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The Importance of Online Friendships
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The Importance of Online Friendships


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  • 1. The Importance of Online Friendships
    By: Vincent Castronovo
  • 2. The rapid advancement of social media has made it extremely easy to make new friends as well as maintain relationships with old ones.
    Cred: Creative Commons, katiebell2
  • 3. It has become a rarity to find someone who does not have their very own online personal profile.
    Cred: Flickr, devaraji_arts
  • 4. There have been many social friendship pages that have been designed to cater to different people’s
    However, the question is which online friendship network will you choose?
    Cred: Creative Commons, DoBeRaGi
  • 5. The most famous online networking website is
    Cred: Creative Commons, pshab
  • 6. “As of July 21st 2010 there are over 500 million users who have active Facebook accounts.”
    A Collection of Social Network Stats for 2010, by Jeremiah Owyang
    Cred: Creative Commons, rileyroxx
  • 7. Started by University students for University students, Facebook has begun to revolutionize the online social friendship world.
    Cred: Creative Commons, a.powers-fudyma
  • 8. If you are more of a business type individual and looking for your dream job, LinkedIn with over 100 million users is for you.
    Cred: Creative Commons, Socialmediadiamx
  • 9. For the more artistic/musician type of individual, MySpace is still around.
    With over 130 million users, MySpace music is second to none and is extremely unique. This may help bring back market share for the MySpace brand.
    Source: Can MySpace make a comeback, Ben Parr
  • 10. One could also not forget about Twitter with close to 200 million users, it is becoming one of the most prominent and well known social friendship website.  
    Cred: Creative Commons, xotoko
  • 11. Being able to "tweet" messages and interact with celebrities on a personal level provides a service that many other social friendship websites cannot.
    Cred: Creative Commons, Romina Santos
  • 12. These social websites allow you to maintain friendships with old friends no matter where you are.
    Cred: Creative Commons, NASA Goddard Photo
  • 13. What about using the internet to meet new people, or even that special someone? 
    Cred: Creative Commons, Segozyme
  • 14. According to the eHarmony website an average of 542 singles marry a match they found online, on a daily basis.
  • 15. 1 out of 5 couples have met through an online dating site.
    Cred: Creative Commons, Leo Reynolds
  • 16. We can now see the effects that online friendship is having on our society.
    Cred: Creative Commons, Fotogravirus
  • 17. It is making it easier to maintain friendships through online social friendships sites.
    Cred: Creative Commons, L Lamos
  • 18. And it has also become extremely easier to meet that special someone through these online services.
    Cred: Creative Commons, stager 57
  • 19. There is no question that social media is changing our world.
    Cred: Creative Commons, h_svetia
  • 20. Many people have mixed opinions on whether or not these changes are good or bad for society as a whole.
    Cred: Creative Commons, mcw026
  • 21. Will the advancements of online friendships have an
    overall positive effect on our generation?
    Cred: Creative Commons, Lee Gonzalez Photography
  • 22. Or will it result in detrimental effects within our society?
    Cred: Creative Commons, benwatts
  • 23. Only time will tell, but for know keep tweeting and keep Facebooking.
    Cred: Creative Commoms, Rmss
  • 24. Because as time goes on, technology will continue to advance and there will be many more changes within the social media world that will change society as we know it.
    Cred: Creative Commons, ram