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Content Pro & Content Pro IRX: A Digital Asset Management Solution
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Content Pro & Content Pro IRX : A Digital Asset Management Solution


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Vendor Slam presentation by Lisa Conrad of Innovative Interfaces at the VRA + ARLIS 2nd Joint Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Vendor Slam presentation by Lisa Conrad of Innovative Interfaces at the VRA + ARLIS 2nd Joint Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Published in: Education
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  • …offered by III
  • This is where we started – you had to know where to look
  • Only those w/ specialized knowledge could find these collections and browsing them was nearly impossible
  • Now, everyone can find these collections and they’re easy to navigate
  • Automatic integration with Encore, Innovative’s discovery platform, means that viewers all over the world can discover important local collections, whether newly digitized or born digital ==> CLICK to enlarge one of the harvested entries
  • One more cool example of access before and after
  • So, Content Pro is a place for … images, documentsHere we want to expose different formats, we first highlight a digitized photograph, then a PDF document
  • Here we’re highlighting other formats again and will click into the 1st hit here to see what’s been attached…Videos and audio recordings
  • Multiple files can be connected to one record so that you can have a nice image to display as a thumbnail then have both recordings and transcripts of events available for viewing  CLICK and the recording icons for one session will enlarge
  • Content Pro is an Open-Archives-Initiative-Protocol-for-Metadata-Harvesting-compliant data provider. That’s quite a mouthful, but what it really means is that we are able to present the metadata for your local resources (in an expected format) to Encore or other discovery platforms as well as to aggregators like OAIster. This is an important standard in terms of increasing exposure of your collections, broadening your user base, and allowing aggregators to bring together distributed collections for single-point searching. Show example of rss feeds – next screen
  • Navigate from item to item through collections or search results, w/o having to go back to the collection page
  • Connect your collections to other library or museum resources  click, or to external sources of informationConnect your collections to other library or museum resources, or to external sources of information
  • Content Pro provides … [bullets]
  • For cataloging the collections, efficient forms can be customized to require the descriptive information most appropriate for each collection and pre-populate fields to save staff time and reduce error. This form shows the extent that fields can be pre-populated – here a collection of interviews, where copyright statements and certain subjects have been pre-assigned.
  • [Steps] So… Pick a Collection
  • Browse for the object on a shared drive or your PC/laptop, or from a URL
  • Fill in the metadata and click on Submit. Done!
  • In addition to the core product of Content Pro, Innovative offers an institutional digital-asset-management solution, in the form of an add-on module – essential when you have multiple groups of contributors such as faculty, administrators, depts, or consortiums.IRX contains all the features and flexibility of cpro, +!
  • We’re continually working on improvements, responding to input from our customer base. Here are some of the enhancements we’re working on as I speak…
  • Sneak Peek: The more modernized and sleek look rethinks the user experience, as well as adds library branding and color schemethat easily integrates w/ library’s online presence
  • Transcript

    • 1. Content Pro & Content ProIRXADigital Asset Management Solution
      Lisa Conrad, Product Manager
    • 2. A Typical Postcard Collection
    • 3. Access -- Before
    • 4. Access -- After
    • 5. Without Creating New Silos
    • 6. Discover and Expose Hidden Collections
    • 7. Digitize, Preserve, and Store all Formats
    • 8. Digitize, Preserve and Store all Formats
    • 9. Multiple Files / Streaming Audio and Video
    • 10. Put resources where your users are …
      OAI-PMH compliance allows records to be harvested by Discovery platforms and aggregators like OAIster
      RSS feeds for each collection let you showcase particular sets of resources anywhere
    • 11. RSS feed for each collection lets you showcase particular sets of resources anywhere
    • 12. Ease of navigation
    • 13. Full-text indexing
    • 14. Clickable links to external sources
    • 15. Managing Collections
      Efficient, intuitive web-based application for distributed use
      Powerful staff client for
      Adding batch loads from other repositories
      Managing user access for web application
      Statistics and URL-validation software
      Protect individual items with specific password
    • 16. Simple, yet powerful, cataloging interface
    • 17. Choose a Collection
    • 18. Find an Object
    • 19. Enter and Edit Metadata
    • 20. IRX— Institutional Repository Module
      Hierarchical communities and sub-communities
      A sophisticated segmented submission process, through a Member Inbox in the Web application
      Handle integration for persistent identifiers
    • 21. Coming soon …
      • New look and feel
      Slideshow feature to highlight events or exhibits or build instructional lists
      • LDAP authentication to limit user access to discrete collections
      • 22. Image Viewer
      • 23. Hierarchies in collections
    • Content Pro New Look
    • 24. Thank You