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YouTube optimisation tips
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YouTube optimisation tips


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Tips on how best to optimise your YouTube clips for social video SEO. From the peeps at

Tips on how best to optimise your YouTube clips for social video SEO. From the peeps at

Published in: Business

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  • 1. YouTube optimisation tips, forvideo SEO and view maximisation
  • 2. Building long term YouTube value Optimise findability + Optimise engagement = Long term YouTube value Ensuring your creative is best If you set up your YouTube video Setting up your clips YouTube meta implemented within YouTube - e.g. in the best way, you can guarantee data to ensure itʼs most easily found. picking the most clickable front an ongoing stream of views and image, giving it the best title. engagement over time.“ Setting up in theYouTube video correctly will ensure optimisation tips . . . especially your long term. Here are our 8 YouTube higher returns, ”
  • 3. 1. Pick a clickable lead image Stand out / clickable image•The lead image is incredibly important toensuring your videoʼs clicked on and watched.•Make sure the image you pick is visuallyimpactful and engaging.•Make sure itʼs relevant to the communitiesyour targeting.•Make sure the image and and the video titlework together to tell an engaging story. The lead image of your video is incredibly important in ensuring people click and watch your video. Getting people to click you video is half the battle. Once theyʼre watching, itʼs then up to your content to do the work!
  • 4. 2. Pick a great title•The title of your video needs to do two jobs: 1) itneeds to encourage people to watch your video Example descriptive and engaging descriptions2) it needs to be descriptive, so it can be easilysearched for.•The title should be descriptive, and include anyrelevant keywords linked to the content.•It should be concise (as long titles are shortenedin many display situations).•It should be engaging - to encourage people towatch your video. The title of your video needs to work with the front image. The title needs to be engaging but descriptive, and it also needs to be concise (i.e. short). Including the brand name can be useful in some circumstances.
  • 5. 3. Optimise the metadata for search Example metadata - leading with URL•To encourage clicks to your website, add a link in thefirst line of the description - to make sure everyonesees it.•Make sure you include relevant keywords in yourdescription.•Pick a category that is relevant, but not toocompetitive (as you ideally want to pick up awards).•Use a moderate number of tags. Make sure theyʼreall relevant. The metadata around your YouTube is extremely important for its SEO and general findability. Make sure all the metadata is relevant, and try to pick terms that are relevant and frequently searched for.
  • 6. 4. Enable embedding•Enabling the *embed code* will optimise theability for others to share your video.•To do this, simply tick the right box in the YouTube Example embed codeset-up page.•You might also want to add an annotation to yourvideo to encourage people to embed in their site. By making your video embeddable, means that others will be able to easily share it - especially across Facebook and Twitter.
  • 7. 5. Upload subtitles / captions•Adding captions optimises SEO ranking, as it Example captions (in French)enables Google to understand your video better.•Simply select the *captions* option whilst settingyour video up, and add in the relevant descriptivecopy at key points throughout the video. Adding captions to your video will 1) maximise the ability for Google to understand whatʼs in the video, and improve SEO ranking 2) enable people from other countries to understand your video content.
  • 8. 6. Encourage people to watch more•Adding clickable annotations to you video will Example buttons / annotationsencourage people to spend longer with your content.•Annotations can be used to link to other videos in aseries, or encourage subscribers to sign up.•Make sure your annotations appear on screen for longenough. One trick is to have them held on the endscreen frame for several seconds (some upto 15seconds).•Think about annotations when creating your content. The simplest way to add interactivity to your video is to add *annotations*. You may want to think about designing these annotations into your video creative to make the most of this functionality.
  • 9. 6. Encourage people to interact •The higher you get listed in YouTubeʼs most viewed, most discussed, most liked, most subscribed and top favorited, the more opportunity for your video is to be viewed. •Encourage people to interact / comment / like your video, and youʼll rise up the rankings. There are special sections on YouTube for most viewed, most discussed, most liked, most subscribed, top favorited. The higher you get in each category the more extra views youʼll get. So itʼs good to encourage people to rate, comment, subscribe etc. to your video and your video channel.
  • 10. 7. Make engaging content•The more engaging your content the more likely Example awesome viral content!people will share it once theyʼve watched it.•Tips include: make your content relevant to specificonline communities; make it topical; reply to anexisting meme; include something unexpected;create something useful; do something epic oramazing! Thereʼs no silver bullet to creating a viral piece of content, however following some simple rules will help your content be as engaging as possible.
  • 11. 8. Kick-start your campaign Paid seeding effect from Viral Ad Network•Boosting the views of your campaign by payingfor seeding via a syndication network like the ViralAd Network is an effective way to kick start yourcampaign. By paying for people to watch yourvideo, you will ensure it gets in front of the rightaudiences initially helping generate some initialsharing and virality.•Tip: invest money in Giving your campaign a kick start by investing in paid-for-seeding from the Viral Ad Network can boost the chances of your campaign being shared.
  • 12. @ViralAdNetwork