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Overview of Virtustream's Cloud Cover Services

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Cloud Cover Services

  1. 1. Fully Integrated, Highly Specialized Managed Services Solutions Cloud Cover Services Managing Mission Critical Applications in the Cloud Evaluating applications, designing migration plans, and migrating applications to a cloud computing model is a demanding task. It requires detailed application migration process design experience and a deep understanding of cloud computing models as well as extensive knowledge of how the applications interact with not only each other but also the external cloud environment and the underlying infrastructure. It requires experience integrating IT systems and cloud management, and a structured approach to program management. From conceptual design through implementation, migration and ongoing maintenance, Virtustream Cloud Cover Services with its industry leading service level agreements (SLAs) enable companies to expand their capabilities and nimbly respond to changing business needs and priorities- all while controlling costs, increasing speed-to-market and reducing risk. ERP Infrastructure Management Virtustream specializes in virtualized Enterprise ERP infrastructure management, including “full End 2 End” proactive technical administration of the application, underlying OS, and Database management and maintenance. Our Enterprise ERP Infrastructure Management Services - designed to run both in a Cloud environment or a traditional IT environment-are backed by industry-leading SLAs for availability, security, reliability, data backup, system response time, and incident response time. ERP Application Management Our founding objective at Virtustream was to bring to market the first consumption-based cloud provisioning platform capable of supporting heavyweight back-office enterprise applications that, until now, had not benefited from the pooled resource efficiencies of the Cloud due DATA SHEET - to their I/O and memory intensive nature. Our cloud management software delivers enterprise class cloud solutions for any combination of business applications with the efficiencies associated with the Public Cloud. Partnering with industry leaders, we provide management services for SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Best Practices for SAP in the Cloud Virtustream leverages and strictly adheres to the full stack of Virtualization, OS, and application best practice tools and methodologies to support entire projects, simple support engagements, or ongoing steady state support. The Virtustream SAP transition services team will ensure that the scope is clearly defined, the technical requirements and architecture are following the expected standards and the governance model for operations is set. They will design the future state of the operation - from business process operations, custom code operation, and SAP technical operation through to technical infrastructure (within or outside of the cloud). Once designed, based on existing templates, these operation concepts are implemented within the setup phase and then transitioned into production. Virtustream makes it easy to explore the benefits of running SAP in enterprise class public, private, community, or hybrid cloud environments, and has developed an SAP HANA Migration Factory methodology that is an efficient and repeatable rollout strategy that provides complete SAP project visibility at every step. Businesses can quickly set up a SAP sandbox or development built-
  2. 2. in environments, with the ability to test drive an optimized infrastructure, and experience the benefits of flexibility around the creation and decommissioning of SAP environments. The copying, refreshing and cloning of SAP systems can be performed much more efficiently, adding special value to those businesses that have the constant need to perform regression testing due to parallel ongoing projects. Service Continuity & Disaster Recovery Virtustream’s xStream platform, with its N+2 cluster design, provides best-in-class high availability and fault tolerance, along with a backbone for service continuity and data disaster recovery. Infrastructure & Application Support Our Enterprise Managed Services goal is to reduce your operation and supporting costs while maintaining and administering your applications with improved service levels. Using well-defined processes and tools-- that provide real-time metrics-- we can detect, diagnose, repair and report the service quality of the most complex business transactions. Dedicated Technical & Functional Support In addition to running mission-critical applications in the cloud, you can chose to have the technical and functional components of your applications supported by our team. Our services follow a standardized methodology that allows us to scale support needs up and down consistent with the needs of our client. As an example, if your business needs to integrate a recently acquired business into your existing ERP system, we can increase infrastructure capacity as needed, we can provide consulting and support services to manage the migration in its entirety or just backfill the team performing the migration. You decide how much or how little support you need from us and we will provide it. Shared Support Services For organizations that don’t have the need for a full-time support team, Virtustream can allocate a named set of resources on a part-time basis. These same resources will be available to work on your issues whenever they arise. Our goal is to ensure that you get the flexibility of having a named support team, without incurring the cost of a full-time team unless full-time support is required. This way you get cost savings without sacrificing consistency, and the peace of mind that only comes from working with a team you know and trust. Virtustream understands that cloud computing can present enterprises with not just an up-front business and technical challenge but also an on-going operational one. Find out how Virtustream’s proactive cloud managed service offerings can enable your business to transition gracefully to a full-service model that focuses on generating value and increasing productivity. Virtustream’s Cloud Cover Services Stack Monitoring Management Optimization Application Management DB & App Administration VM & OS Administration Network Services Facilites, Computing Infrastructure & Storage Units Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, Resource Optimization SAP Basic, Oracle Apps DBA, Security Upgrades, Patches, Issue resolution Admin, Installation, Upgrades, Patches, Security Backup and Disaster Recovery, 24X7, Helpdesk Redundant carriers Physical Plant, Virtualized Compute, Storage and I/O Hardware To learn more about our Cloud Cover services, please contact us at or e-mail us at