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C5 road extension project
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C5 road extension project


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. C5 Road Extension Project: Graft and Corruption
  • 2. Leadership 2 Types of Leaders: Those who work for the welfare of the people. Those who work for their own selfish interests.
  • 3. Winnie Monsod VS Manny Villar Since there was already an ongoing project (the MCTEP) linking C-5 to the Coastal Road, it was totally unnecessary to build a second one. The MCTEP requires payment of toll fees while the C5 Road Extension is a public road. Also the MCTEP has “limited access”, meaning it has a single entry and exit point; while the C5 Road Extension can access various cities and/or municipalities.
  • 4. Waste of resources. Instead of using only P2.6 billion for the first project, the government had to spend an additional P6.9 billion for the second, which practically duplicated the first, except for passing through Sen. Villar’s properties. I did not direct, or influence, the DPWH to have the C5 Project pass through my properties. The fact is that the conceptualization, alignment,
  • 5. Villar’s companies were paid significantly more per square meter for the road right of way. Also taking into consideration the tremendous increase in the values of Villar’s real estate holdings in the area—at least 50-52 hectares. “zonal value is determined by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)”(Sen. Villar) The lots were classified as “commercial/regular,” hence, they have a zonal valuation of P30,000.00
  • 6. Although there is no evidence to prove the direct participation of Senator Villar in the overpricing of such properties, it is fair and safe to assume that Senator Villar knew about the said overpricing and what his corporation stood to gain from such transactions with the government taking into consideration the closeness of Senator Villar to Engr. Adriano who was directly involved in these transactions.
  • 7. 1987 Constitution Senator Enrile said the committee found Villar guilty of violating:  Section 12 of the 1987 Constitution  Section 3 (i) in relation to Section 9 of Repbulic Act 6713(The Code of Conduct of Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees)  Engaging himself in improper and unethical conduct "that adversely reflects upon the Senate” (Legaspi, 2010).
  • 8.  Villar is the owner of the Vista Land & Landscapes, Inc. and with the construction of the said roads Villar earned almost P1.1 Million just for the right of way.  Villar is accused of reconstructing the C-5 road to favor his business, as what is said above, instead of making the road a straight line it is made to a curvy road to especially pass by Senator Villar’s subdivisions and other properties and it can be said that he is using government resources and accommodation to favor his personal interest.
  • 9. References:  nation/villar-intervened-in-c-5-project-for-his-own- benefit  Presentation  on-Villar-Controversy  monsods-article-on-the-c5-controversy/  
  • 10. TEAM: WORK Co, Chiara Co, Vinci Anne Kikuchi, Ahlen Marasigan, Leah Martin, James Panganiban, Mel Quevada, Jila Viceral, Paolo