Free voluntary reading


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Free voluntary reading

  1. 1. Free Voluntary ReadingEveryone should love to read Created by: L. Holwerda & B. Roberts, 2013
  2. 2. We believe that as teacher-librarians our main goal… is to instill a love of reading by modeling a love of reading by reading many books and reviews by recommending books
  3. 3. Free Voluntary Reading is: reading because you want to reading what you want reading when you want what most adults do daily is often called SSR or USSR or DEAR in school settings
  4. 4. Stephen Krashen is: professor emeritus at the University of Southern California a linguist, educator and activist has published more than 350 papers and books believes that FVR is the most powerful tool we have in language education
  5. 5. Krashen summarizes:(students involved in FVR compared to those who aren’t) do as well or better at reading comprehension do better on tests of writing, writing fluency, spelling, vocabulary, grammar read more (both during and after the program ends) show an improved attitude towards reading
  6. 6. And a few bonuses: teachers report fewer discipline problems this works just as well with second language learners increased general knowledge for older adults, less memory loss
  7. 7. Reading Inventory Reading Interest-a-lyzer © (based on the Interest-A-Lyzer by J.S. Renzulli, adapted from D. Miller) Name: ____________________ Teacher _______________ Age _______ Please circle your answers. Are you currently reading a book for pleasure? Yes No Do you ever read a book for pleasure? Yes No What do you like to read for pleasure? (circle all that apply) chapter books history books picture books newspapers sports books mystery books poetry books fantasy books science books biographies funny books scary books non-fiction books magazines cartoons comics manga other ________ I am more likely to read a book for pleasure if: A teacher suggests it A friend suggests it A librarian suggests it It’s won an award It’s by an author I know The cover is interesting I see a book trailer for it I find out about it on the internet 5) My 3 favorite books are: 1) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6) In the last week, I have read for at least half an hour (30 minutes): Every day 3-5 days 1-2 days 0 days
  8. 8. A few results
  9. 9. The 40 Book Challenge wiki
  10. 10. TL Example
  11. 11. Grade 4
  12. 12. Grade 4
  13. 13. Grade 5
  14. 14. Grade 5
  15. 15. Grade 5
  16. 16. Grade 5
  17. 17. Building Community throughComments
  18. 18. Challenges teacher support access to computers student engagement time misunderstandings, e.g. “Done!”