Becoming A Published Author


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Steps on book publishing, writing, social medai marketing, and creative book videos.

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Becoming A Published Author

  1. 1. What you need to know about writing, publishing & marketing your book. By: Violette L. Meier
  2. 2. All books begin with an idea. Decide whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction. Who is your audience? What is the purpose of the book? What do you want to gain from writing it?
  3. 3. Different people write differently. Some make outlines and/or story boards. Some just simply start typing. Choose the method that is best for you and start writing! Write often so your ideas will remain fresh. Make sure that you stay focused on your subject or purpose so that your manuscript will flow easily. Try not to read other books in your same genre while you are writing so you won’t inadvertently use someone else’s ideas. Always consider your market while writing so that your context and vocabulary are appropriate.
  4. 4. When you finish your first draft, pass it to someone who has high grammatical and editing skills to help make your manuscript flow better. Give your draft to someone who is in the demographic you are trying to reach. Let a close friend (someone who has your best interest at heart and will tell you the truth) read it.
  5. 5. Edit! No one wants to read a book full of errors no matter how brilliant it is. Make sure it is formatted correctly. (Double-space, 1-inch margins, number pages, use a clear, readable font (10-12 pt.), don't justify margins, and be careful about using bold or italics. Copywrite! Identify your genre. (Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Romance, Horror, Inspirational, Self Help, etc…) Decide how you want to publish. (traditional publishers*, small presses*, anthologies, vanity presses, or self publish). Research publishing companies. Know what genre of book to present to what publisher. Send only what is asked for. Check Writer’s Market or Literary Market Place. *When seeking traditional or small publishers, you should not pay ANYTHING! If they are asking for money they are a vanity press.
  6. 6. These publishers are major and minor presses that sign authors. They usually give advances and pay royalties. Find out their guidelines. See if you need to seek an agent first. Write a synopsis and a query letter. Submit manuscript. Wait. Don’t give up. Rejection is a part of the game. Resubmit elsewhere or redirect.
  7. 7. Vanity Presses print books at the author’s expense. Vanity presses are not selective. Anyone can be published and their fees can be higher than the fees normally charged for similar printing services. Sometimes restrictive contracts are required. Be careful!
  8. 8. In self publishing, you are the publisher, the writer, the editor, the marketer, and sometimes the distributor and the printer. Research all of your options to decide how much you want to handle and how much you want to out source. All of the expenses are out of pocket. But you make ALL the money! Know that your product represents you and your company and can prosper or plunder your business.
  9. 9. Congratulations! You are a published author!
  10. 10. Set up book signings, schedule events, promote via social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.). Do internet advertising, interviews, send out press releases, hand out flyers, business cards, promotional items, book marks, etc... Make book internet ads, comment on blogs mentioning your book, contact book clubs, collaborate with others. Build a website. Send books to reviewers and ask readers to post their reviews on and other sites. Be where your market is!
  11. 11. Short Film: Afraid of the Dark Based off Violette Meier’s short story found in her short story collection, “Tales of a Numinous Nature.” st=PLE42B048C5739A7E4 Go Fund Me Campaign: TAHhE&index=9&list=LLl_JCeTJ7DGIsOMTat2ANGg Funny Book Promo:
  12. 12. Write for the love of it. Success and fame is a byproduct of a dream realized not the goal of that dream. I wish you much success. Be blessed!