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Vince Stanzione Daily Star - 5 ways to get richer newspaper Article


Published on Vince Stanzione Millionaire Dropout, Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love & Reclaim your life 5 Ways to GET Richer in 2014 Daily Star. Vince Stanzione reviews and comments

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Vince Stanzione Daily Star - 5 ways to get richer newspaper Article

  1. 1. THE IRISH DAILY STAR, Thursday December 5 2013 37 IDEAS LifeStyle 5 WAYS TO GET RICHER! L OOKING for ways to earn more money in 2014? Well who better to turn to for advice than a self-made multi-millionaire and entrepreneur? British man Vince Stanzione is the extremely rich investor and author of the bestselling book The Millionaire Dropout: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love & Reclaim Your Life (Easons, €10.99). In his book, Vince explains that you can join the ranks of those who are living lifestyles that others only dream about — those who are not only rich financially, but also in time and fulfilment. The book shows you how you can take control of your mind, supercharge your money and make millions — anywhere. We asked him to reveal his top five tips to making the New Year a more profitable one as 2014 looms around the corner. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS n IN THE MONEY: We all want to earn more cash By Eva Hogan Also, think niche. Rather than offering, for example, a general personal training service, offer a specific service, such as personal training for the over-55s, and you will be able to charge more. INVEST IN ANOTHER BUSINESS Investing in a start-up business has risks but also rewards, ask anyone that was an early investor of Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. The big money is made when the business is sold or the company gets floated on a stock exchange and your private shares are converted to publicly traded stock. You may also be able to make money from a shortterm private loan; many new business are funded by friends and family. In the last few years crowdfunding has also become popular. This involves investing in a business for part of the return – who knows, you could be the new Dragon! It’s unlikely that one small investment will make you a fortune but you can compound your profits from one business to another. You’re never going to get rich working for someone else, so start your own business. You don’t have to give up the day job to start with and many businesses, such as mail order and internet-based ventures can be set up on a shoestring budget and you can work from home. You may also have a skill that you use in LEARN HOW TO TRADE AND your day job that you could use in your own INVEST IN MARKETS business. Skills like IT, translation and Trading in financial markets gives you a marketing are all services that you could way to profit from currencies (FX), comoffer on the side. modities, indices and listed shares. These days it seems that everyone is timeUnlike investing in a starved, with lots of private company you problems arising from can trade in the shortthis. Do you have a er term and profit service to offer that from rising and falling can solve their probprices. lems? If you do, you are You can start small likely on to a winner. and build up. There Remember your are many good books potential customer is and courses available thinking WII FM (no n GET RICH: and you can practise that’s not a radio statrading with a virtual Vince and tion), What’s In It For account before using Me. You have to give (right) his real money. them what they want bestselling Movies may depict and make it easy for book 20-year-olds, glued to a them to buy it from you. computer all day and shouting loudly, but the truth is you can trade successfully by automating everything and spending no more than 30 minutes a day on it. out to businesses that may find them of use. I reregistered a dropped site for $10 which now has a value of over $3,500 – not a bad return for about 10 minutes work! BUY AND SELL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LEARN TO SPOT A BARGAIN IN PROPERTY AND AT AUCTIONS Whilst many think of property as bricks and mortar, these days it includes web domain names, websites, books, DVDs and music. It’s possible to buy the rights to all these items and either resell them as is or repackage them, spruce them up and sell them at a mark-up. Sites like allow you to buy and sell websites. Other sites allow you to buy the resale and reprint rights to books and DVDs. Another moneymaking opportunity is looking for expired domain names and reregistering them. You can then offer them Whilst it doesn’t happen every day there have been plenty of instances of underpriced items, such as works of art, property or items sold at government auctions at substantially reduced prices. This is going to take some research and may mean turning up to the middle of nowhere, but the profits you can make can more than compensate. You can also act as a middleman or agent if, for example, you find a good deal but cannot fund it yourself, you can look to sell the idea on for a cut. HOW TO BUDGET FOR XMAS IF YOU’RE worried about overspending this festive season, help could be just a click away. The National Consumer Agency has a Christmas budgeting tool and some useful money saving tips on to help you keep your festive finances right on track. It sets out the main costs associated with Christmas such as gifts, food, drink and decorations, and includes some less obvious costs people may forget to budget for. These include Christmas nights out or increased heating and electricity bills So plan ahead with the National Consumer Agency’s CHRISTMAS money-saving tips: C HRISTMAS cooking doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Look out for own-brand goods, particularly as ingredients in the likes of stuffing, mincemeat, ham glaze and so on. Remember that shops are only closed for a day or two, so don’t buy more than you need. That way you’ll prevent waste. and can rise at HEATINGhouseelectricity coststo run. Try Christmas. Tree lights and lighting around the are expensive putting lights on a timer and make simple changes such as regularly turning off lights, switching off appliances and buying energyefficient light bulbs to cut down on costs. ESEARCH is a way to top Rof your budget. greatcomparekeep on both If you have a present in mind, shop around and prices in-store and online. is very at this INSPIRATIONThink ofcost effective limit time of year! ways to help your spending on gifts, including Secret Santa. If there is an expensive item that you really want to give to someone, consider splitting the cost with a friend or relative. without list SHOPPING idea andacouldor in atopanic is not a good lead impulse buys that could cost you dear. Make a list (and check it at least twice!) of everyone you intend to buy for and how much you will spend on each person. a present for family or THINKinaboutyou could make rather than friends that getting a shop. If you’re good at baking, biscuits that double up as tree decorations are thoughtful and effective. If you enjoy photography, you could do an album or frame a particularly nice photo. Handmade gifts and cards are appreciated, and if you have children, getting them involved is a fun and inexpensive activity to while away a cold winter evening. sure you your rights. If you MAKEsomethingknowshop and change buy in a your mind, you are not entitled to a refund. However in some cases they may give you a refund or allow you to change the item. You are likely to be asked for proof of purchase (a receipt or a gift receipt if you are returning something someone else bought for you). You can learn more about your rights SK about and conditions if Athe expiry terms Are are buying gift cards or gift What is date? any charges? isn’t going help with the STRESSthe presents totry haveto get worked Christmas spirit, so not up about you to buy and how you are going to afford them. This is a time for enjoying family and friends, and with a bit of pre-planning, it can still be a time of plenty. lSee for more tips.