Enterprise Architecture 2012
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Enterprise Architecture 2012



Enterprise Architecture @Synergics

Enterprise Architecture @Synergics
Using the CMDB
Impact Analyzer
Graphical Design



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  • every port on every switch with cable colours, duplex, vlans, mac...all servers with unit and rack info, power, software, backup, monitoring, customer information, serials, etc...
  • virtual server
  • physical server, switch port information with cable colours
  • 3 Components/Subfolders: “Core Types”, “Services” and “Applications”
  • “cdcit007” is a Citrix server and is member of 2 Core Types“Terminal Server”“MPS4 Server”
  • a database with combination services
  • Change C-115177Open Incident I-123221
  • DC ZWN Service
  • Monitoring does 10.000 checks every minuteNOC screen with Automatic Impact Analyzer (info from Monitoring + Incidents created by other people)
  • Export entire topology to graphics (currently manual work in Visio)
  • Questions ?

Enterprise Architecture 2012 Enterprise Architecture 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Enterprise Architecture Vincent.Tacquet@synergics.be Quality & Architecture Manager Datacenter Managerwww.synergics.be
  • Overview Enterprise Architecture Architecture and the CMDB Architecture Design Impact Analyzer Export to yED Automatic Impact Analyzer Future Additionwww.synergics.be 2
  • Enterprise Architecture @World • “it is a framework” • “it is a method” • “it is a way of life” • Fancy colours, great PowerPoints @Synergics • No “bla bla bla”, we just did it • Why ? • ITIL !www.synergics.be 3
  • Architecture and the CMDB The CMDB @Synergics is complete !www.synergics.be 4
  • www.synergics.be 5
  • www.synergics.be 6
  • Architecture Design Core Types Services Applicationswww.synergics.be 7
  • Architecture Design (1) Core Types • The glue between CI’s and Services • Group CI’s into functional classes • Technical brandingwww.synergics.be 8
  • www.synergics.be 9
  • Architecture Design (2) Services • The difficult part / brains of Architecture • 3 Types • Redundancy • Bi-directional linking • Technical brandingwww.synergics.be 10
  • • CI-only serviceswww.synergics.be 11
  • • Services-only serviceswww.synergics.be 12
  • • Combination serviceswww.synergics.be 13
  • • Can be redundant on CI-level and/or Services-levelwww.synergics.be 14
  • Architecture Design (3) Applications • Group one or more Services • Link Customers • Link Suppliers • Customer / End-user brandingwww.synergics.be 15
  • www.synergics.be 16
  • www.synergics.be 17
  • Impact Analyzer Used by different teams • Customer Relations: to mail impacted Customers when something is down • Operations Team: to fill-out the Risk Assessment in Change Management • Incident Team: to analyse the impacted Applications, Services and/or CI’s in Incident Managementwww.synergics.be 18
  • www.synergics.be 19
  • www.synergics.be 20
  • www.synergics.be 21
  • www.synergics.be 22
  • Export to yED yED is a FREE tool yED can NOT be automatedThe usage of yEd is free of charge and one can even make use of yEd in a commercial environmentfor free.yWorks grants you the right to use yEd as an application to create diagrams. This right comes for freefor anyone that adheres to the yEd Software License Agreement. E.g. you are not allowed todistribute yEd on your own or use it in an automated process.The diagrams that you create belong to you. You can use your diagrams in any way you like. Forexample, you can use yEd to create a diagram that is then used by your company or institution toenhance product documentation, or to better understand internal processes. http://www.yworks.com/en/products_yed_about.htmlwww.synergics.be 23
  • Due to the previous restriction, we generate our own .graphml files and manually change the layout in yEDfrom:to:www.synergics.be 24
  • www.synergics.be 25
  • www.synergics.be 26
  • www.synergics.be 27
  • www.synergics.be 28
  • www.synergics.be 29
  • Automatic Impact Analyzer LIVE Monitoring information from Nagios LIVE Existing Incidents information NOC Ready (1 minute update) Shows “possible” impacted Customers and Applications Allows us to improve First Call Resolutionwww.synergics.be 30
  • www.synergics.be 31
  • www.synergics.be 32
  • Future Addition Network Topology (2012) • Remote Locations • Ports/Switches/Firewalls/Linkswww.synergics.be 33
  • www.synergics.be 34