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Presented by Howard Goldstein at the Annual Conference of the Visual Resources Association, April 3rd - April 6th, 2013, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Session #4: Every Asset, Everywhere: Perspectives on Digital Asset Management
ORGANIZER / MODERATOR : Elisa Lanzi, Smith College
Howard Goldstein, HR Goldstein Consulting, Digital Imaging Strategies
Elisa Lanzi, Smith College, Director of Digital Strategies and Services
Noah Richman, SRP Phoenix, Media Librarian

Are you hearing the terms “DAM, Digital Preservation, and Media Repositories” more and more at your institution? As our organizations increasingly depend on digital content for all areas of business, the need for enterprise-wide digital asset management is being expressed loud and clear. While cultural institutions are just beginning to implement systems for managing and preserving assets, other media communities (broadcasting, advertising, publishing, etc.) have broad experience in this area. This session brings together panelists for a multi-point perspective on DAM and its impact on the Visual Resources community. Topics include: Digital Asset Management systems demystified; Metadata, taxonomy and DAM; and Digital Preservation. In addition, an open dialogue on VR and organizational change with DAM will be moderated by Lanzi.

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VRA 2013 Every Asset Everywhere, Goldstein

  1. 1. Session #4:Every Asset, Everywhere:Perspectives on Digital AssetManagementApril 3, 2013©2013 Howard Goldstein hrgoldstein@gmail.comHR Goldstein Consulting digitalimagingstrategies.com
  2. 2. Digital Asset ManagementSystems Demystified©2013 Howard Goldstein hrgoldstein@gmail.comHR Goldstein Consulting digitalimagingstrategies.com
  3. 3. DAM=Digital Asset Management
  4. 4. Also Known as:• MAM= Media Asset Management (or MarketingAsset Management depending on who you ask)- theMedia aspect focuses more on video and audioassets• CMS= Content Management System- usuallyassociated with web site maintenance• BAM= Brand Asset Management ( see alsoMarketing Asset Management)- brand and marketingmaterial workflows for brochures, ad material, etc.
  5. 5. The same yet Different• All center around assets used fordifferent uses• Foundational infrastructure is thesame• Different workflows
  6. 6. DAM• DAM in isolation is merely anorganizational tool.• The more important aspectsof an implementation are:Workflow processes andproceduresLinks internally and externallyto other organizational systemsChanges and enhancements tothe business processes aroundthe use of digital assets
  7. 7. DAMHow an organization gets fromthe need for a digital asset totheuse of that asset, including thecataloguing and metadatatagging of the asset can be avery complicated path.
  8. 8. Thinking about DAMImplementation•Re-define stakeholders and re-assesstheir workflows and businessprocesses.•Optimize efficiencies and create newopportunities via a digital flowchart.•Realize the true potential of a DAMsystem.
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  11. 11. What Makes A DAMFile Structure / Archival RepositoryDatabaseMetadataModelSecurityModelSearch EngineTransformation EngineBusiness Process EngineUser Interfaces
  12. 12. The Building Blocks ofDAM•Archival Repository- DAM does not generally addressthis•Database- SQL database is the standard•Security Model- internal security, LDAP, or ActiveDirectory•Metadata Model- standard schemas like IPTC, DublinCore, as well as customized fields and schemas•Search Engine- open source or vendor proprietary•Transformation Engine- open source or proprietary•User Interface- client application or web-based client
  13. 13. Open SourcePros• TCO may be lower- nosoftware license• Vendor independence,community-driven, morechoices for support• Supports open standardsand formats• Software code istransparentCons• Free does not meaninexpensive• Not as clear a model forvendor support• Sustainability of thesoftware• May be less secure due topublished code
  14. 14. DAMOm Malik-Gigaom (www.gigaom.com)March 5, 2013it is not the data, it is what you dowith it, stupid
  15. 15. DAMThink Outside The Box!Research DAM not in relation to productsbut in context of what is going onoverall in technology and culture-Techcrunch: http://www.techcrunch.comGigaom: http://www.gigaom.comArsTechnica: http://www.arstechnica.comTED: http://www.ted.com