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  1. 1. Cocktails CATERING SERVICES MANAGEMENT 2013-2014
  2. 2. Black Tropical Cocktail by María INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: 1/3 Tia Maria (coffee liqueur) 1/3 Apricot Brandy 1/3 Lime Juice TYPE OF GLASS: Cocktail glass METHOD OF PREPARATION: First, put two cubes of ice into the cocktail glass to refresh the glass and three or four more in the shaker. Then, add 1/3 of Tia Maria, 1/3 of Apricot Brandy and 1/3 of lime juice. Shake it well and pass the liquid through a strainer. Move away the ice from the glass and pour the drink. DECORATION: Serve it with a slice of lime on the edge of the glass
  3. 3. Boom Cocktail by Carlos INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: 1/6 1/6 1/6 1/6 1/6 1/6 Whisky Tequila Rum Triple sec Vodka Cointreau TYPE OF GLASS Cocktail Glass METHOD OF PREPARATION: Introduce four ice cubes in a shaker, and shake all ingredients. Pour the mix into the cocktail glass and add decoration. DECORATION: Star fruit
  4. 4. Chache cocktail by Will INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS:  1 measure champagne 2 measures Orange sorbet  1 measure rum  1 splash of soda  champagne flute METHOD OF PREPARATION: In electric blender: first add the sorbet oranges, then put the chamgagne, then add the rum and finally pour the mixture into the glass and finish with soda water DECORATION: Half orange slice/spiral, for curling around the outside of the glass
  5. 5. Dark Maria by Celia INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: ½ Black rum ½ Tia Maria (coffee liqueur) Coke TYPE OF GLASS: METHOD OF PREPARATION: Pour black rum and Tia Maria (half and half) and coke to taste. Mix with ice and garnish with a slice of lime. DECORATION: A slice of lime.
  6. 6. Gerboctel by Gerardo INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: 45 ml gin 45 ml lime juice 45 ml white tequila TYPE OF GLASS: cocktail glass METHOD OF PREPARATION: Add in a shaker three ice cubes. Add the lime juice and after the gin and the white tequila and shake. Finally, serve in a cocktail glass. DECORATION: One slice of lime.
  7. 7. Granada Cocktail by Ricardo INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: METHOD OF PREPARATION: 1/3 rum 1/3 kaki juice Some drops of squeezed lemon Top with banana juice Put three pieces of ice into the shaker 2. Fill 1/3 part of it with rum 3. Then pour another 1/3 part with kaki juice obtained by putting the kakis into a mixer 4. Add some squeezed lemon 5. Top the cocktail glass with banana juice 6. Finally, garnish it with orange wedges on the edge of the glass TYPE OF GLASS: Cocktail glass 1. Now you have your Granada Cocktail DECORATION: Put two orange wedges on the edge of the glass
  8. 8. Kelsey´s Love by Israel INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: 12ml vodka 12ml rum 12ml tequila 12ml gin 12ml Midori A dash of lemonade 12ml sugar syrup Citrus fruits TYPE OF GLASS: Sling METHOD OF PREPARATION: Put ice in the shaker and glass. Add Midori and lemonade into a stirring glass. Add all ingredients (but for the lemonade and Midori) in the shaker. Shake it well. Pour the first mixture in the glass (over the ice). Add the second mixture carefully over the top. DECORATION: Its two layers are its decoration
  9. 9. Periquito by Angel 2 1 1 2 INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: parts of rum. part of apple liqueur. part of passion fruit. dashes of blue tropic. TYPE OF GLASS:Double cocktail glass METHOD OF PREPARATION AND DECORATION: First, put ice in the shaker. Second, pour rum, apple liqueur and passion fruit juice. Then add two dashes of blue tropic. Later, shake and serve well cold in cocktail glass. Finally, you can decorate with little pieces of apple.
  10. 10. Petirrojo by Alex 4 1 1 1 1 INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: cl Pacharan cl Coffee liqueur cl Orujo cl Lemon Juice cl Grapefruit Juice TYPE OF GLASS: Cocktail glass METHOD OF PREPARATION: First, introduce ice cubes in the shaker. Second, add all ingredients in the shaker and mix. Finally, serve in the cocktail glass with a strainer. DECORATION: Lemon twist
  11. 11. Post-millo by William INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: 1/3 Gin 1/3 Champagne wine 1/3 Orange juice TYPE OF GLASS: METHOD OF PREPARATION: First, put some ice in the shaker. Second, put in the gin, the champagne and the orange juice in this order. Third, shake. Fourth, serve in the cocktail glass. Finally, decorate with an olive and an umbrella. Cocktail glass DECORATION: It is decorated with olive and umbrella
  12. 12. Raise The Dead by Hugo INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: ¼ Liquor 43  ¼ Anise  ¼ Coffee Liqueur  ¼ Liquid Butter  TYPE OF GLASS: ss Cocktail Glass METHOD OF PREPARATION: Put the Liquid Butter in the Cocktail Glass. Mix the Liquor 43 and the Anise in a shaker. Serve the mix in a Cocktail Glass and finally add the Coffee Liqueur. DECORATION: -A Mon Cheri.
  13. 13. Somi´s cocktail by Jose Manuel INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: ½ measure vodka ½ measure tequila ½ measure gin 1 measure lime 1 teaspoon grenadine TYPE OF GLASS Collins glass METHOD OF PREPARATION: +First, put vodka in the shaker +Second, put gin in the shaker +Third, put tequila in the shaker +After, add lime in the shaker and shake +Serve the mix in the glass +Finally, put grenadine and the decoration DECORATION: Triple citrus slice twist Umbrella
  14. 14. Squeezing shot by Alejandro V. INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: ¼ tequila ¼ whisky ¼ vodka ¼ lime  Soda TYPE OF GLASS METHOD OF PREPARATION: 1. Fill the glass with crushed ice 2. Pour the alcoholic drinks 3. Pour the lime 4. Stir it and fill it with soda DECORATION: • Twisted peel of lime
  15. 15. Timey Wimey by Blanca INGREDIENTS & MEASUREMENTS: 5cl Orange juice 5cl Strawberry juice 4cl Vodka 1 dash of Grenadine TYPE OF GLASS: METHOD OF PREPARATION: In a coctail shaker -Add 3 pieces of ice -Pour the orange, stawberry juice, and the vodka. -Then shake it. -Finally, serve the cocktail in a tumbler. Tumbler (15cl) DECORATION: (on a toothpick) -Strawberry -Marshmallow