Citrix XenDesktop on vSphere - Virsto Launch May 9, 2012


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Virsto Storage Hypervisor Adds Support for Citrix XenDesktop--
Virsto® Software, an innovative provider of VM-centric storage hypervisor software, today announced that it is deepening its commitment to Citrix desktop virtualization solutions with the release of a beta program for Citrix® XenDesktop® on vSphere. The integration of Virsto’s purpose-built storage hypervisor for virtual machines (VMs) with Citrix XenDesktop delivers dramatic savings on storage in virtual desktop deployments with accelerated provisioning and simplified management of thousands of virtual desktops.

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Citrix XenDesktop on vSphere - Virsto Launch May 9, 2012

  1. 1. Virtualization Without Compromise: Virsto for XenDesktop Gregg Holzrichter,May 2012 VP Marketing Eric Burgener, VP Product Marketing
  2. 2. Virsto for XenDesktop 5.5Changing the economics of storage for virtualized desktops  No Compromise Virtualization  High performance AND space efficient - no longer either / or choice  Finally Save Costs with VDI  Support over 2x the desktops per host& Increase storage utilization by up to 90%  Persistent Desktops that are cheaper and higher performance than physical  Effortless Provisioning & Patching at Scale  Virsto snapshots & clones support XenDesktop 5.5 native workflows  Transparent management of VDI 2
  3. 3. Seamless Integration with XenDesktop Virsto Rapid Deployment Utility supports XenDesktop 5.5 running on VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1 or ESXi 5.0 Transparently leverages Virsto for storage provisioning while using standard desktop creation workflows  Effectively replaces PVS, MCS  Supports the standard deployment, re-deployment and refresh workflows Virsto XenDesktop Connector hands Virsto-provisioned desktops over to Desktop Studio 3
  4. 4. Extending Virtualization Benefits: VDI Reducing Cost & Complexity of Storage is the key to successful desktop virtualization projects
  5. 5. Hidden Storage Costs of Virtualization Current Storage Architecture: not virtualization ready Degraded VM Performance VM Storage Capacity VM Wastage VM Inefficient VM Management Writes to StorageVirtualized Servers, VMs / VDI Experience “I/O Blender” 3
  6. 6. VDI Environments Are Even Worse  Windows desktops expect dedicated local disk  Even more write-intensive due to many more VMs/host  Much wider variability between peak and avg IOPS  Boot, login, application, logout storms  Add’l storage provisioning, VIRTUAL DESKTOPS capacity consumption issuesApril 2012 6
  7. 7. Alternative Approaches to Solve Storage Challenge Storage PCIe SSD Storage Hypervisor Flash Appliance Arrays Nimble EMC NetApp Hypervisor Fusion I/O Tintri VF Cache Pure HDS Virsto STEC Fujitsu Nutanix OCZ StorSimple IBM Dell HP Most Efficient Approach: Address I/O Blender at the source 7
  8. 8. Defining the Virsto Storage Hypervisor WHAT IT IS VM Centric and purpose built software Automation & Orchestration New Economics for Virtualized Environment/Cloud 5
  9. 9. Demonstrated Customer Value Customer Workload Storage Performance Storage Provisioning Use Cases Increase Reduction TimeFortune 100: SQL EMC 56x 93% 5,000 VMs in 5Software Development Database VNX5500 sec.Publicly Traded Oracle VNX,DMX 30x 60% 10 VMs in 37Transportation VDI Compellent, sec.Company (VSI/VDI Equallogicmixed)Publicly Traded Win/Linux Equallogic 22x 58% NAEnterprise Software Server and VDICompany (Test/Dev)Publicly Traded Security Win Server Compellent 42x 93% 20 VMs in 5 sec.Company(Test/Dev and VSI)Mid Size/SMB: VDI HP DL360 70x 80% 10 VDI in 2 Min.DatacenterVirtualization 9
  10. 10. Technical Architecture – Single Host Detail Server HostVirsto Installs as VM1 VM2 VM(n)Virtual Appliance Virsto Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk= New Disk Type Performance = Thick VMDK(NFS Datastore, Efficiency = Linked CloneOffloads I/O from Hypervisor (ESX/Hyper-V/ESXi)Hypervisor) Logging architecture Randomized I/O Sequential I/O Write Immediately Committed / Acknowledged from Virsto vLogOptimizes Reads +20% Optimizes Writes up to 1000% Virsto vLog Virsto vSpace Virsto vSpace Asynchronous Writes drain log Optimized VM-level data placement Block Storage Capacity (RAID) Primary Storage 10
  11. 11. Technical Architecture – Virsto vPool Server Host I Server Host II Server Host (N) Virsto Virsto VM1 VM(n) Virsto VM1 VM(n) Virsto VM1 VM(n)Master VM VM Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk VM Virsto vDisk Virsto vDiskService Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk ESX/ESXi ESX/ESXi ESX/ESXi I/O Path I/O Path I/O Path Virsto vLog Virsto vLog Virsto vLog Virsto vSpace{Supports up to 4 Tiers} Block Storage Capacity (RAID) Block Storage Capacity (RAID) Primary Storage Incremental Storage Capacity (ex. EMC VNX) (ex. Dell Equallogic) 11
  12. 12. Space Savings With Virsto vClonesCONVENTIONAL APPROACH Capacity Consumed Disk1 Copy0 Copy1 Copy2 … Copy99 100 copies (50GB) (50GB) (50GB) (50GB) (50GB) 1 original VM VM VM VM VM 5TB VIRSTO SNAPSHOTS & CLONES 99% space vDisk1 (50GB) savings VM vSnap1 (4KB) vClone0 (4KB) vClone1 (4KB) vClone2 (4KB) … vClone99 (4KB) 100 copies 0.05sec 0.05sec 0.05sec 0.05sec 0.05sec 1 original VM VM VM VM VM 50.1 GB created in 5 sec VCLONES NEVER DEGRADE IN PERFORMANCE OVER TIME © Virsto Confidential 12
  13. 13. Extending Virtualization Benefit: VDI Promise of lower cost & easier management often unrealized VDI VDI VDI VDIEnd Point} Client Client Client Client VDI Challenges • Write intensive workloads • Boot & login storm • Increased I/O randomization Vmware View / XenDesktop • Slow/complex provisioningServer} Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop VM VM VM VM vSphere (ESX) Current Impediments to VDI • Over-provisioning storage Highly Randomized capacity to achieve acceptable Write I/O performance • Frequent update/patching • Unacceptable cost / desktopStorage} compared to physical PC Centralized Storage (SAN) • Poor end-user performance 13
  14. 14. Virsto Storage Hypervisor Multi-hypervisor support Do for your storage what virtualization has done for your servers Industry’s 1st and Most Innovative Storage Hypervisor Virsto Value Proposition End User BenefitBoost Performance up to 10x Improved CostUp to 10x Better Utilization Increased EfficiencyEfficient Storage Management Improved Agility 14
  15. 15. Appendix© Virsto, confidential 16
  16. 16. Storage Efficient VMs with Virsto The relationship between the virtual blocks and their physical location is maintained in a map VM vDisk (50GB) Sector 0 Sector n-1The vSnap is a pointer to an immutablemoment in time… 4Kb, no performance impact upon creation VM vSnap (4KB) Sector 0 Sector n-1 To make the vSnap usable for I/O, we A vClone is a read/write copy of the Golden Master. Also created with no a vClone from it. Initially also is create performance impact and at 4Kbjust a pointer to the original data VM vClone (4KBs) Sector 0 Sector n-1 © Virsto, confidential 17
  17. 17. Extending Virtualization Benefits: Dev / TestAccelerate time to market, increase agility and lower cost Enable IT to keep up with the speed of business • Provision entire VM & storage in minutes vs. hrs or days • Accelerate product time to market with faster testing process Faster, more efficient and flexible testing/QA • Unlimited sandboxes with no storage penalty for parallel testing • Unlimited sandboxes from different points in time to rollback to • Same performance levels as physical machines for accurate performance tests Increase efficiency for scale • Provision up to 10,000 VMs in the same workflow as 1 VM with Virsto Rapid Provisioning Wizard 18
  18. 18. Flexibility of Virsto’s for Dev/Test Can clone this vSnap Original source Can read and write this vClone Virsto vDisk Then create a vSnap Can continue modifying the clone vDisk1 vSnap1 vClone1 without affecting the vSnap2 state VM VMCan go back and clone Can create a vClone of the vSnap2 state the original vSnap vClone4 vSnap2 vClone2 Can read and write this vClone VM VM VM Can use this, then Can create vSnap3 snapshot it again vSnap4 Can clone this and vSnap3 vClone3 VM VM read and write to it VM Space savings: Virsto stores shared blocks only once across all snaps/clones © Virsto Confidential 19
  19. 19. Extending Virtualization Benefits: DatabasesChallenges with Migrating Databases into a Virtual Environment  Performance Bound  IO Blender Effect Reduces Available Resources to Databases  Degraded Customer Experience  Expensive  7 to 10 full copies for every 1 production database  Additional overprovisioning required to compensate for IO Blender effect  Not Agile  Manual provisioning process – hours or days to provision 1 database copy 20
  20. 20. Virsto Differentiation Virtualization Requirement Virsto Traditional SSD Storage StorageUpto 50x Performance Gains, without Tiering or SSDUp to 10X Storage Reduction without Tiering or SSDAutomated provisioning of VM and Storage in under 1 secUnlimited High Performance Thin ClonesHardware and Hypervisor agnosticStorage Virtualization multi-array namespacePredictable storage performance at lowest cost to scale Why buy only a partial solution, Virsto gives you the best of all the worlds: Performance improvement, Storage Reduction and Rapid Provisioning all at the lowest cost of ownership. © Virsto™ Confidential 21
  21. 21. Virsto and Flash Storage• Virsto provides a number of unique ways to leverage Flash based SSDs:  vLog – tuning for optimizing destaging from flash  vSpacetiering: configure flash SSDs for template tiers: eliminate read hotspots Huge ROI on flash storage  Server side cacheing with vMotion and HA roadmap © Virsto, confidential 22
  22. 22. TCO Analysis: Virsto Impact on Storage + IOPSRandom I/O prevents the full performance benefit of disk drives means not enough Performance and Over Provisioned storage. © Virsto, confidential 23