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Corporate Presentation as of May 29, 2012

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United Coal Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. TSX.V: UCL Frankfurt: JM6OTC Pinksheet:CQPFF
  2. 2. READER ADVISORY AND DISCLAIMERThis document is presented solely for the information of qualified subsidiaries at or near or since the date hereof. Any projections ofparties and prospective investors with an interest in United Coal future financial and operating business outlined in this document,Holdings Ltd. (“United Coal” and the “Company”). This document but are not to be relied upon as accurate representations of futuredoes not constitute an offer to sell or solicit an offer to buy any results. Furthermore, because the projected financial information issecurities of the Company except pursuant to the applicable based upon estimates and hypothetical assumptions aboutprospectus exemptions. Any party reviewing this document should circumstances and events that have not yet taken place and arenot construe its content as legal, tax or investment advice. subject to variation, there are no representations or warranties associated therewith, and there can be no assurance that theSafe Harbor Provision. Statements made in this document that are projected results will be attained. Actual results will likely vary andnot historical or current facts are “forward-looking statements” made may vary materially.pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of theSecurities Act of 1933 (the “Act” and Section 21E of the Securities This document does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain allExchange Act of 1934. These statements often can be identified by of the information that a reader may desire as to the structure or thethe use of terms such as “may”, “will”, “expect”, “believe”, “anticipate”, affairs of the Company. No representation or warranty is made as to“estimate”, “approximate” or “continue” or the negative thereof. The the accuracy or completeness of any of the information containedCompany intends that such forward-looking statements be subject herein.to the safe harbors for such statements.The information contained in this document is considered accurateas of its date. Such information is, however, subject to change at anytime and this document shall not be construed to indicate that therehas been no change in the affairs of the Company and/or its www.unitedcoal.ca
  3. 3. CORPORATE OVERVIEWA Canadian based junior exploration company focused on providing sustainable growth andvalue to its shareholders through the strategic acquisition, exploration and development of viablemineral properties.September 2010, the Company entered into an option to acquire a 60% interest in two coalproperties (the “Property”) located in Pakistan. The Property consists of 2,230 acres of land and anapplication for an additional 200 km2 for exploration and extraction of coal located within theNavel & Planna Village, and Karjai Village, Tehsil and District Kotli, State of Azad Jammu andKashmir (AJK), Pakistan. www.unitedcoal.ca
  4. 4. KEY POINTS Potential near term producers Potential discovery of large coal basin Low costs labor - exploration / mining Experienced technical team - planned exploration Local partner and Huge local demand of coal usage Good quality of Anthracite coal
  5. 5. CORPORATE STRUCTURESymbols TSX.V: UCL / Frankfurt: JM6 / OTC Pinksheet:CQPFFOutstanding Shares 73,259,220Fully Diluted 98,069,220Stock Options 2,600,000Warrants 22,210,000
  6. 6. COAL MANAGEMENT TEAM LEADERMuhammad Khalid Pervaiz, Bsc, MBAUnited Coal has hired Mr. Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz, a Pakistan resident, as project manager of its subsidiary, AJK Mining Company (PVT.) Ltd.Mr. Pervaiz graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mining engineering from Lahore University, Pakistan. In 1983, he obtained a Masterof Science degree in mining engineering from the same university. In 1989, he earned a M.B.A. from Technical International University Missouri– USA, Lahore Campus.Mr. Pervaiz is the current President of The Institute of Mining Engineers in Pakistan and is one of the leading experts in the mining and mineralsector. He is also Chief Executive Geo of Minerals Khokhar Bala Coal Mines, Director of MINTECH-Coal Mines, Director of Katha Digwell CoalMines, Chairman of the Pakistan Mine Association and a mining consultant to various multinational and local organizations.Mr. Pervaiz holds the honourable distinction of the Khawaja Farid Award for outstanding achievements in mining. He was awarded the NationalGold Medal by the Institute of Mining Engineers, Pakistan in 1985 as well as several other awards throughout his career.Mr. Pervaiz brings a vast amount of technical and practical knowledge to AJK. He has work experience in all parts of the country and hasinternational experience working in various countries abroad. A decorated engineer carrying a global reputation, Mr. Pervaiz will be aninvaluable member to the AJK mining team as it seeks to expand its asset base, not only in Pakistan but in other coal-producing regions in Asiaas well. www.unitedcoal.ca
  7. 7. BOARD OF DIRECTORSSimon Tam, President and DirectorMr. Tam has over 25 years of experience building successful private and public companies. He joined the board of United Coal Holdings Ltd., in2006 and shortly thereafter, was appointed as President and CEO of the Company. In his role as President and CEO of United Coal Holdings Ltd.,he oversees and is involved in all strategic and operational decisions, including general management, corporate finance, corporate governance,legal, property acquisitions and human resource management. In his career, he has been involved in real estate development, computer andfood wholesaling as well as actively leading resources companies since the early 1990s. Mr. Tam has significant experience and knowledge inmanaging the growth of small cap resource companies.Craig Walker, DirectorMr. Walker is presently the owner and manager of a web-site hosting and design company. Prior to that, Mr. Walker was a stock broker until1997. He has many years of collective experience in the financing and capital investment including raising capital for venture companies. Mr.Walker was a director of several public listed companies and currently serves as a director of one other junior resource company.David H. Rankin MBA FRSA DirectorMr. Rankin has been a Director of United Coal Holdings Ltd., since September 2004. He is currently based in London UK and is the ManagingDirector of RFPA Management Ltd., providing strategic management and financial consulting services to a variety of businesses in therenewables, mining and energy sectors. Mr. Rankin enjoyed a 25 year policing career (RCMP and Municipal) retiring in 1997 as an ExecutiveOfficer. He has an MBA from the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario and completed the Directors Education Program offered bythe Institute of Corporate Directors. www.unitedcoal.ca
  8. 8. WORLD COAL PRODUCTIONMajor  Producing  Countries  and  Year  (million  tonnes)World Coal ProductionMajor Producing Countries and Year (million tonnes)Country 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Share Reserve Life (years)China 2528.6 2691.6 2802.0 2973.0 3240.0 48.30% 35USA 1054.8 1040.2 1063.0 975.2 984.6 14.80% 241EU 595.1 592.3 563.6 538.4 535.7 4.20% 105Australia 382.2 392.7 399.2 413.2 423.9 6.30% 180Russia 309.9 313.5 328.6 301.3 316.9 4.70% 495Indonesia 193.8 216.9 240.2 256.2 305.9 5.00% 18South Africa 244.8 247.7 252.6 250.6 253.8 3.80% 119Germany 197.1 201.9 192.4 183.7 182.3 1.20% 223Poland 156.1 145.9 144.0 135.2 133.2 1.50% 43Kazakhstan 96.2 97.8 111.1 100.9 110.8 1.50% 303Pakistan 4.0 4.5 4.12 3.59 n/a n/a n/aTotal World 6,342.0 6,573.3 6,795.0 6,880.8 7,273.3 100% 118 www.unitedcoal.ca
  9. 9. USES FOR COALUses of coal include alumina refineries, Residential Otherpaper manufacturers, and the chemical and 3% 3% Other industrypharmaceutical industries. Several chemical 5% Chemical & petrochemicalproducts can be produced from the by- 2% 2%products of coal. Refined coal tar is used in Iron & Steelthe manufacture of chemicals, such as Cementation 7%creosote oil, naphthalene, phenol, and metallic mineralbenzene. Ammonia gas recovered from productscoke ovens is used to manufacture 4% Energyammonia salts, nitric acid and agricultural Sectorfertilizers. Thousands of different productshave coal or coal by- products ascomponents: soap, aspirins, solvents, dyes,plastics and fibers, such as rayon and nylon. 74% Electricity Transformation www.unitedcoal.ca
  10. 10. PAKISTAN; QUICK FACTS• Area: 803,940 km2• Population: 175,000,000• Capital city: Islambad• Religion: 97% Muslim• Government: Federal Republic• GDP: $144 billion USD (2004 est.)• GDP per head: US$2600• Inflation: 7.8%• Major trading partners: China 13.8%, Saudi Arabia 10.5%, UAE 9.7%, US 6.5%, Japan 5.7%, Kuwait 4.7%, Germany 4.1% (2006)• Languages: Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, Siraiki (a Punjabi variant) 10%, Pashtu 8%, Urdu (official) 8%, Balochi 3%, Hindko 2%, Brahui 1%, English (official and lingua franca of Pakistani elite and most government ministries), Burushaski, and other 8%• Major industries: Textiles and apparel, food processing, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, paper products, fertilizer, shrimp www.unitedcoal.ca
  11. 11. PAKISTAN PROPERTYSTATE OF AZAD JAMMU AND KASHMIR (AJK)• The coal industry in AJK Kotli is in its infancy, excellent potential for growth• Coal from AJK is high quality ideal for industrial consumption, metallurgical coke, brick kiln and the cement industry• United Coal has an option to obtain a 60% interest in the Property. (Mining Leases A.D. 1283-86 and A.D262-65)• Additional application for 200 km2 for exploration and extraction of coal located District Kotli, AJK, Pakistan• Two known occurrences on the Property. (Where underground coal operations have extracted and shipped coal for profit)• Assay values have classified the coal as Semi anthracite with Calorific Value www.unitedcoal.ca
  13. 13. Coal Piles at Adit on Mining Lease AD 123-86 www.unitedcoal.ca
  14. 14. Coal Piles at Adit on Mining Lease AD 262-65 www.unitedcoal.ca
  15. 15. Road on Mining Lease AD 1283-86 www.unitedcoal.ca
  16. 16. TSX.V: UCL Frankfurt: JM6 United Coal Holdings Ltd. 3467 Commercial Street Vancouver BC V5N 4E8Tel: +1 (604) 871-9930 Fax: +1 (604) 871-9926 info@unitedcoal.ca www.unitedcoal.ca