Who would be the audience for your media product/How did you attract your audience Q 4/5
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Who would be the audience for your media product/How did you attract your audience Q 4/5



Viney Kumar

Viney Kumar
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Who would be the audience for your media product/How did you attract your audience Q 4/5 Who would be the audience for your media product/How did you attract your audience Q 4/5 Presentation Transcript

  • WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOURMEDIA PRODUCT? Q4This thriller opening reveals a high standards of suspense in my opinion and holdskey enigma codes which enables the audience to stay for more. This product couldeasily be established in the psychological thriller sub-genre which may interest manyand I believe it holds a huge sample of target audience. In my opinion, the targetaudience for the product can be aimed at the age range between 14 to 28. However Ifeel that the product would succeed best to engage with teenagers. Though manyother factors would affect this prediction such as gender for example, men andwomen usually have different views and do contradict.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE MOOD BOARD AND INDIVIDUALPROFILES OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE As you can see on my mood board and individual profiles, both are on teenagers. Atypical taste of a teenager who’s interested in sports, social networking, movies andgirls. And on the moodboard we see typical teenage activities, boys playing on agames console and girls walking from school with folders. On profile we are presenteda male teenager who like watching movies but in the horror genre. He’s more likely toshop in places like JD or Top man as he’s interested in sportswear and socialising.Favourite TV programme would be something like Eastenders.
  • There isn’t much I could criticizeon, therefore very well done. I do think thebackground music played a good part in theopening to create that extra bit of suspense.Wow! Kept meguessing all along!Typical thriller.There is suspensethere however thestory is difficult tograsp and understand.Loads of shots were usedwhich shows that thegroup tried to experimenta lot, which is a positive.Hmm.. Not bad but I wouldprefer a bit moreromance, however this wasdone really well by thegroup.I do media myself, and bywatching this, It definitelysuits its target audience. I’ma teenager and it kept mehooked on.The opening isactually reallygood! Music wascreepy.Feedback FromOthers (TargetAudience)
  • TO DISCUSS ISSUES RAISED AND TARGETAUDIENCE FEEDBACKEarlier, before producing the thriller opening, one of our major concerns were to find alocation. At that point we had decided our storyline and shot list but we were still unsure ofwhere to shoot. However at a later stage we found a solution to this problem, andeventually shot our thriller opening.Target Audience FeedbackSome of our peers gave us some good feedback after watching our thriller opening andthis was very useful because this tells us whether we met our aims to meet the likes anddislikes of our target audience. The majority gave positive feedback and found it verysuspenseful which was good to know. However some did comment on the technical sidesof things, talking about camerawork and sound, and they were positives given from ourpeers and it’s great to know that our hard work on these key functions were clearly seen bythe audience. We used a variety of camerashots and deliberately using the one non-diegetic sound to create tension till the very end. Many of our peers also liked our storylineand the way it was presented.On the other hand there were some criticisms from audience’s, as some preferred a moreromantic theme to the opening though we had covered this criteria for our targetaudience’s to a certain extent. And to avoid going off track and adding more romancethemes we must stick to the thriller genre more powerfully. Some found it difficult tounderstand the opening, this is simply because the full story hasn’t been given yet, as it’san opening of a movie. Thereby the suspense is created for a reason and should remainas key enigma codes.
  • HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOURAUDIENCE? Q5In my opinion, thriller genre is more liked amongst teenagers because it has thethrill and young aged audiences are fond of this. Therefore our aim was todirect this thriller opening at our target audience affectively by ticking fourmain criteria’s of a teenagers choice. The four sections to consider were: Genre conventions. Media language. Music. Similarities with other films.After planning all these, it was just about producing the opening and seeingwhether it would live up to the standards of our target audiences. Though wedidn’t have an action packed, full of explosions type of thriller opening, ouraim was to include all teenage types for our thriller opening, as girls tend tolike a romantic theme therefore this opening would be suitable to our targetaudience affectively as it’s made for all teenagers, not just a sample ofteenagers. Therefore this opening has it all for both boys and girls to keepthem watching more and to meet their standards.
  • GENRE CONVENTIONSGenre conventions consists of four sub sections which are: characters, iconography,narrative and themes. Firstly, I will be discussing the character traits in this thrilleropening and how they appeal to our target audience. For the characters to appealto the audience, iconography was highly important in this case.The characters are first viewed as picture in photoframe of a couple, who both study together. Herewe are presenting both characters to have a very“geeky” look, as the female character wearingglasses and the male character is in a shirt and tie.This picture symbolises the love between thecharacters. This type of representation is moreappealing to the female teenage target audienceas it has a romantic theme to it.Then we move onto the bathroom scenewhere the female character is changingidentities. She gradually changes from a“nerdy” character into a “rebellious” typecharacter. This is the more thriller side tothe opening, where the audience askthemselves, “Why is she changing heridentity?”
  • GENRE CONVENTIONSThe iconography has been the key to represent characters, however what was veryunusual for the target audience to see was a male character who was given amore vulnerable role instead of he “macho” heroic role. On the other hand, thefemale character was given a femme fatal role which is very rare to see and addsthe additional thrill as it questions the audiences minds very affectively.And last but not least we see the male characterall vulnerable and dead after he’s beenmurdered by his own girlfriend. He is presentedin a shirt and tie like he was in the picture earlieron, this shows that he hasn’t changed and isnormal however his girlfriend has changed andhas dual personalities. For the target audience,this is an enigma code as we see him dead andhow his girlfriend treats him.
  • ICONOGRAPHYIconography is basically what we see visually on our screens when were watching themovies, and these hold many elements such as:props, costume, buildings, cars, mise en scene, etc. In my opinion this was donevery affectively as the location was correct and in the living room, there was messeverywhere which represents what a mess the female character is and how thecouple’s relationship is now a mess due to his murder. Iconography was also wellused as props of the female character as we see by the make up she was using tochange into a “rebellious” role and the glasses for that “geeky” role. The colour ofthe car the character drives in was “white” which symbolises purity however this isironic as the female character isn’t pure after her boyfriends murder, and all theserepresentations give away messages of uncertainty through-out the opening to theaudience. And therefore, this is suitable thriller opening for our target audience, asthey look for uncertainty to create enigma codes.
  • NARRATIVEThe definition of Narrative can simply be described as a series of events that takeplace over time and then later on theyre then linked by the cause and effect thatthen takes place. As this is just an opening it wouldn’t have as many causes andaffects however, as an opening it already has one cause and affect. This themurder of the male character which would then be linked to another cause andaffect over time. As the murder has already took place and many questions ariseon the female protagonist, this just increases many enigma codes, and thereforethe whole movie’s narrative begins from the opening which is shown here. Thisnarrative has murder and mystery which increases enigma codes for our targetaudience.
  • THEMESThis thriller opening is heading towards to become a psychological thriller thereforewe see these indications by the early mystery created by playing a dubious femaleprotagonist and the murder. However, in the opening I do think we have more thanone theme to it as there’s a feel of romance earlier on when we see a romanticcouple’s picture in a frame however it’s then dominated by psychological thrilleraffects of how this female character has dual personalities and followed by anunaware death of the male character. Therefore the theme slightly changes in theopening as we see further on. And that’s why I think this thriller opening suits bothmale/female target audience because has the feel for both, and therefore it mayattract them more than just having a one sided liked theme.First picture shows a romantictheme to the movie, and thenthis leads to the murder of aninnocent boyfriend which is atotally different theme toromance, is mystery andthriller.
  • MEDIA LANGUAGETo define media language, I would basically say that all the things that makes thisopening take place via using media effects. And therefore this can be done in twomain ways which make this thriller opening be as smooth as it runs and moreinteresting. The two techniques that are used to show media language are: Types of shots Special Effects (Editing)These technical areas do not determine storylines, etc. However these techniquesemphasise on the genre conventions made in the opening therefore are veryhandy and also enable the scenes to run smooth without any unwanted cuts.
  • TYPES OF SHOTSIn this thriller opening, if you see very clearly, we’ve used a variety of shots in differingscenes. Many times the camera also pans forward to create suspense. Forexample, in our opening, the camera pan forward towards the picture in the frameof the couple- this symbolises that there’s danger moving towards this couple, andis emphasised by the panning forward of the camera. There were also some usefulhigh angle and low angle shots used to emphasise power of the female leadprotagonist and also many extreme close ups were used in the bathroom scenewhere the character was putting all the make up on, etc. Showing a variety of shotsgives a better view for the audience to watch scenes because it creates moresuspense on this occasion.The first shot then pans forward into this to show more detailon the picture of both characters.Some key extreme close ups used toemphasise on the detail of what the character isdoing.
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS (EDITING)In our thriller opening we have used some very skilful editing techniques such asfading and fading out which easily enables us to move to scenes more fluently.Also some very fluent match on actions have been used in the opening, forexample when the female character enters the messy living room. These helpemphasise on what the character is doing in the scene and enable move scene toscene. A fading in and out technique was used when the female character leavesher house and we see the living room, which later fades onto the next scene whereshe is walking towards her car. These editing techniques makes scenes look morefluent then just cut on each camera shot. This enhances the understanding of theaudience of this thriller opening more efficiently.A match on action is used when the character walks into theliving room, which works fluently via editing.The first in the living room was then to moveonto the next scene by using fade in andout, this is also an editing technique.
  • MUSICIn this opening thriller there were no dialogues used however there was a non-diegetic soundtrack that played through-out the entire opening until the mainlead puts her radio on in the car. The non-diegetic soundtrack we hadselected was perfect because it completely matched the theme of ouropening thriller as it had that suspenseful beat and innocent sound to it at theright moments and scenes. The soundtrack was used from the beginning anduntil when the female protagonist switches the radio on, and the radio wasplaying rap music on (diegetic music). This soundtrack certainly does appealto our target audience as it indicates both fields of this opening, the romanticand suspenseful therefore it matches our opening and it would also suit ourtarget audience. The soundtrack also starts of slow and is slow till the endhowever at times it picks up pace and changes rhythm.
  • SIMILARITIES WITH OTHER FILMSOur initial idea for this storyline came from the movie called “step father” therefore itcan relate to this movie in some aspects. However we did make changes so thatit’s original enough to be ours. Some of the changes we made were: Having afemale protagonist instead of a male, The entire bathroom scene would bedifferent, our shot list differed from “step father,” etc. Though the idea was muchsimilar of how there is a dead body in the house and the main lead has dualpersonalities is very calm about the murder committed and carries on with theirdaily routine.Both of these shots are very similarhowever performed differently. In myopinion this opening attracts theaudience because the opening hasmany enigma codes which wouldinterest the audience. Therefore thisidea seemed very creative andinteresting to do.
  • UNIQUE SELLING POINTA female protagonist playing a role as a femme fatal is very rare to see in thrillermovies because people tend to label it to be more of a “boyish” genre where all themurdering and killing happens which attracts more male target audience’s. This isalso very affective because of the irony of women presented as a dangerouscharacter, therefore it is well appreciated by male and female target audience’s.This is a psychological thriller therefore it welcomes all target audiences as it’s mainaim is to keep the audience guessing whereas a typical action thriller would justacquire of mainly male audiences.