ICTs Why and What?


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Presentation on why teachers should integrate ICTs into their teaching

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ICTs Why and What?

  1. 1. iPads shared throughout the school inSix computers classroom with internet access
  2. 2. Learning experiences are planned using the Australian Curriculum StudentsStudents are quicklyenthusiastic get off-task about leading to ICTs behaviour issues Students literacy skills need improvement, especially in reading and writing Worksheets and individual work is common in the classroom
  3. 3. Connecting through blogs and video conferencing mitigates disadvantage caused by rural Skype allows face-to-face conversations with isolation. people from around the world and providesLink to resource (Department of Education students with the opportunity to gain informationand Early Childhood Development (DEECD), 2011) from a primary source. Link to resource (Picardo, 2012) Given the rural location of the school having opportunities to connect with others is important ICTs allow for collaboration, by connecting with people in the A teacher describes the positives community and around the world, of having a class blog as making to gain greater perspectives and global connections and the ability to learn from personal networks. have conversations and work Link to resource(DEECD, 2011) collaboratively on projects with other classes. Link to resource (Morris, 2011, May 7)
  4. 4. OPTIONAL MATERIAL: To see more Blog home page about this blog (Cassidy, n.d) Blog contains links toSix and seven studentsyear old individualstudents blogsVideofootage andphotographsshow whatthe students This classare learning regularly uses SkypeConnect withother classes This short video shows how Ms Cassidy’s class uses Skype to connect with a range of people around the world (Cassidy, 2013, February 1).
  5. 5. A teacher reported that by recording her students reading they were able to see which areas of their reading needed improvement leading to self- correction and self-assessment skills. Link to resource (Henriksen, 2012, November 4)Development of literacy is important as it isessential in all learning areas and is a keypart of lifelong learning in our highlynetworked world.Link to resource (The State of Queensland (Department ofEducation, Training and Employment), n.d.) The students poor achievement in reading could be improved through the use of ICTs Modelling of inflections and expressiveness by an instructor is a key component of developing reading fluency. Link to resource (Polino, 2009). The use of interactive books provides this instruction.
  6. 6. A Prep class at Grasmere Primary School used iPads to record their reading and listen back to it. The teacher reported students paying more attention to their volume, pace, coherence and their audience. Link to resource (DEECD, 2011) OPTIONAL MATERIAL This activity was part of a project. All activities can be viewed here. This activity was number 47. OPTIONAL MATERIAL: This blog post contains two short videos showing students reading being recorded (Hendriksen, 2012, November 4) .
  7. 7. Four classes of five year olds A computer program providing The result: All students made progress interactive books for students however the students using Galaxy Kids progressed further in the areas of letter Use with an interactive sound knowledge, essential word whiteboard to enable touch recognition, writing and comprehension. screen function Link to resource(Stevenson & Dorset, 2011) OPTIONAL OPTIONAL MATERIAL MATERIAL The full version An example video of how Galaxy Kids The entire Galaxy of the Galaxy works from youtube. This is a Kids pilot projectKids video can be can be viewed viewed here shortened version. here(RafflesEdu, 2009)
  8. 8. The students disengagement and off-task behaviour could be improved through using ICTs Student disengagement from classroom activities is a common problem for teachers and can lead to passive negative behaviours which are difficult to manage. Link to resource (Nardelli, 2013)ICTs are enticing for students and, often, they are already familiar with how to use such devices which increases their engagement in the activities. Link to resource (DEECD, 2011)The prevalence of ICTs in our society means that students are ‘digital natives’ bythe time they reach school. The use of ICTs allows learning to be interactive and engaging for these technologically literate students. Link to resource (Cornwell, 2011, May 11)The hands-on nature of the interactive whiteboard increases students engagement in class. Link to resource (Smart Technologies Inc., 2004)
  9. 9. Letter detective Counting beetles: Level One This learning object is This learning object designed to help students provides visual count by asking them to count representations of the the beetles seen on the screen, differences between upper choose their answer and have and lower case letters and it checked. It meets the audio of how to say each requirements for the Australian letter of the Alphabet. It Curriculum: Mathematics. Link to resource * (Scootle, n.d). meets requirements for the Australian Curriculum: English. Link to resource * (Scootle, n.d). OPTIONAL OPTIONAL MATERIAL* Designed for students in MATERIAL* Letter detective year levels prep and one Counting beetles: learning object, (Scootle, n.d) Level One learning click here object, click here (Education Designed for use on an (Education Services Services Australia/ interactive whiteboard Australia/ Sonomic, Sound Snap, 2012) Scootle, n.d. 2012)*NOTE: You will require access to Scootle to view these resources
  10. 10. Cassidy, K. (n.d). Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog [class blog]. Retrieved from http://mscassidysclass.edublogs.org/Cassidy, K. (2013, February 1). Skype in our classroom. Retrieved from http://mscassidysclass.edublogs.org/2013/02/01/skype-in-our-classroom/Cornwell, J. (2011, May 11). ICT: the way to engage the ‘digital natives’ in our classrooms [web log post]. Retrieved from http://juliaec.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/81/Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. (2011). Contemporary literacy practices of early learners (Preps). Retrieved from http://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/edulibrary/public/researchinnovation/literacypracpreps.pdfDepartment of Education and Early Childhood Development. (2011). Contemporary (digital) literacy practices of preps [ ebook]. Retrieved from https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/content/de6260b7-9a40-40f3-bfad- e2167e409bb7/0621%20contemporary%20(digital)%20literacy%20ebook.swfEducation Services Australia/Sonomic. (2012). Counting beetles: level 1. Retrieved http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewing/L8281/index.htmlEducation Services Australia/ SoundSnap. (2012). Letter detective: letter case. Retrieved from http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewing/L9502/index.htmlHenriksen, T. (2012, November 4). Using video recording to enhance learning [web log post]. Retrieved from http://henriksenlearning.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/using-video-recording-to-enhance-learning/Morris, K. (2011, May 7). Connecting with other classes through blogging [web log post]. Retrieved from http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2011/05/07/connecting-with-other-classes-through-blogging/Nardelli, M. (2013, Feb/ March). Spreading the word on student behaviour [online news article] UniSA News. Retrieved http://w3.unisa.edu.au/unisanews/2013/FebMarch/story10.aspPicardo, J. (2012). Why students need a global awareness and understanding of other cultures. Retrieved from http://www.guardian.co.uk/teacher-network/2012/sep/25/students-global-awareness-other-culturesPolino, R. (2009). Using iPods to improve student fluency in a buddy reading partnership. Retrieved from http://www.buffalostate.edu/elementaryeducation/documents/actionresearch_2010polino.pdfRafflesEdu. (2009, May 4). Galaxy Kids Bumper Boats [youtube video]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl_TI2NVGFMScootle. (n.d). Counting beetle: Level 1. Retrieved from http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewMetadata.action?id=L8281&q=counting+beetles&topic=&start=0&sort=relevance&contentsource=&con te ntprovider=&resourcetype=&v=text&field=title&field=text.all&field=topic&contenttype=all&contenttype=%22Interactive%20resource%22&co ntenttype=%22Collection%22&contenttype=%22Image%22&contenttype=%22Moving%20image%22&contenttype=%22Sound%22&conten ttype=%22Assessment%20resource%22&contenttype=%22Teacher%20guide%22&contenttype=%22Dataset%22&userlevel=all&userlevel =(0%20OR%201%20OR%202)&userlevel=(3%20OR%204)&userlevel=(5%20OR%206)&userlevel=(7%20OR%208)&userlevel=(9%20OR %2010)&userlevel=(11%20OR%2012)&kc=any&lom=true&scot=true&follow=true&topiccounts=true&rows=20&suggestedResources=R110 82,R4909&fromSearch=trueScootle. (n.d). Letter detective: letter case. Retrieved from http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewMetadata.action?id=L9502&q=letter+detective&topic=&start=0&sort=relevance&contentsource=&content provider=&resourcetype=&v=text&field=title&field=text.all&field=topic&contenttype=all&contenttype=%22Interactive%20resource%22&coSmart Technologies Inc. (2004). Interactive Whiteboards and Learning: A Review of Classroom Case Studies and Research Litera ture. Retrieved from http://www.smartboard.se/files/white_papers/research_whitepaper_smart_board_.pdfStevenson, J., & Dorset, W. (2011). Sunshine/ Galaxy Kids pilot project Auckland, New Zealand. Retrieved from http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:1Rkyr8A6YnsJ:www.sunshinebooks.com.au/download_pdf.php?f%3DNz_Pilot_P rogram.pdf+galaxy+kids+pilot+project&hl=en&gl=auThe State of Queensland (Department of Education, Training and Employment). (n.d.). Literacy: the key to learning. Retrieved from http://education.qld.gov.au/literacy/
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