Canamex Resources Corp. Interview with Robert Kramer, Executive Chairman and CEO of CANAMEX RESOURCES (Frankfurt: A1C625, TSX-V: CSQ)
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Canamex Resources Corp. Interview with Robert Kramer, Executive Chairman and CEO of CANAMEX RESOURCES (Frankfurt: A1C625, TSX-V: CSQ)



November 2012 interview with Der Gold Report.

November 2012 interview with Der Gold Report.



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Canamex Resources Corp. Interview with Robert Kramer, Executive Chairman and CEO of CANAMEX RESOURCES (Frankfurt: A1C625, TSX-V: CSQ) Document Transcript

  • 1. Interview with Robert Kramer, H.H:Executive Chairman and CEO of Can you give us some backgroundCANAMEX RESOURCES information about the strategic(Frankfurt: A1C625, TSX-V: CSQ) investment?PICTURE Robert Kramer: HECLA has a stated mandate to make strategic investments in juniorHannes Huster: mining companies with strongHi Robert. Thank you very much for management and outstandingyour time and the chance to do the exploration land packages, with theinterview today. objective of expanding its exposure to under-explored silver-gold miningI assume you are busy these days districts in the Americas. Clearly,after your announcement of the Canamex met the criteria.closing of the $2,520,000 strategicinvestment by Hecla Canada Ltd., a H.H.:wholly owned subsidiary of NYSE- How did the HECLA managementlisted HECLA MINING COMPANY. team become aware of Canamex?Robert Kramer: Robert Kramer:Yes, this has been a very busy and Canamex is actively exploring forproductive time for Canamex. HECLA gold on its Bruner property, locatedis a $1.5 billion+ company, with over in Nye County, Nevada, USA. Nevadaa century of experience building and is one of the most prolific goldoperating mines. It is one of the producing areas in the world, and islargest and lowest-cost silver an area of particular interest forproducers in the United States, and HECLA. Importantly, earlier in hiswe are pleased to have closed this career, Canamex President Gregimportant transaction. Hahn worked on a volcanic hosted27. November 2012 Seite 1 von 6
  • 2. epithermal gold deposit with a Simply put, they are looking for gold,member of the HECLA management just   as   we   are.   I   don’t   think   anyone  team. That association definitely would disagree with my view thathelped to facilitate the process. when it comes to gold, the more we find the better!H.H.:With your July 18, 2012 discoveryhole announcement (118 meters of H.H.4.08 gpt gold) on the Bruner project, You just mentioned cash, which isit seems like a number of experts in always of interest to my readers.the industry have a very positive With the cash injection from HECLAopinion   about   Canamex’s potential. your cash position should be veryDr. Leavitt joined the company a few comfortable. How long can you workweeks ago and now HECLA has with this cash?completed a strategic investment. Robert Kramer:Robert Kramer: Yes, we have approximately $4.5Yes, we are pleased with the million cash in the bank, whichreception we are receiving, and are should take us comfortably throughgrateful to be in a strong cash 2013 and into early 2014.position which will allow us toexplore Bruner aggressively as we H.H.move into 2013. In the mining industry we hear veryH.H.: often, that location is one of the most important points. What can you tellCan you explain to my readers what us about the location of the Brunerthese mining experts are looking for? project?I think they are hunting the elephantsand not looking for small goldprojects. Robert Kramer:Robert Kramer:27. November 2012 Seite 2 von 6
  • 3. That’s   a   great   question,   and   you   are   during mid-December, and begin theso correct, location is very important. planning process for next year.Bruner is located in the Walker Lane H.H.:Gold Belt of Nevada, and we havesome well-known neighbors. For When can we expect the next results?example, Kinross and Barrick operatethe Round Mountain volcanic-hosted Robert Kramer:gold mine which is located about 70 As soon as results have been receivedkilometers southeast of Bruner in the and interpreted, they will besame structural environment. Round released.Mountain has produced over 10million ounces of gold to date, and H.H.:has about 4 million ounces of What are your plans for the next 6-12reserves. months? Robert Kramer:H.H.: Once all of the results from theLast August, your President Greg present RC drilling program haveHahn said the Bruner discovery hole been received and interpreted, wenailed what was believed to be a new will plan our program for 2013. As Ideposit. said, we have the resources to be very aggressive, with a focus on threeWhat are you doing right now on opportunities at Bruner: the PenalesBruner? East discovery area, the historicalRobert Kramer: resource area, and high grade vein targets.We are presently drilling in thePenales East area of the property, inthe vicinity of the discovery hole, H.H.:with   a   reverse   circulation  or   “RC”   rig.We will terminate the program There is a 385,000 ounces of gold historical resource at Bruner, as27. November 2012 Seite 3 von 6
  • 4. summarized in a Miramar Mining1993 press release. Do you plan to Robert Kramer:upgrade the historical resource to aNI 43-101 compliant standard? Yes, we believe there are a number of producers that would like to expand their gold reserves by adding ouncesRobert Kramer: in the ground in Nevada.In September of this year, weannounced the results of an 83 day H.H.:column leach test which yielded+85% gold extraction on -3 inch and - Do you think that retail investors and3/4 inch crush from the historical fund managers understand theresource area. These results give us potential?the confidence to think in terms offurther drilling to expand thehistorical resource, as well as Robert Kramer:bringing it up to a NI 43-101compliant standard. Canamex is relatively unknown, but that is changing. Our recent announcements have attracted interest from retail and institutional investors in various parts of theH.H.: world. Going forward, we plan to attend events such as the MunichAs mentioned earlier, Bruner is very Gold Show, Mines and Money andwell located and there are mines in others to build a greater following.the proximity. Do you see Canamexas a take-over target if you canestablish a comfortable resourcenumber? H.H.: Bruner is the No. 1 target for the company now, but you also hold the27. November 2012 Seite 4 von 6
  • 5. Aranka North project in Guyana. Will Bruner in Nevada and at Arankayou put this one on hold or are you North in Guyana. In Nevada, by thestill active on this project as well? end of next year, we hope to have demonstrated the true potential of the Penales East discovery area byRobert Kramer: way of further drilling, expanded the historical resource and advanced it toWe are definitely active. Guyana is a potentially NI 43-101 complianthighly prospective for gold, and our resource, and successfully drilledAranka North property is located on high grade vein targets in variousthe predominant northeast gold locations on the property. In Guyana,trend in the country, which hosts having identified drill targets earlyover 70% of the gold that has been next year, we hope to have completedidentified to date. We are focused on a successful drill program on thean area we call the Ridge Anomaly. It Ridge Anomaly. Our objective is tois approximately 5-7 kilometers long build shareholder value, and weand 2-2.5 kilometers wide. There are believe we will have taken major18 streams draining the ridge, and all steps along that path by the end ofare anomalous for gold. We have 2013.detected gold values as high as 12,234 ppb, and hope to have a drilltarget identified very early next year. H.H.: Thank you very much for your time,H.H.: Robert. I hope you can grow Canamex in line with your plans, andLet us take a look in the future. I wish you all the best.Where do you see CanamexResources by the end of next year? Please keep your German shareholders up-to-date and I hopeRobert Kramer: we will see you again next year in2013 will be a very important year Munich.for Canamex Resources, both at27. November 2012 Seite 5 von 6
  • 6. Robert Kramer:Thank you for your interest inCanamex, Hannes. We value ourGerman shareholders, appreciatetheir support, and look forward to avery successful 2013. We willdefinitely see you in Munich nextyear.27. November 2012 Seite 6 von 6