralHistory are working three foreign teachers :• Valge Jaak Leopoldovich– Doctor ofPhilosophy in Tallinn University (Estonia)• Korb Anu Evaldovna - Doctor of Philosophy(Tartu, Estonia)• Vlasov Yuriy Viktorovich – Assistant Professor(Pärnu, Estonia)
  14. 14. 13. Working in the dissertation councils and theestablishment of an academic lab• Head of the Department of General History, Dr., Prof. I.Yu.Trushkova since 2006 to 2012 was the member ofDissertation Councils for Historical Sciences: in HerzenState Pedagogical University (St.Petersburg) and UdmurtState University (Izhevsk)• In 2012 on the base of the Department of GeneralHistory was established joint academic laboratory ofVyatSU and Udmurt Institute of History, Language andLiterature. Name of the laboratory – “Ethno-culturalprocesses in the Vyatka-Kama region“. This is the secondacademic laboratory at the university, and the first in theKirov region on the humanities.