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General Chemistry

General Chemistry






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    General Chemistry General Chemistry Presentation Transcript

    • Department of General Chemistry
    • History of the Department - In 1955 on the basis of the All-Union Correspondence Institute laboratory of chemistry was founded; - In 1963 году the Department of Chemistry was established; - From 1965 to 1967 from the Department of Chemistry has been allocated Subject Committee of General Chemistry; - In 1974 the Subject Committee was transformed into the Department of General Chemistry; - In 1975 under the leadership of Kovalevskiy А.V. scientific laboratory "Technology of rare metals" was established, which survived till 1991; - In 1999 under the leadership of Kovalevskiy А.V. scientific laboratory "High- Temperature Electrochemistry“ was established .
    • Major developments • In 1984 boronizing installation of steel products was introduced to Vyatsko- Polyanskiy Machine Plant, which allows significantly increase the service life of the punch and die steel. With the use of copyright certificate № 10993727 «Fusion for steel products boriding» (authors: Kovalevskiy А.V., Lomakina R.N., Soroka V.V., Shishalov V.I.) • In 1985 in Кirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant laboratory was introduced development, which got copyright certificate № 118864 «Heat storage mixture » (authors: Kovalevskiy А.V., Lomakina R.N., Soroka V.V., Shishalov V.I.) • In 2011 know-how «Method of determining the reaction of mixture vessel on molten alkali metal halides, in sustained contact with a reactive metal» was developed, transferred to the ownership of the Vyatka State University (authors: Kovalevskiy А.V., Elkin О.V.)
    • Main Publications • Elkin О.V., Kovalevskiy А.V., Chebykin V.V. Alloy formation in no-current diffusion saturation of nickel in samarium chloride melts // Metals, 2010, № 4, pp. 27-31. • Kovalevskiy А.V., Еlkin О.V. Electrochemical properties of LiCl-KCl melt, aged in contact with samarium // Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2011, V. 85, № 3, pp. 570-573. • Kovalevskii A. V., El’kin O. V. Electrochemical properties of LiCl–KCl melt held in contact with samarium // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2011, Vol. 85, No. 3, pp. 499–502. • Еlkin О. V., Kovalevskii A. V. Corrosion of gadolinium and ytterbium in LiCl-KC melt // Electrochemistry, 2011, V. 47, № 7, pp. 923–926.
    • Main Publications • Elkin O.V., Kovalevskiy A.V. Corrosion of gadolinium and ytterbium in LiCl–KCl melt // Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 2011, V. 47, No. 7, pp. 865–868. • Еlkin О.V., Kovalevskiy A.V., Chebykin V.V. Electroless nickel diffusion saturation of gadolinium in LiCl–KCl–GdCl3 melt // Non-ferrous metallurgy, 2011, № 5, pp. 35-39. • Elkin O.V., Kovalevskiy A.V., Chebykin V.V. No-current diffusion saturation of nickel with gadolinium in the LiCl–KCl–GdCl3 melt // Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals, 2011, Vol. 52, No. 5, pp. 433–436. • Kovalevskiy A.V., Elkin O.V. Corrosion of samarium and lanthanum in molten eutectoid mixture of lithium and potassium chlorides // Electrochemistry, 2012, V. 48, № 12, pp. 1318-1320. • Kovalevskiy A.V., Elkin O.V. Corrosion of samarium and lanthanum in molten eutectoid mixture of lithium and potassium chlorides // Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 2012, Vol. 48, No. 11, pp. 1201–1203.
    • Participation in scientific conferences - XV Conference on Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of molten and solid electrolytes (Nalchik, 2010); - XLIX International Student Scientific Conference «Student and scientific- technical progress» (Novosibirsk, 2011); - XV International Meeting «Improving of technology electroplating» (Kirov, 2012).
    • Partners The Department of General History has an agreement on cooperation with the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry (Еkaterinburg) Staff members of the Department annually conduct research with leading scientists: PhD Chebykin V.V. and Dr. Kudyakov V.Ya. from Institute of High- Temperature Electrochemistry.
    • Equipment For high-temperature measurements installation was made, which includes: the type SSHOL oven with automatic temperature control, gas-vacuum system, allowing to carry out experiments in purified from argon atmosphere For studying kinetics of electrode processes potentiostat-galvanostat P-150I is using (Ltd.«Elins» Chernogolovka))
    • Equipment For learning samples, received while research, we use: Energy-rentgenospektrometr EDX-720 (Shimadzu) X-ray diffractometer XRD-7000S (Shimadzu).
    • Areas of research There are 6 PhD’s at the Department: Kovalevskaya L.V., Toropov V.V., Shishalov V.I., Soroka V.V., Chernova O.V., Elkin O.V., and 1 Doctor – Kovalevskiy A.V. In 2009 Elkin O.V. has defended dissertation “Getting the diffusion saturation of surface alloys of nickel and cobalt, gadolinium, samarium and ytterbium in molten lithium chloride and potassium” for PhD degree.
    • Planned defence of thesises: Kondratyev D.A. “Getting alloys, coatings and powders IC diffusion saturation of nickel and cobalt, neodymium, dysprosium and erbium in molten mixtures of LiCl-KCl- LnCl3 (Ln-Nd, Dy, Er)” (supervisor Kovalevskiy A.V.) and Bushuev A.N. “Electrochemical behavior of neodymium ions, praseodymium, terbium, holmium, and in ionic melts” (supervisor Zhukovin S.V.). Working on PhD dissertation – postgraduate student Tolstobrov I.V. (supervisor - Kovalevskiy A.V.) Current research activity of the Department is based largely in line with the priority areas of science, technology and engineering “Industry of nanosystems and materials“. Areas of research
    • Areas of research Currently, the Department works on theme “Physical and chemical fundamentals of obtaining diffusion coatings by current-free transport of rare earth elements on the nickel and cobalt halide melts” (supervisor Prof. Kovalevskiy A.V.). Under this theme the following studies are implemented: • Study of molten lanthanide halide electrochemical behavior in the temperature range 673 - 1073 K. Within this research we study methods of corrosion lanthanide gravity and EMF. As well we have developed a unique method for determining the reaction vessel melts, aged in contact with the lanthanides. Based on the reaction vessel we can determine the values ​​of oxidation, which passes the melt lanthanide, as well as electroless lanthanide transportation mechanisms on electropositive metals.
    • Areas of research • Study of current-free transfer kinetics of lanthanides for nickel and cobalt in molten halides. As part of these studies, we investigated the effect of temperature and duration of current-free diffusion saturation of nickel and cobalt lanthanides. As a result, current-free transfer form alloys, coatings with improved properties, such as high heat resistance. • Study of electrode processes kinetics in the electrolysis of molten halides containing lanthanides. During the research chrono voltammetry chronopotentiometry methods and diffusion coefficients were determined and ion transport number of lanthanides, as well as multistage processes for recovery of lanthanides different electrodes.
    • Contacts Litvinets Sergey Gennadyevich Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation E-mail: litvinets@vyatsu.ru; science@vyatsu.ru 610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str.36, off. 321 Ph.: 8 (8332) 64-15-91. Kovalevskiy Alexander Vasilyevich Head of the Department of General Chemistry, Dr., Professor E-mail: kaf_oh@vyatsu.ru, yov8@rambler.ru 610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str.36, off. 526 Ph.: 8 (8332) 64-02-97.