Descriptive Geometry and Drawing


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Descriptive Geometry and Drawing

  1. 1. Scientific directions of theChair in Descriptive Geometryand DrawingSearch for potential customers and co-usersThe Vyatka State UniversityKirov 2013
  2. 2. General information• Chair of general engineering.• Within the Faculty of Building and Architecture.• The foundation year of the Chair is 1963.Chair of Descriptive Geometryand Drawing
  3. 3. Team• Professorial-teaching staff – 15 people:– 9 Candidates of Science in Engineering, Associate Professors;– 2 Associate Professors;– 4 Senior Lecturers.• Teaching and support staff – 7 people.
  4. 4. The most importantdevelopments of the ChairHistory. The scientific-research laboratory of pressure processed ofmaterials was functioning at the Chair from 1975 to 2010.Organizer and supervisor of the laboratory – G.P. Kuznetsov.In 1997 the Chair became one of the founders of the regionalscientific-industrial park.Main results:• 8 scientific-research developments made within grants andscientific and technical programmes from the Ministry of Educationand Science and the Government of Russia;• 25 students scientific developments completed;• 74 copyright certificates for inventions received;• 2 monographs and 247 papers published (two papers – in theUnited States, one paper – in Bulgaria).
  5. 5. Implemented at JSC "Molot" in VyatskiyePolyany and other enterprises.Electrohydroimpulse stamping Pneumatic-shock stampingSuperplastic formingElectrohydroimpulse cleaning ofcastings by investment patternsImplemented at JSC "Avitek" in Kirov and otherenterprises.Implemented at JSC «Аvitek» in Kirov.The work was carried out jointly with the Department inTechnology of Decorative Treatment of Materials.Implemented at JSC "Watch making plant" inUglich and other enterprises.
  6. 6. Main scientific-research developments• CAD for punching processes, for cutting sheet parts with movingenvironments at pulsed and static loading. Grant from Ministry ofEducation of Russian Federation (1992-1993).• Development of computer technology for multicriteria assessmentand selecting the most cost-effective production process for coldsheet metal stamping of parts in aerospace machinery. Grant 2152from Ministry of Education of Russian Federation (1994-1995).• Development of scientific bases for designing technologicalprocesses of stamping with polyurethane of plates in plate heatexchangers. Grant from Ministry of Education of Russian Federation(2000-2001).• Development and manufacturing of electric devices for treatment ofsoil and plant samples, research by the plan from the customer.State institution "Scientific-research and Design Institute of Agro-industrial complex of the Komi Republic" (2005-2007).
  7. 7. Published monographs1. Parts manufacturing with plastic deformation / Ed. K.N.Bogoyavlensky, P.V. Kamnev. – Leningrad: "MechanicalEngineering", 1975. – 424 p.2. Electrohydroimpulse processing of materials in mechanicalengineering / V.N. Chachin, K.N. Bogoyavlensky, V.A. Vagin, etc.Minsk: Science and technology, 1987. – 231 p.Co-author – G.P. Kuznetsov.
  8. 8. Doctors and Candidates of Sciencetrained at the Chair• Doctor of Science in Engineering:– Georgy Pavlovich Kuznetsov (1990).• Candidates of Science in Engineering:– Nikolay Borisovich Grebyonkin (1978);– Alexander Kirillovich Pukhov (1984);– Sergey Grigoryevich Trakhtenberg (1985);– Tatyana Parfyonovna Smyshlyayeva (1986);– Veniamin Aleksandrovich Norin (1987);– Yury Nikolayevich Nagovitsyn (1991);– Oleg Nikolayevich Korovkin (2007);– Olga Anatolyevna Rublyova (2010).
  9. 9. 1. Applied geometry. Graphical-analytical modeling of aircraftcomplex surfaces.2. Improvement of electronic educational and methodical support forgraphic disciplines.3. Study of superplastic metal forming processes.4. Study of vibration at longitudinal turning of non-rigid shafts.5. Formation of spatial elements in artistic items made of birch bark.6. Research into application of alternative fuels in internalcombustion engines.Scientific areas of the Chair
  10. 10. Applied geometry. Graphical-analyticalmodeling of aircraft complex surfacesScientific Supervisor – Cand. Sci. (Eng), Ass. Prof.Ludmila Silvestrovna Popova.History. The dissertations for the scientific degree of Cand. Sci. (Eng) byL.S. Popova "Some issues of designing surfaces of complex shapes"(1981) and by O.V. Sinitsyna "Matrix methods of flat and spatialconfiguration descriptions" (1996) at the Moscow Aviation Institute.Main results:• 48 published scientific papers;• software developed for designing surfaces.Expected result: publication of monograph.
  11. 11. Improvement of electroniceducational and methodical supportfor graphic disciplinesScientific Supervisor – Ass. Prof. Yelena GeorgyevnaBuravlyova.History. In 1995 the Head of the Chair G.P. Kuznetsov and Senior LecturersL.V. Okatyeva and M.V. Naberezhnaya developed methods and software of theautomated training system "Engineering graphics". The automated training systemwas introduced in the educational process and recommended by the Bureau of theScientific-Methodical Council of the Volga region for engineering graphics to otheruniversities.In 2006 Dr. Sci. (Eng), Prof. G.P. Kuznetsov and Ass. Prof. Ye.G. Buravlyova beganworking on systematization and structuring of the educational activities for teachersand students in graphic disciplines. They used the methodological developments ofthe Chair. As a result of the systematizing the generalized structure of study theyoffered an educational material for graphic disciplines that contained the invariantand elective parts. This approach lets you tailor the graphical discipline study inaccordance with the curriculum in a particular area (specialty).
  12. 12. The second part "You are a student" containseducation material: theoretical part; practicalexamples; training and assessment tests. Both partsare accompanied by a glossary. The educational andmethodical complex is intended for realization ofeducational activity in twenty areas of Bachelorstraining for various forms of instruction.Main results: participation in the competition for grants to legal persons from theFederal Budget as a part of the federal target program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of innovative Russia" in 2009-2013, announced by the Ministryof Education and Science of the Russian Federation in 2012. XIV line – event1.2.1. in the scientific direction "Humanities" in the field of psychological andpedagogical sciences. June 30, 2012 (Supervisor – T.V. Masharova).Expected result: development of an electronic educational and methodicalcomplex of graphic disciplines based on LMS Moodle. The electronic educationaland methodical complex consists of two parts. The first part "You are theinstructor" contains documentation that is the educational and methodicalcomplex for any discipline: the educational standard, the goals and objectives ofthe discipline, place of the discipline within the primary education program, thelist of competencies, work program, progress monitoring, tasks for independentwork, theoretical and practical questions for the exam and score, lecture notes.
  13. 13. Study of superplastic metal formingprocessesProject implementer – Cand. Sci. (Eng), Ass. Prof.Konstantin Yuryevich Apatov.History. Development of the 80-90-ies under the supervision ofG.A. Kropotov and S.M. Polyakov. The dissertation for scientific degree ofCand. Sci. (Eng) by K.Yu. Apatov "Development of processes for producingmembranes of complex shapes with surface topography from sheet brassby superplastic forming techniques" (2006).
  14. 14. Intellectual property1. Device for sheet forming in the state of superplasticity. K.Yu. Apatov,M.A. Tsepin, S.M. Polyakov. The Russian Federation patent for utilitymodel № 54541. – 2006.2. How to obtain articles from sheet blanks in the state of superplasticity.K.Yu. Apatov, Yu.L. Apatov, M.A. Tsepin, A.A. Afrikantov. Patent ofThe Russian Federation № 2306996. – 2007.3. Device for the sheet forming method of products in the state ofsuperplasticity. K.Yu. Apatov, Nguen Chyong An, M.A. Tsepin,Yu.L. Apatov. Patent of The Russian Federation № 83952. – 2009.Main results: two patents of The Russian Federation, The RussianFederation patent for utility model.Expected result: publication of papers, presentations atconferences.
  15. 15. Study of vibration at longitudinal turningof non-rigid shaftsProject implementer – Cand. Sci. (Eng), Ass. Prof.Sergey Leonidovich Vasilyevykh.History. The dissertation for scientific degree of Cand. Sci. (Eng) byS.L. Vasilyevykh. "Performance improvement for non-rigid parts inspecial machinery with integrated technological equipment" (1991)on the base of the Department in Mechanical Engineering.
  16. 16. The published monographs1. Vasilyevykh S.L. Research into vibration stability of theSPIZ system in heavy turning of non-rigid shafts withdifferent technologies. – Dnepropetrovsk: "Systemtechnologies", 2009. – 106 p.2. Vasilyevykh S.L., Vasilyevykh L.A. Study of macro andmicro formation of low rigid parts processed beyond theultimate elasticity of the material. – Dnepropetrovsk:"System technologies", 2009. – 350 p.3. Vasilyevykh S.L., Saitov V.E. Research into vibration stability inlongitudinal turning of non-rigid shafts in dynamic system machine-device-tool-workpiece. – Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT AcademicPublishing, 2012. – 86 p.Main results: three published monographs (one abroad).Expected result: doctoral dissertation.
  17. 17. Formation of spatial elements in artisticitems made of birch barkProject implementer – Tatyana Vladimirovna Shangina.History. Since 2007 till 2010 under supervision of Dr. Sci. (Eng), Prof.G.P. Kuznetsov we studied physical and mechanical properties of the barkof trees, how to improve them as well as indicators of quality and energyconsumption in manufacture of products and handicrafts.Main result: full-time postgraduate course has been finished.Expected result: dissertation under supervision of Cand. Sci. (Eng), Ass.Prof., Head of the Department in Technology of Decorative Treatment ofMaterials M.I. Zemtsov.
  18. 18. Research into application of alternativefuels in internal combustion enginesProject implementer – Ass. Prof. Anton Vasilyevich Zonov.History. The dissertation for scientific degree of the Cand. Sci. (Eng) byA.V. Zonov "Improved environmental performance of diesel engine4Ч 11.0/12.5 with ethanol-fuel emulsions by reduction of nitrogen oxides inexhaust gases" (2012).Main results:• participation in exhibition "Scientific and technicalpotential of the Kirov region" within the RegionalInnovation Convention in 2012;• the winner of the competition "Young innovatorsand inventors" in 2012.Expected result: establishment of a laboratory for testing internalcombustion engines, for theoretical and experimental research in the area ofalternative fuels in engines.
  19. 19. Contacts• Head of the Chair – Yury Nikolayevich Nagovitsyn.• Address: 610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya st., 36, office 437.• Phones: 8 (8332) 38-17-05, int. 1-72.• Email:;• Vice-Chancellor for Science and Innovations – SergeyGennadyevich Litvinets.• Address: 610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya st., 36, office 321.• Phones: 8 (8332) 64-15-91, int. 1-33.• Email:;