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ELECSA Sports Quiz

  1. 1. ELECSA presentsSPORTS QUIZ
  2. 2. H E ATS
  3. 3. Before we begin• 30 questions in the heats.• Using cell phones is foul worthy of a direct RED card!
  4. 4. KICK OFF!
  5. 5. Q1.Donington  Jerez  Nurburgring______?Fill in the blank.
  6. 6. Q2.Whose picture has been caricatured here?
  7. 7. Q3.Think Cricket• People with this surname have played for at least 5 countries, India, New Zealand, Kenya, Canada and England.• Which surname?
  8. 8. Q4.Indian cricket fans would be familiar with this oneWhat does extensivestress on the Lateral Epicondylelead to?
  9. 9. Q5.The New Zealand rugby team is known as the All Blacks.• What name is given to the New Zealand basketball team?
  10. 10. Q6.ID this sportsman.He played baseballwearing the number 45jersey, which his fatherLarry wore.He started his career inthe sport in 1993 andended it in 1996.But he is a legend!
  11. 11. Q7. X ran out Bill Brown backing up in the second Test.• The Australian press strongly accused X of being unsportsmanlike, though some Australians, including Don Bradman, the Australian captain at the time, defended X’s actions.• After this incident, if a batsman is given out this way, he is said to have been ‘X’ed.
  12. 12. Q8. ID the pretty lady
  13. 13. Q9. X’s paternal family originates from Italy.• At the age of 11, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency.• The club River Plate showed interest in Xs progress, but did not have enough money to pay for treatment for his condition which cost $900 a month.• He therefore moved to Europe, where club Y offered to pay for his treatment.• ID X, Y.
  14. 14. Q10. X went to Hyderabad Public School, then studied chemical engineering at Osmania University in Hyderabad and later at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.• After graduation, he joined an advertising agency and worked there for two years before moving on to another two year stint in a sports management company.• He even had a reality show named after him.• Who is X?
  15. 15. Q11. Connect
  16. 16. Q12. This is the Indian _____ team.• India is an unbeaten champion in this sport, having won 4 World Cups, most recently in 2011.• ID the sport.
  17. 17. Q13. The first international match in this sport was played in 1844 between the USA and Canada.
  18. 18. Q14. ID X (on the left) and Y• Y is more famous than X, although X, nicknamed “The Beast”, is a legend in his own right.• Y is X’s nephew.
  19. 19. Q15. Connect
  20. 20. Q16. What is Barack Obama holding here?
  21. 21. Q17.Connectand tell uswho ismissingfrom thislist??
  22. 22. Q18.The only law of Cricket that has not had any changes or modifications since the first match is ___________
  23. 23. Q19. This five-time Olympic gold medalist is making a comeback at London 2012 after five years away from the sport.• After winning two golds at the Athens Olympics in 2004, he took a year away from the sport before announcing his retirement in November 2006.• He returned to competition with the Singapore World Cup meet on 4-5 November, and now plans to take part in further meets in Beijing and Tokyo to qualify for London 2012.
  24. 24. Q20. The only equipment needed for this sport is a stone, a broom and shoes.
  25. 25. Q21. THINK!• Advice given to girls “Never marry tennis players. _______ means nothing to them”• FITB
  26. 26. Q22. The X was formed due to a deaf football player who used sign language to communicate and his team didnt want the opposition to see the signals he used and in turn gathered around him.
  27. 27. Q23. Wing Span – 201 cm• Height - 193 cm• Feet size – 14• Average Speed-7.23 km/hr• We are referring to ?
  28. 28. Q24. L’Equipe is printed on yellow paper.• La Gazetta dello Sport is printed on pink paper.• What legacy in the world of sports stems from the above mentioned facts?
  29. 29. Q25. FITB• J Hudson & Co was founded in the 1870s in Birmingham by Joseph Hudson (1848–1930) and his brother James Hudson (1850–1888).• This company is still active as ACME________, which is the mostly widely used brand of ______ in the world.• The ACME Thunderer model is used in the Barclays Premier League.
  30. 30. Q. 26Q27Q28Q29Q30Visuals