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UAS and ME




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    UAS and ME UAS and ME Document Transcript

    • A Youth Fellowship Programme: Application Form To support young people strengthen their passion for creating a better world, Ignite change within their own selves and lead social change on their own terms. ABOUT YOU Tell us who you are. You may like to include some of the major influences/experiences that shaped and inspired your path in life, your world view, and your passions (300-500 words). Warm greetings to you from Vineet Singh from United Arts Society!!! I am currently working on the research of my venture after resigning as software Engineer at Infosys technologies Ltd., Bangalore. Since childhood I had great inclination towards various forms of performing and fine arts. With pursue of my academic career I constantly kept myself closely bonded to my artistic interests in whatever way possible. I was actively involved in the college theatre and drama activity. At the age of 21 I directed my first professional play in Hindi and English. I could have done this much earlier if proper support would have been provided by our education system and also something affordable. With this view in mind I planted the seeds of United Arts Society, in Bangalore. United Arts Society is a registered organization created by art enthusiasts, artists and social entrepreneurs who together aspire to bring back the richness and vibrancy of art and culture into the everyday lives of youngsters. Provoked by the present lack of awareness and participation in the many art forms that exist, we decided to take a proactive stance and have come together to provide a platform where educationists and students will be provided with all the support and resources required to restore art a valued place in our lives and society.
    • UAS has been established to provide exposure to various forms of performing, fine and visual art forms through education, therapy, entertainment and career options. While skills and training in conventional subjects are aimed towards equipping a child with a means to make a living, it is our firm belief that a quality of life can only be provided by the creativity, innovation and beauty that emerges through art. Our objective is to empower educationists with the versatile and extraordinary strength of art as a teaching tool. Art can and should be incorporated into education, so that learning becomes fun, interesting and interactive, stimulating creativity, innovation and imagination in our next generation. UAS has the unique strength to offer a complete solution in over 150 art forms. We offer a single stop solution, wherein a person can not only discover his/her art calling, but obtain sufficient support, experiential learning and training as well as job opportunity in the future. Below are listed more details on the various delivery designs we offer, to students (ages 8 -16) as well as the teachers. Our modules range from brief one day introductions, through weekend programs, to intensive programs, in order to cater to the diverse needs of our audience. We also offer a Granny Summer camp for the holiday season. I am hopeful that your esteemed organization will share our vision and partner us in revitalizing the Indian education system. Let us work together, towards grooming our future adults into complete persons, with an understanding and appreciation for all the colours of life. United Arts Society: Vision and our values
    • “We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents”. - Eric Hoffer. UAS has been established to provide exposure of various forms of performing and fine arts, to society, in the manner of education, therapy, entertainment and career options. United Arts Society is running is countless efforts to promote primary education of Art Forms in Schools. Kindly read the detailed document of our initiative added as attachment. Art abounds the world we live in. However, there is a wide range of art forms that most youngsters aren’t aware of. The realization of the need to bridge the gap has led us to found the United Arts Society (UAS). Through this Society, we plan to fulfill a noble dream – a dream where every growing youngster is educated about the various forms of art and is also provided every opportunity to further his/her interests in any chosen field. The Society aims to provide youngsters with the opportunity to explore, learn, and improve their interests and talents. It also enables them to use their weekends constructively. The Society consists of a wide network of artists from different fields who will help the children discover and hone their talents. According to National Curriculum Framework of NCERT India: “Art as a subject at all stages is recommended, covering all the major spheres, i.e. music, dance, visual arts and theatre. The emphasis should be on interactive approaches, not instruction, because the goal of art education is to promote aesthetic and personal awareness and ability to express oneself in different forms”. UAS has launched itself with several successful and very well received workshops and camps which include a Theatre and Film workshop at British Council Library, Free Art Camps which included various forms of Performing and Fine arts at the Parikrma Centers at Jayanagar and Koramangala and another very enjoyable Theatre workshop at the British Council Library, Teachers foundation, Brigade School, Your Kids R our Kids, Nightingale Elder’s Enrichment Centre, Akshara Foundation, Presidency school, Infosys Technologies Ltd. We at UAS relish every moment when we get an opportunity to promote Art to the masses, and those are the principles that we are founded upon. Armed with the initiative to spreading the voice of Art to farther places, we’re exploring newer possibilities. Very shortly expanding to other metros and cities of India. With initiative like First touch we are conducting free sessions in various schools across Bangalore to increase the understanding and need of this kind of initiative in our education system.
    • COMMUTINY INITIATIVE As a COMMUTINY FELLOW you will have 1 whole year to work full time on a development or social initiative. Tell us in about 600-1000 words, what would be the initiative that you will take up. Also include why you chose the particular initiative, what are the social concerns that you are addressing and how. Community Initiative: United Arts Society The famous philosopher Aristotle once said that the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Art represents and mirrors our lives every step of the way. The first step that you take in any new direction is always the toughest and the hardest. We have so many arts around, evolved and diversified from the very early prehistoric ages when man used to carve out figures of hunting and game, to today where anything that you apply your mind in, using your imagination, can be deemed as art. The pace of change, I reckon has mislaid the sense of artists, who come and go, but can only leave a lasting impression by the work that they create. The relationship between an Art and its Artists, or an Artist and his Art, is intangible piece of connect woven around what feeds the minds of a whole generation after generation of people. The artist gains from his art; fame, recognition, satisfaction and passion; all of which further his chosen field itself, in a manner of symbiotic relationship. I just brought out a brief insight into the art and artist relationship, and hopefully the gyan benefited some of those who had a skewed perspective of it. We are a registered organisation and with our work in the field of art and culture in Bangalore, touching the life’s of 5000+ individuals in first year of its launch. We could understand that we need to get things more managed and set business models to actually get the revolution of the art and media sector with proper revenue driven ecosystem. To make all kinds of art available to everyone, so that they can choose to follow what they really love, because it inspires them, not because it’s around the corner.
    • Goals UAS Goal We set business and support ventures for exposure of various forms of performing, fine and visual art forms through education, therapy, entertainment and career options. “Evolving Art and Media & Entertainment Sector into A lucrative Service Sector” Primary: Focus on Primary education of arts for children. Providing support and job opportunities for art professional by social entrepreneur endeavors and making art field a managed service sector. To serve as a repository of information and resources for education and help different organizations to start and develop the right educational curriculum for arts. To have a network of artists acting as a common body. This would provide counseling and guidance to youngsters and budding artists. To provide monetary benefits to professional artists and performers. And generate funds in art field. To organize activities to increase art awareness. To cater to all children and not just those who are artistically inclined. Expose children to all forms of art and not be biased to the popular ones. To ensure children’s desire to pursue a particular form of art is based on the exposure and education provided to him/her and is not based on popularity, pressure and external appeal. To provide children with professional guidance to ensure they are have the right exposure and support to pursue their artistic endeavors. To serve as a repository of information and resources for schools and other educational institutions, required to start and develop the right educational technique, for a particular form of art. To portray art, not just as a hobby but a viable career option. To have a network of artists acting as a common body. This would provide counseling and guidance to youngsters and budding artists.
    • To provide monetary benefits to professional artists and performers. To increase awareness in arts, in society, by dealing with the issue in a rational manner. Strategies Core Strategy To reach out to the formative minds of the country, by working closely with children in the age group of 8-14. To conduct a 6 month course spread across weekends (Saturday and Sunday) which will not hamper their academics. Sessions to be conducted by artists and performers active in the various fields of art. Conduct field trips and provide practical approach to the education. Provide hands-on experience in various forms of art. Conduct courses at nominal rates in order to cater to all classes of society, without compromising on quality. Provide children with a true and complete picture of the various forms of art, addressing the pros and cons of pursuing the same. Conduct professional performance at the end of the 4 month course, to showcase chosen interests of the children thereby justifying their right choice of art form, post education. Supplementary Strategy Form a strong network of professionals in various fields of art. Partner with various art associations, organizations, societies, studios, auditoriums etc. To develop a collection gallery and library of resources required for art education. Organizing efficient publicity campaigns comprising of radio jingles, bookmarks, posters, brochures, fliers and newspaper articles, to reach out to the masses and hence bring about effective awareness. Please share how you will go about implementing your initiative, how will you know if you have achieved your goal. Our Services
    • • “A Must Café”: A Contemporary Art Joint acting as our front office • Art Learning & Reach for D&R of our work and Planning (Training & Knowledge Management) • Artist Connect : www.artistconnect.com the cause (Artist Management: Naukri.com for Art and Artist outsourcings and E-Commerce) Evolve into end to end Art Management & Production Brand Plan of Action Component 1 Creation of art database consisting of: contact details of professionals from various fields of art various local, national and international organizations Various art related activities being conducted all across the globe. Component 2 Doing constant research to find job opportunities for artists in school, cooperate training, event management and other avenues. So that Art can be taken up as viable career option. Right research to be done to identify optimal work structure for artist with optimal pay. Component 3
    • Running Socio-entrepreneurial program to make this initiative self sufficient and self sustaining. Component 4 Strengthening primary infrastructure by keeping pace with technological advancements and providing optimal transportation solutions by appointing punctual, safe and reliable transport. Component 5 Strengthening the network of artists and exchange on regular basis with better communication and increased number of performances. Component 6 Investing a minimum of 3-5% of the total budget on publicity and partnership on a regular basis to create overall awareness.
    • How do you see Commutiny participating in/supporting your work? United Arts Society is sensitive to all genres of society. An initiative of this magnitude needs to be within the reach of one and all, i.e. not restricting itself to one class. In view of the above, I would like to explore the knowledge pool of Commutiny to increase the pace of learning and get proper support to make it full time commitment. The new World is about co- creating: my research and reach Financial aids (This being a new concept might take up time to get the right investors) Promotion-Since its new as also a category we will need time, energy and funds to promote not just the chain but also the category Procuring the place and the right kind of people. Breaking the clutter and standing out. GOING FORWARD
    • What do you see yourself doing after the completion of the Commutiny fellowship? Going forward I have already taken UAS as my full time commitment and would also like to make it expand to other parts of city and get proper art education into our education system. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Any other significant information that you would want to share. Our First success in influencing the education system is by becoming a relevant chapter in Teacher’s Training Program of: The Teacher Foundation. Currently we have implemented our initiatives in 5 schools of Bangalore and have got rewarding results. To provide support to artists: we have given proper work assignments to 6 artists with salary of Rs. 12,000/- per month in various schools as full time commitments. And 3 artists with salary of Rs. 4,000/- as part time commitment. 2 batches of YWF have already graduated and have selected the Desired and appropriate art form for their life. They are constantly supported and helped.
    • PERSONAL INFORMATION Name Vineet Singh Current Address 1, Satyam Park, Road number 4, Sindh Society, Aundh, Pune, 411007, Maharastra Permanent Address c/o: S. B. Singh M-11/6, Telco Colony, P.O: Telco Works, Jamshedpur-831004, Jharkhand Telephone/Mobile Mobile: 09764005524 Landline: 06572283168 (JSR number) E-mail Vineet@unitedartssociety.com, Uas.pune@gmail.com Uas_india@yahoo.com Date of Birth 22nd May 1983 Nationality Indian Gender Male How did you hear of this Friend programme :
    • EDUCATION (Beginning with the most recent) Academic Qualification Degree/ Certificate School / College/ Board/ University Percentage Mechanical Engineering (B.E). M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, 75 Bangalore (2002 to 2006) Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya Higher Secondary (V.B.C.V.) Jamshedpur 79 (1999 to 2001) Secondary Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya (V.B.C.V.) Jamshedpur (1999) 73 LANGUAGE SKILLS Languages Speak Read Write English Yes Yes Yes Hindi Yes Yes Yes Japanese Yes Yes Yes
    • WORK EXPERIENCE (paid and voluntary, starting with the most recent): Organization Period (Month and Year) Description of Work Infosys 2+ year (July,2006 to Oct,2008 Software engineer I have started my career Two years back with Infosys and since then involved with UAS activities. Currently I am managing UAS full time. REFERENCES Please give two referees with names and addresses. The referees should be people you have worked/working with or studied/studying under. First Referee Full Name: Maya Menon Address: The Teacher Foundation, 6th main, infornt of Play ground................................... .................Indranagar, Bangalore- 560038.....................................................
    • .................Karnataka..................................................... .................www.teacherfoundation.org..................................................... Tel No.:....080/41231149...................................................... Email:......mayamenon@vsnl.com Occupation: Director, TTF ...................................................................... Relationship (with you): Mentor Second Referee Full Name: Kalpana Singh Address: .1846, 3rdmain, Block ‘C’ Sahakaranagar, ..................Bangalore-560092, Karnataka.................................................... ..................www.parikrmafoundation.org.................................................... ...................................................................... Tel No.:.9341256495......................................................... Email:.Kalpanas@parikrmafoundation.org........................................................... Occupation: Head-Academics, Parikrma Foundation................................................... ...................................................................... Relationship (with you): Mentor.
    • DECLARATION I hereby declare that all the above entries made by me are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that signing this form does not entitle me to be part of this programme. SIGN DATE: 17th December, 2008 Regards, Vineet Singh Founder United Arts Society 9764005524 www.unitedartssociety.com uas.pune@gmail.com vineet@unitedartssociety.com
    • United Arts Society Art Learning | Workshops & Sessions | Events | Performances | Art Careers | Art Solutions