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Overview of Virtustream's Cloud Staging and Network Services

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Cloud Staging & Networks

  1. 1. Cloud Staging and Network Services Not Your Average Colocation Solution The main drivers behind most colocation decisions have been flexibility and cost. As your requirements and assets grow, as they invariably do, so do the capital requirements and operating expenses incurred by the cost of new hardware, licenses, powering, cooling, and housing for your environment. Traditional colocation only removes the data center costs and enables you to control other related infrastructure costs and gain leverage from areas such as bandwidth and network versatility. There are many more options and benefits to a solution that goes beyond just colocation. Cloud Staging If moving to the cloud is on your roadmap but you are not quite ready to make the leap, we can help you bridge the gap. We will provide you with a roadmap to the cloud, including an an opex model for colocation when it makes sense for your business, with a custom set of Managed Hosting services in a pure monthly fee model. And, when you are ready, we will let you exit your contract to move to the Virtustream® IaaS at no exit cost! All of the hardware and licensing capex risk is ours. Don’t move until you are ready, but provide yourself the advantage of being set to go when it makes sense for your business. - Managed Hosting A Managed Hosting solution reduces the cost of traditional colocation by allowing you to leverage the economies of skill in our highly trained human assets. We can provide continuous hands-on, or smart hands, for key functions like patch management, database administration, system management and on-site support at a fraction of what these services would cost you to provision with dedicated resources at committed service levels. It also frees you from the constraints of a purely geography-driven colocation model. Colocation For many clients, this is the right balance of control and leverage. We will provide you the space you need in our racks or for your racks and we will assist in all facets of the process, including security and power management. Additionally, we offer highly competitive rack, power and bandwidth packages with a rapid contracting process to allow you the ability to fast track your colocation choice. Network Our pricing is highly competitive and your options are plentiful with our network services. We offer bandwidth in all possible configurations, starting as low as a single meg with multi-gigabyte bursting capabilities. We invite you to leverage our investments and our partners to help you redefine network expenses. DATA SHEET
  2. 2. Why Virtustream? Increase Performance Your colocated solution requires a highly reliable and security-rich environment. Your business requires a partner that can accommodate changing business needs while maintaining a constant level of performance and security. With Virtustream’s Colocation Services, you choose the level oWf control and management you retain over your servers and infrastructure. Additionally, you can reduce your internet connectivity costs and free up your internal networks for other uses by routing network traffic through our data centers. With greater bandwidth, website access speeds improve significantly. Secure Mission-Critical Assets and Data Housing your IT equipment in a secure off-site environment makes your business less vulnerable to physical loss or damage to critical business systems. Local server rooms are exposed to fire, theft, water damage, cyber attacks and more. They also rely on the internet connection and power feeds to your office building, which are rarely as resilient as those to our data centers. Whether you colocate your primary systems or use Virtustream as your back-up and recovery site you are assured of business continuity. Our storage and backup services are designed to offer cost-effective solutions that help increase data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction. Leverage World Class Facilities Virtustream provides a resilient, high performance environment for your IT operations. All of our data centers have been built to exacting standards to provide best-in-class facilities, security, power and connectivity. Our data centers meet the highest industry standard in terms of operational protocol. By managing our Tier III Data center facilities in compliance industry standards (including ISO 27001:2005, FISMA and SSAE16 standards), we ensure that your statutory information security obligations are never compromised. Our data center personnel are government security cleared, assuring customers of the highest level of compliance and information security management. Flexible Facilities Services Our facilities are designed to provide customers with the power and flexibility they need to create business applications that are secure, flexible and perform at or above needed performance levels. Our processing centers are all company-owned and managed by Virtustream employees. Each center includes: HVAC, UPS-backed power feeds, alarm systems, video surveillance and motion detectors. Processing centers are staffed around-the-clock with on-site support and skilled technicians. We also provide environments in which customers can assemble and test equipment.