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Translating share point from beginning to ending
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Translating share point from beginning to ending


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SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2013 session about tranlsation and multilingualism capabilities of SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa 2013 session about tranlsation and multilingualism capabilities of SharePoint 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Who am I? Who are we?
  • At the end of the day, please ensure your evaluation is signed and handed in for door prizes. The draw takes place in Room 102A.
  • Expert one language, usersotherlanguage, wewantthem to worktogetherPublication != collaboration
  • Everythingthat help sharepointbeingmultilingualLot of demos
  • http://sp2013/spsmontreal/languagepack/
  • http://sp2013/spsmontreal/languagepack/
  • Objectif amener le mutlilinguisme plus en profondeur (au-delà de l’ihm fixe) en traduisant manuellement le contenu pas natifA des limites
  • Allows to translate content’sstructue (listtitles, columnsnames…)
  • http://sp2013/spsmontreal/languagepack/Liste important data et colonne de site poutine factor
  • Deliver content for collabenvsFind content in ourlanguage
  • Searchisn’tperfectFor pages the main interest versus variations is to be able to localizecollabenvs
  • http://sp2013/sites/search/ recherche en/frhttp://sp2013/sites/pagetranslation/
  • Mettre à disposition du contenu traduit, sur un objectif de publication
  • Mainprincipleis to duplicate contentNote alwaysbegin by content in source language and let ShatePoint duplication, otherwiseitwill jam
  • Démo d’une variation standardhttp://sp2013/spsmontreal/variationsimple ATTENTION VARIATION SOURCE ENCréation d’une page, affichage de sa variation et traduction de cette dernière + démo du comportement de redirection
  • SharePoint 2013 has an auto translation serice.Explaindifferencebetween auto and manual translation
  • Goal fastlyprovide contentDoesn’t replace humain translation but does 80% of the job
  • Thanks MS for theseslides1 usersaccess content2 translation request3 direct translation or queuing3b queue beeingprocess by timer job4 mstranslator translates5 content isavailable
  • Reminded about metadata service, addsense/semantik to your data
  • Combiner mise à disposition de contenu multilingue et rapidité
  • http://sp2013/spsmontreal/variationautomatic
  • Import/export resourceTraduction via l’API
  • Itisdevresponsability to makehisappready for mulingualism
  • Solution avec ressourcesvs sansImport/export resourceTraduction via l’API
  • Transcript

    • 1. November 23rd, 2013 Translate SharePoint From Beginning to Ending Vincent BIRET SharePoint Dev & Admin AlphaMosaïk, a Negotium division @Baywet
    • 2. Thank you to all of our Sponsors!!
    • 3. What for?
    • 4. Agenda Translation Service Variations
    • 5. Language Packs
    • 6. Language Packs
    • 7. Demo Language Packs
    • 8. Site Translation Site Translation
    • 9. Site Translation
    • 10. Site Translation – What works
    • 11. Site Translation – What doesn’t work
    • 12. Demo Import/export
    • 13. CEWP Content Editor WebPart + Search
    • 14. CEWP + Search
    • 15. Demo CQWP + Search
    • 16. Variations Variations
    • 17. Variations
    • 18. Variations – Content management FR FR EN
    • 19. Demo Variations
    • 20. Translation Service Service de traduction
    • 21. Translation Service
    • 22. Translation processus
    • 23. Internal process Translation analysis engine
    • 24. metadata Metadata
    • 25. Metadata
    • 26. Term store translation Demo
    • 27. Variations + MTM Variations + MTM
    • 28. Variations + MTM Translation service application API Segments HTML Work db and queue Analysors Parsers Parsers
    • 29. Demo Variation translation
    • 30. Code Code
    • 31. Use resx
    • 32. Demo Code
    • 33. Recap
    • 34. Thanks Q&A
    • 35. Remember to fill out your evaluation forms to win some great prizes! & Join us for SharePint today! Nov 23rd, 2013 @6:00 pm The Observatory Pub, Algonquin Student’s Association Address: A-170 on Algonquin Campus Parking: No need to move your car!* Site: Date & Time: Location: