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Virsto Software Extends Storage Hypervisor Leadership with Release of Virsto for vSphere and Virsto for Virtual Servers, Hyper-V Edition, 2.0

Virsto Software Extends Storage Hypervisor Leadership with Release of Virsto for vSphere and Virsto for Virtual Servers, Hyper-V Edition, 2.0






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  • Speaker’s notesServer virtualization has fundamentally changed IT over the past 10 years. Since Vmware introduced the hypervisor 10 years ago, IT organizations have continued to virtualize workloads from physical servers to multiple virtual machines running on fewer physical servers.
  • As a result, storage for virtual environments have increased dramatically over the last few years. It’s estimated that Virtualization is tied to $12B of SAN storage in annual spend.This is not only a expensive proposition that will become cost prohibitive to extend virtualization into other environments, but the challenges described in the previous slide simply require a new paradigm shift as customers continue to increase their migration/adoption of Cloud Computing
  • 1. Once server consolidation has occurred, the profile of Input / Output (I/O) that virtualized applications write to storage changes dramatically. From 1 app to one server to direct attached storage, the new model is up to dozens of virtual machines on 1 physical server, with each VM trying to write to storage without any coordination with each other. 2. Virtual machines are encapsulated and isolated, but they are all writing over to storage at the same time, the I/O gets extremely randomized as it writes to storage. That randomized I/O causes decrease in performance to the VM’s thereby impacting business SLA’s and customer experience.3. In order to compensate for the degraded performance, storage vendors have lead customers to believe that over-provisioning to increase spindle counts is the best way to increase I/O performance. As a result, this over-provisioning of storage creates an expensive storage infrastructure to support virtual environments.4. Several analysts, including Andrew Reichmann at Forrester, have calculated that all of the benefits realized through server virtualization have been consumed by this rampant growth in expenditure in storage. 5. But, in addition to performance degradation and the need to use an expensive storage infrastructure to deploy virtualization, virtual environments also require a new paradigm in storage management to allow for greater scale, more flexible provisioning, increased speed of deployment, and more granular management of VM’s.6. However, up until now, such a solution did not exist, and as a result, customers continue to pay this tax on virtualization.
  • Using examples of Customers that we know to describe MSFT market segments. End user Segments – CAM EPG and CAM SMS&P – two segments because it is the gray area of the market. Sales Model for each SegmentEngagement Point for Virsto

Virsto Software Extends Storage Hypervisor Leadership with Release of Virsto for vSphere and Virsto for Virtual Servers, Hyper-V Edition, 2.0 Virsto Software Extends Storage Hypervisor Leadership with Release of Virsto for vSphere and Virsto for Virtual Servers, Hyper-V Edition, 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Extending Virtualization in the Enterprise Introducing the Virsto Storage Hypervisor for vSphere Mark DavisJanuary 2012 CEO Virsto
  • Virsto Software Vision To do for storage, what hypervisor did for serversTechnology VM-centric “Storage Hypervisor” software Value Extending virtualization throughout the enterprise Solutions Virsto for Hyper-V; Virsto for vSphere Product Six production releases since June 2010 launchCustomers Dozens: Test & Dev., Private & Public Clouds, VDI Vitals Founded 2007 Silicon Valley 38 employees Funding Over $25M from top tier venture capitalists 2
  • Transforming your existing hypervisor into a “Storage Hypervisor” Introducing Virsto for vSphere & Virsto for Virtual Servers 2.0, Hyper-V Edition Virsto extends virtualization throughout the enterprise by reducing storage costs and simplifying management complexity • Achieve both Cost Savings and Management Benefits with Desktop Virtualization • Accelerate Test and Development While Delivering Higher Quality Releases • Deliver Cost-Effective, Agile Private Cloud Storage Infrastructure 3
  • Transforming your existing hypervisor into a “Storage Hypervisor” Introducing Virsto for vSphere & Virsto for Hyper-V, 2.0Virsto for vSphere New for Virsto for Hyper-V, 2.0• Seamless integration with vCenter & • Seamless Integration with vSphere 4.1 (Virtual Storage Appliance) Microsoft VMM• Virsto RapidSnaps: the industry’s most • Software based tiering: scalable, highest-performance writable support for up to four distinct clones and snapshots tiers• Integrated Rapid Provisioning Wizards for • Virsto Global DR Snapshot: VMware View 4.5 complete Virsto Cluster• Storage self provisioning for server & Snapshot for offsite backup desktop administrators • Integration with Veeam for• 9x VM Performance Improvements, 90% additional backup option in improvement in capacity utilization, 75% Hyper-v environments faster VM provisioning 4
  • Server Virtualization Changed Everything Proven server benefits driving continued adoption 90 Logical server installed base Physical server installed base 80 70 Majority ofServers (millions) 60 50 workloads 40 virtualized 30 by 2012 20 10 0 96 98 00 02 04 06 08 10 12 Year Source: IDCHigher Efficiency Reduced Cost Increased Agility 4
  • Virtualization a Key Driver of Storage Growth SAN storage adoption & expenditure accelerating due to virtualization SAN Storage Growth 18% $12 Billion Source: IDC 5
  • Hidden Storage Costs of Virtualization Storage Architecture: not virtualization ready Degraded Performance VM • Random I/O degrades VM performance • Ease of VM creation increases server workloads VM Storage Capacity Wastage • Over-provisioning to ensure performance VM • Thick VMDK vs. Linked Clones Inefficient Storage Management VM • LUN-based, Not VM-optimized • Compromised snapshots & clones • Slow, complex provisioningVirtualized Servers & VMs Writes to Storage Array Experience “I/O Blender” 6
  • Defining the Virsto Storage Hypervisor WHAT IT IS WHAT IT DOESNew Virtual Storage Approach Boosts Performance up to 10x Virtual Machine-centric Unique I/O system optimized for VM clouds 100% software Speeds installed legacy storage Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) Accelerates SSDNew Virtual Storage Object Up to 90% Better Utilization Always high performance (QoS) Thin provisioning without compromises Always thin provisioned Unlimited space efficient snaps & clones Massively scalable snapshots & clones 2-3x greater server VM density 2-3x storage efficiencyNew Storage Economics Efficient Storage Management Multi-hypervisor Manage VMs, not LUNs Any heterogeneous block-level storage Seamlessly integrated in VM workflow Commodity hardware, high end features VM admin provisions storage Support for Cloud-scale deployments Up to 10,000x faster provisioning 7
  • The Emergence of the Storage Hypervisor “A storage hypervisor [lets] the server […] hypervisor run an increasingly larger portion of the storage services.” “It makes sense—both operational and financial—to complete the abstraction; to separate the storage functionality from the physical storage system by creating a storage hypervisor.” “This may even have bigger potential than the virtual server revolution.” “Only once it is possible to easily add commodity hardware to storage pools, which are then controlled by virtualization and cloud automation software and subject to user self-provisioning, will we have achieved true virtualization.”
  • Key Trends in Virtualization & Storage  Datacenter convergence reinvents datacenter roles  The emergence of SSD (and how to best leverage it)  The hypervisor will extend to effectively manage enterprise storage hardware  Multi-hypervisor becomes the industry standard  New storage architectures designed for cloud-scale computing and commodity economics will emerge  Increasing adoption of Private, Hybrid & Public Cloud initiativesThe Storage Hypervisor plays a pivotal role in each of these trends 10
  • Virsto Installs as Virsto Technical Architecture- vSphereVirtual Appliance(presents as NFS Datastore) VM1 VM2 VM(n) Virsto Map Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk: VMDK / VHD Server Host Hypervisor (ESX/ESXi) Write Immediately Acknowledged by VM Optimized I/O Path Sequentialized I/O Writes Reads Virsto vLog Logging architecture Primary Storage Virsto vSpace – Tier 1 Virsto vSpace – Tier 2 Virsto vSpace: – Tier 3 Datastore – Tier 4 Rapid / Bulk Provisioning Readable / Writable Clones Block Storage Capacity (RAID) 8
  • Familiar vCenter management  Standard vSphere console  Optimized workflows where vDisks are involved  Simple storage tiering, cloning, space savings  Rapid Provisioning Wizard integrates with View Manager 12
  • IOmeter results : Virsto for vSphere (4K blocks, 50% Reads, 100% Random, 64 threads)Baseline Environment Performance with Virsto 341 IOPS ~10X IOPS improvement 3318 IOPSNative VMDKs 1/10 the CPU Workload Virsto vDisks 13
  • Sample Customers
  • Virsto Storage Hypervisor Multi-hypervisor support Do for your storage what virtualization has done for your servers Industry’s 1st and Most Innovative Storage HypervisorVirsto Value Proposition End User BenefitBoost Performance up to 9x Reduced CapexUp to 90% Better Utilization Reduced OpexSimplified Storage Management Improved Agility 15