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Entrepreneurship (1) Entrepreneurship (1) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mohd Farhan bin Abdul Rahim (CEB 090031)2. Nor ‘Izzatul Solehah binti Baharudin (CEB 110047)3. Mohd Firdaus Bin Abdul Khalil (CEB 110037)4. Siti Nurul Azwanee Binti Kon @ Sapawi (CEB 110074)
  • • Preparing : to provide the best of crochet products with the highest quality crochet product and best service possible.• In progress to find more source of money to larger the business• Find the strategic place/store for our business.
  • • Targeting on all age level as our products are suitable for all the age level. Baby-wear - Future parents / anyone related to give as a gift
  • Card holder - University or collegestudents / workers
  • Cozies - Teenagers to adults who owngadgets
  • Sleeve - Teenagers to adults who own gadgets
  • Brooch - Girls, ladies, women
  • Competitor Main productsSinar Kreatif Baby and kids wearSew Addict Baby wearNureffa Craft AmigurumiComel Crochet Sue Baby wearMyhandmade-wie Baby wearBaizura Rahman Bag
  •  making and selling crochet products for all ages, from new born babies to adults 100% handmade using various type of local and imported yarns from all over the world ready-made and custom-made products 5 product lines (baby-wear, card holder, cozies, sleeves and also brooch)
  •  Ready-made items are relatively cheaper than the custom-made items Discount (free postage services or 5%-10% discounts. ) - buy more than 5 items - items valued RM150 above Payment method - online banking - bank deposit (Maybank Berhad, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad or CIMB Bank)
  • Item PriceBaby booties RM18 - RM25Baby hat/brim RM20 – RM30Baby mittens RM10 – RM15Baby headband RM12 – RM20Baby set RM30 – RM90Card holder RM10Mobile phone/hard disk cozy RM10 – RM20Pen-drive cozy RM3 – RM7Mug coaster cozy RM15 – RM25Bottle cozy RM20 – RM30Tab sleeve (7” – 10”) RM20 – RM35Laptop sleeve (10” – 14”) RM30 – RM50Brooch RM4 – RM7
  •  Targeting people within Malaysia onlyDon’t have any physical storeItems will be ship using Pos Malaysia servicesNo shipping in weekends and public holidays.
  •  Google Site (main way) addressed https://sites.google.com/site/bbacbeb2302group 3/ Advertise the website at other social networks Promotion price during special occasions (during our anniversary, Eid, Christmas Eve ) Conduct a contest
  • i) Project implementation costA. Capital Expenditure RM RM Machinery and Equipment 278 Sub-total 278B. Working Capital (anually) Marketing 1350 Operation 2351 Administrative 2400 Sub-total 6101C. Other Expenditure Pre operating Business registration 50 Sub-total 50 TOTAL 6429
  • ii) Sources of financeEquity contributions RM RMCash 2000Equipments 245Total 2245
  • Financing SoughtPartners cash contributionPartners fixed asset
  • iii) Pro forma Cash Flow Statement (Annually) Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3A Cash inflow: Equity - cash 2,000 0 0 Equipment 245 0 0 Cash sales 6,900 7,000 9,000B Total Cash Inflow 9,145 7,000 9,000C Cash Outflow: Operations Expenditure: Raw Materials 1,151 1,000 1,000 Direct Labor 1,200 1,500 1,800 Administrative Expenditure: Salaries 2,400 3,000 3,600 Marketing Expenditure: Promotion 150 Salaries 1,200 1,500 1,800 Capital Expenditure Equipments 278 0 0 Pre Operational expenditure 50 0 0D Total Cash Outflow 6,429 7,000 8,200E Cash Surplus/Deficit 2,716 0 800F Beginning Cash Balance 0 2,716 2,716G Ending Cash Balance 2,716 2,716 3,516
  • iv) Pro forma income statement RM RMSales 6,900Cost of goods sold:Opening stock for finished goods 0Add: Cost of goods produced 1,151Goods available for sale 1,151Less: Closing stock for finished goods 100 1,051GROSS PROFIT 5,849Less: Operating expensesAdministrative expenses 2,400Marketing 1,350Salary 1,200Total operating expenses 4,950NET PROFIT BEFORE TAX 899
  • v) Pro forma Balance Sheet RM RMFIXED ASSETEquipments 523 523CURRENT ASSETCash 2,000Closing stock for raw materials 276Closing stock for finished goods 100 2,376TOTAL ASSETS 2,899EQUITYCapital 2,000Accumulated profit 899 2,899CURRENT LIABILITIES 0LONG TERM LIABILITIES 0 0TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES 2,899
  • Not necessary for making a product (skills and creativity are most important) -yarn, thread, crochet hookComputer and internet for online business
  • Hard to get material supplies - yarns out of stock - A few type of yarns are limited, no reproduce (need to explain to the customers)Back out buyer
  • Active online business (launched an official Google sites) https://sites.google.com/site/bbacbeb2302grou p3/Working at home (minimize operating expense)Getting fund from partner contributionOwn saving and borrow from family or relatives
  • • Will overcome problems before 2015• Maximize the profit, minimum the cost• Hope can satisfied customer want and delivered the value by making a quality products.• Want to be the Web’s Most Popular Crochet Store