pillphone: enterprise mobile application for medical compliance and patient engagement


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pillphone: enterprise mobile application for medical compliance and patient engagement

  1. 1. pillphone® Introduction A POINT OF VIEW (POV) DECK ImageWare Systems 12/4/2013
  2. 2. Mass Mobile Adoption Traditional healthcare providers are embracing wireless technologies Rising incidence of chronic disease Almost 1 out of every 2 adults had at least one chronic illness Aging Population Baby boomers will strain the medical system even further Physician Shortage 52K primary care physicians are needed by 2025 Four major trends are driving the mHealth* market to reach $10.2 billion by 2018, with a 42% CAGR *mHealth (also written as m-health or mobile health) is a term used for the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices. -- Wiki Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention,TransparencyMarket Research, November/December Annals of Family Medicine. 1 2 3 4 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE2
  3. 3. Mobile authentication for healthcare: § Keeps protected health information (PHI) private and secure § Deters medical identity fraud and abuse § Ensures patient safety § Supports secure clinical workflow 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE3
  4. 4. Good authentication choices must balance: § Assurance and Accountability needs § The need to keep protected health information (PHI) private and secure § User experience (UX), with a particular focus on providing clinicians easy and timely access § Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). § Adjacent needs such as enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) and seamless roaming WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE12/4/20134 Source: Gartner 2013: Good Authentication Choices for Healthcare Delivery Organizations
  5. 5. pillphone® transforms medication compliance with mobile technologies & patient engagement caregiver provider pharmacy pillphone® is an FDA cleared mobile communication platform that: § Connects patient with healthcare providers § Promotes interactive communication § Ensures medical compliance with personalized reminder § Integrates with medical supply chain § Empowers disease management and wellness education § Protects patient information using biometric verification Cleared “two-factor authentication” regulation 1/14/20149 patient
  6. 6. … backed up by medication study that showcases improved medication adherence Conclusions: A mobile-phone-based automated medication reminder system (such as pillphone) shows promises in improving medication adherence and blood pressure in high-cardiovascular-risk individuals For a copy, please visit www.iwsinc.com ABSTRACT. pdf Journal of Diabetes Science and TechnologyVolume 7,Issued 3, May 2013 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE6
  7. 7. pillphone® architecture 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE7 BE Identity Database Drug Information Database pillphone User Database GoMobile Interactive Biometric Engine Android Client iPhone Client Provider Portal (e.g. hospitals, CRO, PBM, Health Providers, pharmacies, etc. )
  8. 8. Use case #1: Ensure real-time medication monitoring for hospitals and providers Cross messaging platform allows interactive communication between patient and healthcare providers 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE8 Dosage Diary Screen Dosage Diary Compliance Summary
  9. 9. Use case #2: Streamline medical supply chain for easy and secure transaction Pharmacy Drug Wholesaler PBM Pharmaceutical Manufacturing companies • Simplify prescription refill with a touch of a button • Extend offering for post-market surveillance, brand education, coupons, and promotions • Build a smarter medical supply chain with optimized inventory management • Increase customer loyalty and retention 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE9
  10. 10. Use case #3: Monitor and recruit patient for clinical research study 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE10 § Enable clinical trial participants to provide real-time clinical trial information from anywhere, at fingertips § Allow patients to use mobile devices vs. using a paper medication diary For the complete study, please visit www.iwsinc.com Randomized Cross- Over Evaluation of Mobile Phone
  11. 11. What mHealth needs What pillphone offers Key benefits of pillphone • Easy to use • Scalable • Interoperable • Enterprise level • Biometrically secured • FDA-cleared • Cloud-based • Data-focused • Proven clinical outcomes • Flexible costs • Assurance and Accountability • Keep protected health information (PHI) private and secure • Easy and timely access for clinicians • User experience (UX) • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). • Enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) • Seamless roaming. Source: Gartner 2013: Good Authentication Choices for Healthcare Delivery Organizations 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE11
  12. 12. Schedule an IWS pillphone demo with our sales force to determine how to best leverage pillphone application sales@iwsinc.com 2 3 Learn more at www.iwsinc.com Follow us @pillphone @iwsinc 1 Invite your customer to visit our booth at MWC 2014: #7K08 http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/ Engage your customers IWS Pillphone demonstrations – recorded version available at Mobile World Congress 2014 • We are offering an interactive highly-focused demonstration on pillphone at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain in Feb 24-27th, 2014. • The goal is to assist you in developing a high-level mHealth strategy and a prioritized list of next steps that will drive value for your customers to optimize their health choice. • To schedule or find out more, email: tevangelisti@iwsinc.com or sales@iwsinc.com . 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE12
  13. 13. 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE13 Why ImageWare
  14. 14. 12/4/2013 WWW.IWSINC.COM @IWSINC @PILLPHONE 14 Thank you