DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS1 www.smartstox.comHighbank Resources Ltd.Watch the Smartstox Interview with Victor N. Bryant...
www.smartstox.com 2DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSISDISCLAIMER: This interview or report is for information purposes only and ...
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Highbank Resources Fact Sheet


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Highbank Resources Fact Sheet

  1. 1. DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS1 www.smartstox.comHighbank Resources Ltd.Watch the Smartstox Interview with Victor N. Bryant, CEO & Presidentwww.smartstox.com/interviews/hbkTSX VENTURE: HBK | OTC: HBKRFAggregate Production on the Doorstep of Northern Construction Boomaggregate products. A proposed 200 t/hour processing plantwill be constructed to process the material. The loading facility“Over 30 billion dollars in infrastructure development is slated for the northwesternBC ... With the massive infrastructure developments about to be undertaken in thenorthern BC ports, an enormous quantity of aggregate will be needed.”Both precious and base metals have been disappoint-ing investment sectors over recent years as investorshave largely avoided economically sensitive sectors andstocks, despite a general upswing in both North Ameri-can and global economic forecasts. Exceptions can be found, tobe sure, but it is always difficult for a junior to fight the broadermarket tides.Resource sector investors may be interested in a new min-ing opportunity developing in BC’s north that lies well outsidethe conventional metals markets. Massive developments at thenorthern coast ports of Prince Rupert, Stewart and Kitimat arebeing planned to build the infrastructure needed to supportBC’s emerging liquefied natural gas (LNG) and shipping in-dustry. Enormous amounts of concrete will be poured for theLNG plants, power stations, and port facilities.THE SWAMP POINT NORTH AGGREGATE DEPOSITHighbank’s Swamp Point North Aggregate (SPNA) Depositis a NI 43-101 compliant multi-million tonne sand and gravelresource that lies on deep tide water on the Portland Canalsome 78 miles north of Prince Rupert and 38 miles south ofStewart. The deposit’s location near the construction sites miti-gates much of the delivery cost and gives the company a distinctadvantage to be a significant supplier of aggregates to theseprojects, as transportation costs dictate that the most economi-cal source of aggregate is usually that found closest to where itis needed.The deposit is described as a glacial outwash complex com-posed primarily of well-sorted gravel and sand, with an aver-age thickness of about 37 metres. Highbank commissioned anNI 43-101 Technical Report by Associated Geosciences of Calgaryin 2007 that included a resource calculation showing measuredand indicated resources of over 70 million tonnes of material.Processing of the aggregates will require screening, crush-ing, and washing to produce a variety of high quality sand and Swamp Point North Aggregate Property in Northwestern British Columbia.S M A R T S T O Xprepared by DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSISREPORTTHEEXCLUSIVE ON-LINE INTERVIEWS AND REPORTS AT WWW.SMARTSTOX.COMON-LINE
  2. 2. www.smartstox.com 2DYNAMIC STOCK MARKET ANALYSISDISCLAIMER: This interview or report is for information purposes only and Dynamic Stock Market Analysis has gathered this information from sources believed to beaccurate, but does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness. Any opinion or any forward-looking statement expressed herein shall not be considered a recommendationto purchase or sell the specific security. The company referred to may or may not be charged a consulting fee or a production fee. From time to time Dynamics principalsmay or may not take an equity position in the said company. The information disclosed has not been approved or disapproved by any security regulatory authority. Allinvestors should seek their own investment advice. For more information: www.smartstox.com or info@smartstox.complanning through to testing, development,marketing, production and reclamation.Company president Victor N. Bry-ant, MAusIMM; IEng, has over 40 yearsin the mining industry in such capacitiesas operations and project engineer, plantmanager, senior process metallurgist, andmill/concentrator superintendent. He hasbrought several deposits around the worldinto production with noted engineeringfirm Flour Daniel, and worked for suchmajors as Billiton International, SherrittGordon, and Anglo American.CFO Gary Musil is a long-time figure inthe Vancouver mining community, servingon the management and boards of severaljunior exploration companies operating in-ternationally and in British Columbia, andpreviously served as the financial controllerfor a producing silver-lead-zinc mine in BC.DYNAMIC CONCLUSIONWith only a minor royalty payable on pro-duction and minimal processing needed tomeet client specifications, the major costto deliver aggregate lies in the shipping.The Swamp Point North project is ideallysituated to supply the essential componentto the developing north coast regional con-struction boom.The deposit’s location allows easy load-ing of product for water-borne delivery tothe ports, which has the side benefit of help-ing keep heavy trucks off of the local roads.The local market for the aggregatesis the near-term driver for bringing thedeposit into production, but once up andrunning, markets farther afield will pro-vide further sales opportunities.Shares Outstanding: 73 million6 Month High: $0.13 / Low $0.03FOR MORE INFORMATIONT: (604) 683-6648E: highbank@telus.netwww.highbankresources.comsubmitted major LNG project propos-als in response to a provincial call forexpression of interest to situate facilitieson Crown land 20 miles north of PrinceRupert at Grassy Point.Aggregate is the principal componentof both concrete and asphalt, and so is anessential material for all modern buildingprojects. With the massive infrastructuredevelopments about to be undertaken inthe northern BC ports, enormous quan-tities of aggregates will be needed. As apoint of comparison, the construction ofjust the third runway at Vancouver Inter-national Airport consumed 2.5 milliontonnes of aggregates.Highbank has received its first com-mitment to purchase 100,000 tonnes of ag-gregate from its SPNA deposit from WestFraser Concrete which operates the onlyconcrete plant in Prince Rupert.STRONG FIRST NATIONS SUPPORTRelations with the Metlakatla First Na-tion have been very constructive. Late in2012, Highbank and the band announceda Cooperation Agreement to provide theMetlakatla with the opportunity to partici-pate in the economic benefits arising fromthe development of the SPNA within theirtraditional territory. Among other things,the agreement ensures the project will beoperated in an environmentally-responsi-ble manner and will provide band mem-bers with both opportunities for employ-ment and to provide goods and services tothe project. Highbank Resources has alsoagreed to sponsor the Northern AboriginalMachinery School, a heavy duty machinerytraining school for First Nations studentspreparing them for full-time employmentwith mining, oil and gas, and constructioncompanies.EXPERIENCED TEAMHighbank’s board of directors includesnewly appointed James Place, P.Geo., whohas more than 25 years of experience inthe aggregate and engineering fields. Jimreceived his degree from the Universityof Victoria, and has worked throughoutnorthern and coastal BC on all phases ofaggregate projects from exploration andwill be designed around either a convey-or or direct barge loadout. The estimatedcapital costs are in the order of $2.6 mil-lion dollars.The company is currently workingwith BC’s Ministry of Energy, Mines andNatural Gas to fine tune its permit appli-cation to advance the project to the pro-duction stage. Highbank plans to produce,load and deliver aggregate at a trial rate of235,000 tonnes in their first year of opera-tion. The company anticipates ramping upannual production to 1.5 million tonnes asearly as the fourth year after full permit-ting has been obtained.Aggregate is an essential resource,but the aggregate industry is often an un-popular neighbour because of the noise,dust and the heavy truck traffic it cancreate. The Swamp Point deposit escapesthese criticisms by virtue of its remote lo-cation with no road access.REGIONAL AGGREGATESREQUIREMENTSOver 30 billion dollars in infrastructuredevelopment over the next decade is slat-ed for northwestern BC, including roadand rail capacity, construction of lique-fied natural gas plants, expansions ofbulk and container terminal capacity anda large upgrade of Rio Tinto’s aluminumsmelter at Kitimat.In addition, four more multinationalcompanies, including Nexen, ImperialOil/Exxon Mobil, Australia’s WoodsidePetroleum and Korea’s SK E&S havewritten april 2013“Late in 2012, Highbank and the band announced a Cooperation Agreement toprovide the Metlakatla with the opportunity to participate in the economic benefitsarising from the development of the Swamp Point North Aggregate deposit withintheir traditional territory.”Exploration drilling at the Swamp PointNorth Aggregate Deposit