TSX.V-PCP       TSX.V-PCPCorporate Presentation     March 2012                             1  WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
TSX.V-PCPForward Looking Information                                                                                 Not a...
TSX.V-PCP                                Summary Highlights•   High quality development phosphate project in Guinea-Bissau...
TSX.V-PCP                   Acquisition & Ownership Structure                                                   • Share Pu...
TSX.V-PCP                                 Project Location                                              SENEGAL           ...
TSX.V-PCP                               Project Summary•   Comprehensive geological data base (assembled during 1981-2009)...
TSX.V-PCP                                       Project History    Discovered during                  BRGM                ...
TSX.V-PCPMineral Licenses & Leases Area                                 1,741.61 km2             306.25 km2               ...
TSX.V-PCP    Drilling History                                                                Drilling 17.7.09             ...
TSX.V-PCP                               Deposit        Satellite view of the main deposit area                   Overview ...
TSX.V-PCP                                         Phosphate Horizons – FPA & FPB                                          ...
TSX.V-PCP                          Deposit Area Open in 3 Directions    AREA OF    HIGH QUALITY    PHOSPHATE RESOURCE     ...
TSX.V-PCP                              Production Agreement & Operational OverviewProduction Agreement   • Includes produc...
TSX.V-PCP                                         Infrastructure   On-Site PowerPOWER                                     ...
TSX.V-PCP                                         Corporate & Development Timeline              2010                      ...
TSX.V-PCP                             Feasibility Study•   Plains Creek has awarded GBM Minerals Engineering a contract to...
TSX.V-PCP                                Capital & Operating Costs         CAPITAL EXPENDITURE                US$         ...
TSX.V-PCP                                                 NI 43-101 PEA Financial Model             FINANCIAL MODEL(1)    ...
TSX.V-PCP                                                            Sensitivity Analysis                                 ...
TSX.V-PCP                                                          Global Phosphate End-Markets       Phosphate Concentrat...
TSX.V-PCP                                                                                      Fertilizer Demand Driven by...
TSX.V-PCP                                                                     Global Phosphate Consumption                ...
TSX.V-PCP                            Summary•   Farim Phosphate Project is a development project with world class potentia...
TSX.V-PCP                              Directors & ManagementGlenn Laing B.Sc. Eng (Mining Geology) and M.Sc. (Mining Engi...
TSX.V-PCP                              Directors & ManagementMr. Guocai Liu – DirectorMr. Liu, since 2006, has been the Ch...
TSX.V-PCP                Capital Structure                                            Common                              ...
TSX.V-PCP                                                   Phosphate Developer Peers                                   Eq...
TSX.V-PCP              Contact           Carson Phillips  Suite 1660 - 401 West Georgia Street         Vancouver, BC V6B 5...
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Plains Creek Phosphate (TSX.V - PCP) - Corporate Presentation


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Plains Creek Phosphate (TSX.V - PCP) - Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. TSX.V-PCP TSX.V-PCPCorporate Presentation March 2012 1 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  2. 2. TSX.V-PCPForward Looking Information Not an Offering of SecuritiesThis presentation includes statements that are forward-looking. All statements in the presentation This presentation is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a(other than statements of historical fact) that address future operations or plans of Plains Creek solicitation to buy the securities of Plains Creek or any other securities.Phosphate Corp. (“Plains Creek” or the “Company”) or their affiliates, proposed acquisitions,development and commissioning of mines, long term corporate goals, estimated development costs Cautionary Note to U.S. Investors Concerning Estimates of Measured and Indicated Resourcesor operating costs, marketing plans or anticipated customers, mine reserves or resources, expansion This presentation uses the terms “Measured” and “Indicated” Resources. U.S. investors are advisedof production, demand for product, and the future of the mining industry in general and the mining that while such terms are recognized and required by Canadian regulations, the U.S. Securities andindustry in Guinea-Bissau in particular are forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking Exchange Commission does not recognize them. U.S. investors are cautioned not to assume that anyinformation involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause part or all of mineral deposits in these categories will ever be converted into reserves.actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from the results, performanceor achievements implied by the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to Technical Reportdiffer materially include, but are not limited to, market prices for phosphate, general economic, The Company’s current technical report (the “Technical Report”) was prepared in accordance withmarket and business conditions, risks and uncertainties related to Plains Creek’s abilities to complete National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”) for its principal and sole mineral property known as theits acquisition of the remaining interests in phosphate properties in Guinea-Bissau, to successfully Farim Phosphate Project in Guinea-Bissau and is entitled “Technical Report on the Preliminarydevelop and commission mines at the property, to obtain all necessary permits for development and Economic Assessment of the Farim Phosphate Project in Guinea-Bissau”, dated effective February 10,production as and when required, estimation or resources and reserves, estimation of demand for the 2011 and filed under the Company’s profile on SEDAR at www.sedar.com on February 22, 2011 whichproduct, development and production costs, transportation delays and costs, ability to convert was prepared for the Company by John S. Warwick, BSc (Hons) PIMMM, C.Eng., Eur.Ing. (Mining) andexpressions of interest from potential customers into definitive sales agreements, delays in Andre Lambert, BSc, MIMMM, EurGeolg of IMC Group Consulting Ltd. and Alex Mitchell, MIMMM,construction of the mining operation, accidents, equipment breakdowns, title matters, labour C.Eng. and Michael Short, FIMMM, C.Eng. Of GBM Minerals Engineering Consultants Limited. Alldisputes or other unanticipated difficulties with or interruptions in development or production, authors of the Technical Report are independent Qualified Persons as defined under NI 43-101. Allphosphate price fluctuations, failure to obtain adequate financing when needed, exchange rate references herein to resources of the Farim Phosphate Project are supported by the Technical Reportfluctuations, and risks and uncertainties associated with doing business in Guinea-Bissau. and the reader is directed to the Technical Report for further detail.Although Plains Creek has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to EBITDAdiffer materially, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or References in this presentation to “EBITDA” are to inferences from the Technical Report. Such EBITDAintended. There can be no assurance that statements containing forward looking information will consists of the gross sales of production less operating costs before interest, income taxes,prove to be accurate as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated depreciation and amortization. Management of Plains Creek believes that, in addition to net earnings,in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on statements containing EBITDA is a useful complimentary measure of cash available prior to debt service, capitalforward looking information. expenditures and income taxes. However, EBITDA is not a recognized measure under Canadian GAAP and does not have a standardized meaning prescribed by Canadian GAAP. Readers are cautioned thatThere may be information in this presentation that is information about prospective results of EBITDA should not be construed as an alternative to net earnings determined in accordance withoperations, financial position or cash flows (a “financial outlook”). This financial outlook is provided Canadian GAAP as an indicator of performance, or to cash flows from operating, investing andonly to assist in an evaluation of the prospective business outlined in this presentation, but are not to financing activities as a measure of liquidity and cash flows. Plains Creek’s method of calculatingbe relied upon as accurate representations of future results and may not be appropriate for any other EBITDA may differ from the methods used by other entities and, accordingly, its EBITDA may not bepurpose. comparable to similarly titled measures used by other entities.Furthermore, because this financial outlook is based upon estimates and hypothetical assumptionsabout circumstances and events that have not yet taken place and are subject to variation, there areno representations or warranties associated therewith, and there can be no assurance that theoutlook will be attained. Readers are cautioned that no forward looking statement or financialoutlook is a guarantee of future performance. Plains Creek and RHC assumed no obligation to updatethese forward-looking statements or financial outlook except as may be required by law. 2 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  3. 3. TSX.V-PCP Summary Highlights• High quality development phosphate project in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa• NI 43-101 compliant resource comprised of:  Measured: 69 Mt grading 29.9% P2O5  Indicated: 15 Mt grading 30.1% P2O5  Inferred: 44 Mt grading 29.6% P2O5• Production expected to commence in 2014 – exporting 2 Mt phosphate rock concentrate per annum for minimum 25 years  production license granted and a 25 year Mining Plan of 68 Mt grading 29.9% P2O5• Simple mining process straight forward beneficiation to produce phosphate rock concentrate  potential for choice of open cast dredges or conventional open pit mining• Existing infrastructure components to support production and export to world markets• Attractive economics with US$80 million EBITDA per year, based on US$100 per tonne phosphate rock as per NI 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment (“PEA”)  current phosphate rock spot prices are ~US$200 per tonne  potential for EBITDA of US$180 million per year based on US$150 per tonne phosphate rock• Potential to increase phosphate resources with deposit open in three directions• Strong demand for end product – positive long term fundamentals for fertilizers• Current mandate with BMO Capital Markets as strategic advisor to assist in finding strategic partners and negotiate off-take agreements 3 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  4. 4. TSX.V-PCP Acquisition & Ownership Structure • Share Purchase Agreement to acquire 100% GB Plains Creek Phosphate Minerals AG 50.1% • A Swiss corporation holding production agreement (on very attractive terms) issued in 2009 – mining license with exclusive rights to explore, mine and GB MINERALS AG, Risch (CH) commercialize the Farim Phosphate Deposit • Undertaking NI 43-101 Bankable Feasibility Study (“BFS”) - expected completion H1 2012 100% Ownership (sole asset) GB MINERALS SARL Guinea-Bissau • Operating CompanyShare Purchase Agreement 2010 2011 2012 2013 PURCHASED 50.1% OPTION TO PURCHASE OPTION TO PURCHASE GB MINERALS AG 24.9% GB MINERALS AG 25% GB MINERALS AG FOR € 19 million FOR € 13.5 million FOR € 13.5 million 4 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  5. 5. TSX.V-PCP Project Location SENEGAL AFRICA GUINEA-BISSAU Farim Gabú Cacheu Bissorã Bafatá Mansôa Pointe Chugue • Approximately 25 km Bissau (Sea Port Location) south of the Senegal (Capital) border Buba • 80 km south to coast with connection by paved road Catió • Project area is bisected GUINEA by Cacheu River, which flows to the Atlantic (155 km) • Production license North Atlantic Ocean issuedAsset Located in Northern part of Central GUINEA-BISSAU, WEST AFRICA 5 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  6. 6. TSX.V-PCP Project Summary• Comprehensive geological data base (assembled during 1981-2009) including 146 drill holes (BRGM, Champion, GB Minerals AG)• Twenty five year mining plan from NI 43-101 PEA calculated at 68 Mt grading 29.9% P2O5 with average phosphate ore body thickness of 3.3 meters. Average strip ratio 11.8:1• Potential for a significant increase in resources to the North West and South of the main area (not yet drilled), as well as by increasing stripping ratio to 20:1 (upper A layer) and the exploitation of the lower grade B layer (grading 10-15% P2O5). The A layer is referred to as FPA (Farim Phosphate A grade) and the B layer as FPB• Fully licensed via Production Agreement (2009) with Guinea-Bissau Government on favorable terms, including 100% ownership, 10 year tax holiday and 2% production royalty• Straight forward mining operations by removal of (average) 39 meters of unconsolidated overburden to get to phosphate ore, potential for production of a phosphate slurry for the processing plant• Potential for simple and efficient beneficiation process• 80 km distance by slurry pipeline to coast• Currently undertaking Bankable Feasibility Study (“BFS”) – expected completion H1 2012• Mining agreement provides for relocation of local villagers and the Company is currently conducting a ESIA as part of its BFS 6 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  7. 7. TSX.V-PCP Project History Discovered during BRGM Positive Champion Resources GB Minerals AG oil exploration Core drilling Pre-Feasibility 34 drill holes 30 drill holes +100 drill holes Study1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010• Phosphate discovered during oil exploration in the early 1950’s Production Agreement• During 1980’s French mining agency (BRGM) carried core drilling program (+100 drill holes). Metallurgical test work produced phosphate rock concentrate grading 36.5% P2O5. In 1986, Sofremines completed a prefeasibility study but did not go ahead because of prevailing phosphate market conditions• From 1996 to 2003 Champion Resources conducted successive stages of feasibility work including drilling 34 drill holes. Confirmed BRGM results and developed a mining plan. Phosphate market conditions and the political situation in Guinea- Bissau prevented project going ahead• 2004 to 2009. GB Minerals AG, a Swiss company acquired exploration license and mining lease. Carried out successive validation studies, excavated a box cut, drilled 30+ drill holes. Developed a mining plan on a resource grading 31.5% P2O5• In May 2009 GB Minerals AG signed a comprehensive production agreement with Guinea-Bissau Government• In 2010, Plains Creek completed a NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate of 69 Mt Measured at a grade of 29.9% P2O5, 15 Mt Indicated Resources at a grade of 30.1% P2O5 and Inferred Resources of 44 Mt at a grade of 29.6% P2O5 7 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  8. 8. TSX.V-PCPMineral Licenses & Leases Area 1,741.61 km2 306.25 km2 8 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  9. 9. TSX.V-PCP Drilling History Drilling 17.7.09 Maille serree autour de SD 5 (GBM 2008) BR or PS Drilling BRGM grid S drilling Zone 2 puits et 4 piezos (GBM 2009) GBM Drilling 2009 Completed Underway Revised Pending Projected (flooded area) 0.75m FPA Layer ThicknessComprehensive Drilling Program Over Years – 146 Drill Holes 9 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  10. 10. TSX.V-PCP Deposit Satellite view of the main deposit area Overview of P2O5 content in deposit area Phosphate Deposits Farim, Saliquinhe 1 km FARIM TAMBATO SALIGUINHE CANICO Contents P2O5% <26% <28% <30% <32% <34% >34% The Production License for the exploitation of phosphate ore covers an area of 30,625 ha; The initial focus area (above) of the 25 year mining plan of 68 Mt at 29.9% P2O5 is contained within theMeasured Resource (69 MT at 29.9% P2O5) and Indicated Resource (15 MT at 30.1% P2O5) of the upper FPA upper layer 10 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  11. 11. TSX.V-PCP Phosphate Horizons – FPA & FPB Two Main Phosphate Horizons Simplified FPA / FPB Cross Section Not to Scale Ground Level MINING Overburden Av. 39 meters FOCUS (clayey sand) 68 Mt at 29.9% P2O5 (based on 3.3m av. seam thickness)Cut-off FPA 29.9% P2O5 3.3m Cut-off1 meter 69 Mt Measured Resource at 29.9% P2O5 , 15 Mt Indicated Resource at a grade of 1 meter 30.1% P2O5 and Inferred Resources of 44 Mt at a grade of 29.6% P2O5 A few meters below FPB 10-15% P2O5 11 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  12. 12. TSX.V-PCP Deposit Area Open in 3 Directions AREA OF HIGH QUALITY PHOSPHATE RESOURCE 2 GRADING 29.9% P2O5 11 POTENTIAL DIRECTIONS2 TO EXPAND THE SIZE3 OF THE RESOURCE EXISTING RESOURCES NI 43-101 Resource Comprised of: 69 Mt at 29.9% P2O5 3 Measured 15 Mt at 30.1% P2O5 Indicated 44 Mt at 29.6% P2O5 Inferred 12 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  13. 13. TSX.V-PCP Production Agreement & Operational OverviewProduction Agreement • Includes production license, mining lease and incentive agreement Phosphate Rock • 100% GB Minerals AG owned (no Government participation) • 25 years duration, renewable for successive period of 25 years Infrastructure • Port, roads, pipelines, etc. at sole discretion of company • No Government taxes, license fees or other costsRights and Obligations • Regulates rights regarding access and use, building of infrastructure, expats, imports, exporting products, etc. Taxes and Royalties • 10 year tax holiday from start of commercial operations • 2% tax deductible royalty on production Mining (no drilling or blasting) • Overburden average 39 meters of soft clayey sand, stripping ratio 11.8:1 • Use conventional truck and shovel overburden stripping for upper 7-10 meters • Production rate per annum: 2.76 Mt ROM phosphate ore grading 29.9% P2O5 Beneficiation (no crushing) • Screening of >1 mm particles • Sizing: remove <10 micron particles • Magnetic separation to remove iron particles • Slurry pipeline to port (80 km) • Dry product to port at 8 - 10% moisture for shipping • Production rate per annum – 2.16Mt at 8% moistureRecovery (based on BRGM and Champion test work) • P2O5 recovery: 79.6% • Weight recovery: 72.5% • Product : P2O5 phosphate rock concentrate grading • Production rate: 2 Mt (dry) per annum 32.5% P2O5 and 3.5% Fe + Al content - medium grade concentrate 70 BPL 13 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  14. 14. TSX.V-PCP Infrastructure On-Site PowerPOWER Roads / Pipeline ROAD / PIPELINE Senegal Faca FARIM• Install diesel or heavy oil Buborim • World Bank financing construction / generators at mine site, ± 10-15 Bigene Simbor upgrading of existing paved road MW Barro Santancoto Berecodim from Farim to Mansoa (56 Km)• Recently announcement of 130 Jagali Balanta Leto MW oil fired power station to be Gansambo Nhanfa • Existing road (14 km) from Mansoa built at Bissau Binaga Matar Cussondome to Dugal (turnoff to port location)• Planning power line in future to Olossato Jabel Bancolene mine site; financed by World Mansaba • Pipeline from Farim to Pointe Bank and operated by US company GUINEA-BISSAU Mambonco Chugue (port location) – 80 km to be constructed by company Bissora Cutiá PORT Location (Sole Use) Port (SOLE USE) Cubonge Uenquem Flaque Infunde Embande Late GeneralGENERAL Nhamate Clague Impasse Encheia MANSOA • Located 80 km from mine site and 18 km east of capital city of Bissau Blafechuro Jugudul• Port, roads, pipelines, etc. at sole • Depth at low tide is 12 meters discretion of company DUGAL Bindoro • Access for 35,000 to 40,000 tonne vessels directly from the Atlantic Chugue• No Government taxes, license Nhacra fees or other costs • Storage facilities for 40,000 tonnes. Cumere SEA PORT 24 hour loading turnaround BISSAU LOCATION Enxude Phosphate rock mineralization close to surface is open pittable with low cash costs and ease of transportation 14 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  15. 15. TSX.V-PCP Corporate & Development Timeline 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Feb Nov Mar Dec Dec Sep Dec 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2014 2014 Detailed Engineering NI 43-101 & Design START Technical TSX.V PRODUCTION Report Offtake & Listing Financing Plains Start CreekFeasibility RTO Bankable CONSTRUCTION Study Feasibility Study Complete H1 2012EARN-IN PURCHASE PURCHASE PURCHASE ADDITIONAL REMAINING 50.1% 24.9% 25% GB MINERALS AG GB MINERALS AG GB MINERALS AG TotalOwnership (50.1%) (75%) (100%) 15 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  16. 16. TSX.V-PCP Feasibility Study• Plains Creek has awarded GBM Minerals Engineering a contract to complete a Feasibility Study on the Farim Phosphate Deposit, Guinea-Bissau “Experts in design, engineering, project management, procurement and construction of process plants…”About GBM Mineral Engineering Consultants• GBM Minerals Engineering Consultants Limited (GBM) is an independent firm of engineering consultants specializing in the development, design and construction of new mining projects and the refurbishment of existing gold, base-metal and industrial mineral ore processing plants. They are experts in the design, engineering, project management, procurement and construction of such plants and are currently providing technical services to the mining industry in Africa, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and the Middle East• GBM was formed in March of 1994 by the employees of a large North American engineering consultancy following the closure of that consultant’s Gold and Base Metal Mining Projects Centre in London. The Centre had operated as a stable unit with the employees and other consultants working together on international projects for several years. The GBM employees have all worked for significant periods in the worldwide mining industry, and are familiar with the latest work practices and technologies• GBM has been certified by the British Standards Institution and deemed by them to operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000• GBM’s head office is located in Twickenham, 15 km south-west of London City center 16 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  17. 17. TSX.V-PCP Capital & Operating Costs CAPITAL EXPENDITURE US$ OPERATING COST per tonne US$Feasibility Study 5,000,000Engineering and Design 23,155,000 Mining 25Overburden Removal 21,220,000 General Expenses 5Infill Drilling + Exploration 5,228,000 Processing 15Geology / Hydrology 500,000 Power + Water 10Mining 25,000,000Processing Plant 77,600,000 Pipeline 3Power Plant 12,000,000 Port 2Water 1,850,000 TOTAL COST per tonne $60Mine Site + Infrastructure 16,045,000 TOTAL COST per tonneRoads & Pipeline 58,750,000 with 10% contingency $66Port 35,700,000General Overhead 6,084,000TOTAL EXPENDITURE $288,132,000TOTAL EXPENDITURE WITH 25%CONTINGENCY $360,165,000 Source: NI 43-101 PEA 17 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  18. 18. TSX.V-PCP NI 43-101 PEA Financial Model FINANCIAL MODEL(1) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 - 38 Production ROM (000 tonnes) 1,380 2,760 2,760 2,760 2,760 Recovery by Wt (%) 72.50 72.50 72.50 72.50 72.50 Phosphate Rock (‘000 tonnes) 1,001 2,001 2,001 2,001 2,001 Price Phosphate Rock (US$/t) 100 100 100 100 100 Sales (US$ 000s) 100,050 200,100 200,100 200,100 200,100 Operating Cost /tonne (US$) 60 60 60 60 60 Total Operating Costs (US$ 000s) 60,030 120,060 120,060 120,060 120,060 EBITDA 40,020 80,040 80,040 80,040 80,040 CAPEX (US$ 000s) 6,084 106,917 169,181 10,100 10,100 10,100 10,100 Discount Rate NPV (1,2) 10% $254 million 12% $180 million 15% $104 millionSource: NI 43-101 PEA1. Does not factor contingencies2. NPV discounted to 2010 as per NI 43-101 PEA 18 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  19. 19. TSX.V-PCP Sensitivity Analysis NPV Sensitivity (US$mm) (1) Discount Rate IRR $104.00 10% 12% 14% 15% 16% Phosphate Rock Price $100 $254 $180 $125 $104 $85 $100 24% (US$/tonne) $125 $581 $445 $344 $303 $268 $125 41% $150 $908 $710 $562 $502 $450 $150 58% $175 $1,236 $975 $781 $702 $632 $175 75% $200 $1,563 $1,241 $999 $901 $815 $200 90% NPV (US$mm) Capex & Opex Contingency Sensitivity (15% Discount Rate) Phosphate Rock Price (US$/tonne) Phosphate Rock Price (US$/tonne) ###### $100 $125 $150 $175 $200 ###### $100 $125 $150 $175 $200Capex Contingency 0% $104 $303 $502 $702 $901 Opex Contingency 0% $104 $303 $502 $702 $901 10% $83 $282 $481 $680 $879 3% $92 $291 $490 $690 $889 15% $72 $271 $470 $669 $869 5% $80 $279 $478 $678 $877 20% $61 $260 $459 $659 $858 10% $56 $255 $455 $654 $853 25% $50 $249 $449 $648 $847 13% $44 $243 $443 $642 $841 Source: NI 43-101 PEA Financial Analysis 1. Does not factor contingencies 19 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  20. 20. TSX.V-PCP Global Phosphate End-Markets Phosphate Concentrate Main Phosphate End-Markets Market – 179Mtpa 1999 Merchant Market (1) 23% WESTERN EUROPE USA 77% CHINA INDIA Vertically Integrated PLAINS CREEK PRODUCTION 2010 2 MILLION TONNES PER BRAZIL Merchant ANNUM Market (1) 16% 84% Vertically IntegratedSource: CRU1. Merchant market calculated as world exports as a percentage of total production Decreased proportion of phosphate rock sold in Proximity to global key end-markets with strong merchant markets, presenting a greater opportunity demand for phosphate rock concentrate 20 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  21. 21. TSX.V-PCP Fertilizer Demand Driven by Demographics Worldwide Daily Food Consumption per Capita Arable Land per Capita 3.3 Calories consumed 0.5 Arable land per capita per capita expected to has decreased ~50% Thousands of KCal per Capita per Day 3.1 increase by ~30% since 1964 Hectars of Arable Land per Person (1964–2030) 0.4 2.9 2.7 0.3 2.5 2.3 0.2 2.1 1.9 0.1 1.7 0.0 1.5 1961 1966 1971 1976 1981 1986 1991 1996 2001 2006 1964-66 1974-76 1984-86 1997-99 2015E 2030ESource: World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Increasing populations and consumption are straining global food supply and increasing the need for fertilizers 21 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  22. 22. TSX.V-PCP Global Phosphate Consumption 2002 2009 Consumption: 34Mt Consumption: 38Mt Other Other South 6% South America 9% Consumption outpacing production America 10% 10% by an average of 0.2% annually Europe 8% Europe 12% Asia Top 4 Countries (2009): North 55% China 34% America 10% North Asia America India 19% 66% 14% USA 9% Brazil 7% Production: 36Mt Production: 40Mt Historical Phosphate Prices 1500 DAP - Historical Phosphate Rock - Historical 1200 (US$/tonne) 900 600 300 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Source: Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN Global phosphate consumption expected to grow by 45% from 2005 to 2030 leading to higher fertilizer prices 22 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  23. 23. TSX.V-PCP Summary• Farim Phosphate Project is a development project with world class potential: high quality mining resources, proximity to existing infrastructure and global end markets and robust project economics with production license and incentive agreements in place• Attractive long term phosphate industry fundamentals: Pricing has doubled in the last few years to sustainable levels and global markets are positive on the fundamentals for fertilizer companies• Company strategy to advance Farim Phosphate Project to production at 2 Mt phosphate rock concentrate per annum; straight forward mining and simple beneficiation process• Significant exploration & resource expansion potential – open in 3 directions and large lower grade phosphate zone underlying main deposit; additional 1,741.61 km2 exploration license• Two NI 43-101 engineering studies:  NI 43-101 Technical Report – Preliminary Economic Assessment completed  NI 43-101 Feasibility Study underway – expected completion in H1 2012• TSX Venture listed – TSX.V-PCP• Plains Creek is one of few select opportunities for public investors to participate directly in a pure play phosphate rock development stage company with robust project economics 23 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  24. 24. TSX.V-PCP Directors & ManagementGlenn Laing B.Sc. Eng (Mining Geology) and M.Sc. (Mining Engineering) – CEO & PresidentMr. Glenn Laing has over 30 years experience in the mining and financial industries including over 25 years in theposition of President / Managing Director of mining and exploration companies. Mr. Laing was president and CEOof St. Andrews Goldfields form 2001-07. During his tenure at St. Andrews he raised in excess of $100 million for itsgold mines and exploration assets. Today, St. Andrews is on its way to being a 200,000 ounce per year goldproducer based on assets that Mr. Laing put together. Over the span of his career Mr. Laing has raised in excess of$1 billion for mining exploration and development projects.John Reynolds – Chairman & DirectorMr. Reynolds career includes substantial experience in venture capital development, consumer productsmarketing, resource sector development and elected political office, both federal and provincial. Mr. Reynoldsbegan his career in the sales and marketing field but has spent the last 35 years in the political arena, with acareer that includes the positions of Member of Parliament; Minister of the Environment for BC; and Officialopposition House Leader for the Conservative Party, to name a few. John was appointed as a Senior StrategicAdvisor to McMillan LLP law firm in Vancouver and has been appointed as a member of the Queens Privy Councilfor Canada.Paul C. Jones B.Sc. Mining Engineering. P. Eng. – DirectorMr. Paul Jones has served in numerous engineering, operations, senior management, consulting positions anddirector in public and private companies active in the Americas, Africa and Asia during his long career (+40 years)in the mining industry. Mr. Jones is a Legion of Honor member of the Society of Mining Engineers where he hasbeen a member since 1958, and is a member and officer of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America. InFebruary 2004, Mr. Jones received the William Lawrence Saunders Gold Metal from the American Institute ofMining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers in recognition of his service to the public and the mineralsindustry. 24 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  25. 25. TSX.V-PCP Directors & ManagementMr. Guocai Liu – DirectorMr. Liu, since 2006, has been the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President and a director of MigaoCorporation, a producer of fertilizers for the high-value agricultural Chinese market. Since 2000, Mr. Liu has alsobeen the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Liaoning Yongcheng Economic Trade Development Co.,Ltd. He was also a director of IND Dairytech Limited from 2007 to August 2010. Mr. Liu has been engaged in thechemical import and export trade, research and development, and construction of chemical products for morethan 16 years. Mr. Liu graduated from the Jianghan Petroleum Institute of China (formerly Changjiang University)in 1987 and also holds a Masters Degree in economics from Liaoning University.Mr. James Xiang – DirectorMr. Xiang is the President of China Mineral Resources Limited ("CMRL") and President of CNX Consulting Inc.,which provides accounting and financial advisory services to Chinese companies that are seeking listing,financing and M&A opportunities in North America. CMRL holds 31,000,000 common shares of the Company.Mr. Xiang has worked in corporate finance management in numerous TSX listed companies. Mr. Xiang holds aBachelor of Arts from Huazhong University of Science & Technology in China and a Masters of BusinessAdministration from York University. Mr. Xiang is a Certified Management Accountant (Ontario) and a CertifiedPublic Accountant (Delaware).Mr. Kirill Zimin – DirectorMr. Zimin has been a partner in Aterra Capital since 2011. Before that Mr. Zimin worked as an independent M&Aadviser in the junior mining sector which included also being Head of Business Development in Africa forSeverstal Resources, a division of OAO Severstal. Mr. Zimin graduated from Moscow State University with a lawdegree, has previously held directorships of multiple mining companies and has extensive experience in businessdevelopment and corporate governance.Carson Phillips – Corporate Development & DirectorCurrently, Mr. Phillips is also a director of Ecuador Capital Corp., a private company focused in Ecuador. He hasmanagement experience both domestically and internationally having a tenure with the International Chamberof Commerce in 2004 located in Paris, France. Mr. Phillips has a degree in Business Administration from UBCOkanagan as well as a degree in International Business from the Netherlands. 25 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  26. 26. TSX.V-PCP Capital Structure Common SharesFounders & Management 38,000,000WAD Consult – Owners of 49.9% GB Minerals 101,000,000Common Shares 228,564,588Shares Outstanding 367,564,588Options 25,095,000Warrants 19,759,298Fully Diluted 412,418,886 26 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  27. 27. TSX.V-PCP Phosphate Developer Peers Equity Net Debt Price / Enterprise Resources Average Grade Project Capex Cash Cost Value (FDITM) (Cash) NAV (1) Value M&I Inferred M&I Inferred Rock Capacity (US$/tonne) (US$/tonne) (US$mm) (US$mm) (multiple) (US$mm) (Mt) (Mt) (% P2O5) (% P2O5) PHOSPHATE ROCK OPERATIONS Stonegate $170 ($29) 0.52x $122 59 462 16.7% 11.6% nmf nmf nmf Minemakers $81 ($18) 0.18x $63 377 2,356 18.7% 18.3% 6.0 $60 $87 Aguia $79 ($13) na $62 na 45 na 12.0% na na na Minbos Resources $25 ($6) na $8 na na na na na na na Average $89 0.35x $64 218 954 17.7% 14.0% Median $80 0.35x $62 218 462 17.7% 12.0% INTEGRATED OPERATIONS MbAC $294 ($117) 0.60x $156 59 58 5.0% 7.3% 4.5 $119 $112 DArianne Resources $143 ($9) 0.74x $122 86 287 7.2% 5.7% 3.0 $106 $71 Legend $72 ($11) na $43 196 na 14.6% na 2.0 $415 $328 Phoscan $53 ($65) 0.29x ($11) 62 56 23.6% 21.9% 1.2 $770 $288 Sunkar $31 $5 na $35 266 182 10.4% 10.6% 5.0 $176 $184 Average $119 0.54x $69 134 146 12.2% 11.4% Median $72 0.60x $43 86 120 10.4% 8.9% Total Mean $105 0.47x $67 158 492 13.7% 12.5% Total Median $79 0.52x $62 86 182 14.6% 11.6% Plains Creek $26 ($3) 0.14x $47 84 44 29.9% 29.6% 2.8 $104 $60Source: Company Reports, Equity Research1. NAV’s are unfinanced for equivalency 27 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM
  28. 28. TSX.V-PCP Contact Carson Phillips Suite 1660 - 401 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6B 5A1 Tel: 604-657-5871Email: cphillips@denonresourcegroup.com 28 WWW.PLAINSCREEK.COM