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  • 1. INTRODUCING CLOUD FOUNDRYThe Industry’s Open Platform as a Service and its relevanceto Security and Privacy. Presented By Vivek Parihar
  • 2. The Industry’s Open Platform as a ServiceDeploy and scale applications in seconds, without lockingyourself into a single cloud.
  • 3. What if…• Target <any cloud>• Push <my app>• Bind <my services>• Instances <my app> +100
  • 4. Apps these days…• Are heavily reliant on Frameworks• Are on myriad platforms• Data Intensive• Get deployed on virtual and cloud infrastructures.
  • 5. Cloud Foundry – The Open Platform as a Service
  • 6. Cloud Foundry
  • 7. Why Cloud Foundry?• Developer Agility• Portability without changes• Open – The freedom to choose• (Obviously this freedom is limited only to Technology! ;) )
  • 8. Cloud Foundry.com – Multi-Tenant PaaS Operated by VMware
  • 9. Micro Cloud FoundryTM –Industry First Downloadable PaaS
  • 10. CloudFoundry.org –Community Open Source Project
  • 11. CloudFoundry.ORG –Community Open Source Project
  • 12. Multi-Cloud Flexibility is Critical• Make use of both public and private clouds without rewriting your applications.• Protect against vendor lock-in• Manage your growth, accommodate peak loads and optimize costs.• Meet different compliance and geographical needs.
  • 13. Cloud Foundry – Making Multi-Cloud a Reality
  • 14. Demo’s• Environment o Public : CloudFoundry.com o Private : Microcloudfoundry• Tools : o Vmc o STS• Frameworks o Rails o Spring o Grails o Node.js
  • 15. Cloud Foundry Runtime View
  • 16. Key Takeaways• PaaS is the application platform for the Cloud era.• CloudFoundry is the Industry’s Open PaaS o Developer agility o Portability without changes o Open system• What’s next? o Free Signup : www.cloudfoundry.com o Get Started : docs.cloudfoundry.com/getting-started.html o Learn more on the blog : blog.cloudfoundry.com o Download your Micro Cloud Foundry : my.cloudfoundry.com/micro o Get the source code : www.cloudfoundry.org o Follow us : @cloudfoundry o Watch us :http://www.youtube.com/cloudfoundry