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Building your own e book
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Building your own e book


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  • 1. Building yourown eBook
  • 2. eBook Formats .pdf(Portable Document Format) .mobi, .azw, .prc (Amazon Kindle) .epub (Nook, Sony, iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Android and many others)(I assume you already know much about PDF so we will not discuss itfurther)
  • 3. Contents of standard eBook Cover Image HTML and CSS NCX (a.k.a Navigation Control eXtended Markup Language) OPF (a.k.a Open Packaging Format)
  • 4. Cover Image Catalog Cover- Displayed in eBook stores. Common Size- 1600x2500 pixels Embedded Cover- Your book’s 1st page. Common Size- 600x800 pixels
  • 5. HTML <head> tag for document meta-data. <p> tags for paragraph. <a> tags for anchors, used for linking. Close all tags by </..> Create separate HTML docs for separate chapters.
  • 6. CSS Use relative values i.e. % or em Recommended body text size= 100% or 1em. page-break-after/before for page breaks. Use basic fonts, no fancy fonts allowed for body text. Pre-size your image before inserting.
  • 7. NCX A.k.a Logical Table of Contents (Recommended). Do not include sub-chapters in NCX. <navLabel> ‘s content is displayed as text in logical TOC. Be specific with playOrder. It defines the order of chapters listedin TOC.
  • 8. OPF A.k.a Open Packaging Format. Defines what files are contained in eBook package. Metadata- states the information about book and author. Manifest- lists all files included in package. Spine- Liner instructions on how book is ordered. Guide- links to cover page and important sections of book.
  • 9. Special requirement for ePub Container.xml stating where .opf file is located. Mimetype (text file) stating that book is an ePub and zip. META-INF (folder) storing container.xml. OEBPS (folder) storing all doc files along- with OPF and NCX.
  • 10. Zipping it up (for ePubs) Create a zipped folder. First drag mimetype file into it. Now drag both folders. Rename extension from .zip to .epub.
  • 11. For Amazon Kindle Use Mobipocket. Open & add all HTML docs. Fill all meta-data. Click on ‘Build’. Check your book on Kindle Previewer.
  • 12. ThankYou
  • 13. Connect with me… LinkedIn- allow me to serve you.Just