Terex rl4 compact portable light tower, 6k w generator powered, 4000 watts of light


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Terex rl4 compact portable light tower, 6k w generator powered, 4000 watts of light

  1. 1. Terex RL4 Compact Portable Light Tower, 6kWGenerator Powered, 4000 Watts of Light Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating out of 5 Product Feature q 30 (9.14 m) light height and 4,000 W of light for illuminating up to 7 1/2 acres q 359-degree non-continuous tower rotation for precision light positioning q Dual self-braking winch design for quick tower extension q 6 kW generator for periods of extended use q Uses metal halide bulbs for high intensity light q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe Terex RL 4 is a 6 kW generator-powered metal halide light tower with four lights, a 30 (9.14 m) lift height,and 359-degree non-continuous tower rotation for precision light positioning. The RL4 has (4) 1,000 watt,adjustable metal halide lamps for providing high intensity light with bulbs that can be individually adjusted, andhave an average lifespan of 5,000 to 10,000 hours.Powerful, Quiet OperationWith 71 dBA sound levels at 23 (7 m), the towers 6.0 kW water-cooleddiesel generator is quiet and vibration-free when in use. The brushless,self-regulated generator is powered by a 13.6 hp Kubota diesel engine Dual self-braking winch design forwith a 30 gallon (114 L) tank that can provide approximately 60 hours quick tower extensionof continuous use. It is capable of operating four 1,000 W metal halide 6 kW generator for providing uplamps at an altitude of up to 5,000 feet above sea level. The operational to 60 hours of continuous usetemperature range is from -40 to 104 F, and it is protected with high Metal halide lamps for highwater temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns. intensity lightSimple to Raise and ExtendA dual hand-operated safety winch system is used to pivot andtelescope the tower. The tower has a self-braking, erecting and
  2. 2. extending winch mounted inside the cabinet, and the control panel islocated inside the panel for protection. The RL 4 has one GFI duplex 20A / 120 V and one T/L 30 A / 240 V receptacle, and quick disconnectlights and ballasts for fast service and repair. The mast and outriggersare fully galvanized for protection from the elements.Designed for Ease of TransportThe tower support is bolted to the front of a sheet steel trailer frame that has stabilizing outriggers that swivelup for travel and a tongue that extends 51" (130 cm) and is removable for storage and shipping. The standardtowing hitch is a 2" (50.8 mm) ball coupler with an 18" (457 mm) towing height. The trailer has a single pointlifting eye, fork lift pockets for lifting to hard to reach job sites, and is set on (2) 13" wheels. The generator setis mounted to the frame on rubber vibration mounts for traveling over rough terrain. The RL 4 weighs 1,725 lbs(783 kg) with no fuel and has an axle rating of 2,000 lbs (907 kg). The RL 4 comes equipped with DOT lights.About Light TowersLight tower units are used for illuminating event or work sites to maximize nighttime productivity and consist ofa tower with a durable base and mast with a set of lights at the top of the mast that can be rotated andpositioned as necessary. Light towers are used for many different applications, including construction, mining,and sporting events. For industrial use only.About Genie IndustriesThe Terex Corporation is a global manufacturer of a wide variety of heavy equipment, ranging from telescopiccranes, boom trucks, aerial work platforms, container stackers, to mining trucks, among many others. Thecorporation is building a franchise under the Terex brand name and has acquired numerous material handling,mining, and road building companies, and continues to manufacture products under their historic brand names.From construction sites to sporting events,View detailed PDF.this tower is built to deliver consistent,reliable light.Read more