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Business Developement Bootcamp

  1. 1. Educating Micro-Businesses to Leverage the New Economy & Technology for Sustainability Created & Presented by: Visionary People, LLC An Arm of the Business Development Project Launched in 2010@BizCampTour
  2. 2. What’s happening in the 27.5 million Business Communities? 69% of Start Up Small Businesses are failing within the first 2 years of launch (10% average turnover annually) Since 2007, Corporate Businesses have downsized leaving over 8 million Americans unemployed Current Unemployment rate holding at 8.3% compared to 4.0% in 2000 The average Small Business has a gross revenue of less than $25,000 a year
  3. 3. Quick Micro-Business Statistics Reminders Businesses w/ Full Staff Employees Businesses w/o Full Staff Employees Contribution to Private Payroll Contribution to Job Creation 6 million (Over 18,000 are Large Companies) 21.4 Million Average 44% Average 65% (22% are part-time jobs Women Owned Businesses 7.8 Million Minority Owned Businesses 5.8 Million Statistics from SBA
  4. 4. Our Core Focus to Impact Change. Education Resources OpportunitiesConfidence Communication
  5. 5. Why do Micro-Businesses need More help? Business Aspects  Lack of basic business knowledge  Lack of planning  Lack of start up & operational capital  Lack of support & resources  Lack of budgeting Marketing Aspects  Limited sales knowledge  Limited knowledge of target market segmentation  Lack of planning  Non-existent or limited marketing budgets  Lack of planning
  6. 6. Significantly impacting the business community… Globally! It’s Strategically Designed to be a Win! Win! Win! #BizCampTour to start #OwningMyEdge
  7. 7. Four Full BootCamps! Business Builder: Provides existing and emerging business owners with the key principles that every company needs in order to grow. “Knowledge, People & Money”. Participants learn the essentials of planning for launch & growth. Marketing With Authority: Provides existing and emerging business owners with principles & techniques for increasing sales, shortening the time between client reach & getting paid. Become a Media Magnet: Provides existing and emerging business owners with the knowledge of how to construct & pitch the right message to get recognized by any media outlet. Step Up Your Online Marketing: Provides existing and emerging business owners education on creating interactive online audiences that translates to revenue activity & strong internet positioning.
  8. 8. Our Five Key Impact Goals
  9. 9. The Tools For Success!
  10. 10. Benefits to Attendees & the Community  Overall Affordability & Accessibility  Improved Competitive Edge  Enhanced Knowledge & Growth  Applicable Skills & Techniques  Increased Revenue Activity  Improved Business Sustainability  Overall Economic Development  Industry Expert Facilitators #OwningMyEdge
  11. 11. 2012 BootCamp attendee Results  Within an average of 6 months after completing the BootCamp series, those who consistently apply their new knowledge experience:  Increases in revenue by 13%  Increases of 6%-10% Profit Margin improvements  Increases of their overall ideal client bases by 18%- 25%  Improved Time Management & Decision Making  Improved Management of Finances  Significant Reductions in Wasted Resources  Improved Community Involvement  Advancement in their overall Business
  12. 12. What Do We Want To Do?  We would like to bring the Business Development BootCamp series to your organization.  Each BootCamp is usually held from 10am – 4pm & costs $149.00 per person/ per workshop; however we have customized the time & packaged cost for each organization based on their audience & their needs.  Registration for BootCamps are maintained online to ensure accuracy & efficiency. Organizations are given dedicated Links Ex: Break each Camp into 2 or 4 hour increments Create a packaged cost for the full series Incorporate a % or dollar amount of registration returns to non-profit, faith-based & civic organizations ( contributes to fundraising initiatives)
  13. 13. Our Partial Partners List
  14. 14. Please Contact Us…..  Office: 678-390-2681  Point of Contact: Mrs. Natasha Davis-Bowen, MBA-M, CEME, CSMA, RN-BSN  Email:  Website:
  15. 15. References  kings-the-25-companies-responsible-for-700-000-lost/  growth 