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Millionaire Dropout - Learn to Sell - You will not starve
Millionaire Dropout - Learn to Sell - You will not starve
Millionaire Dropout - Learn to Sell - You will not starve
Millionaire Dropout - Learn to Sell - You will not starve
Millionaire Dropout - Learn to Sell - You will not starve
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Millionaire Dropout - Learn to Sell - You will not starve


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Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1. Be Marketing and Sales“Realize that Marketing Is theKeyNo inquiries means no orders.No orders means no money.No money means no business.No business means you’re outon the street”—Vince Stanzione
  • 2. Be Marketing and Sales DrivenI am not here to win an Oscar, advertising award, begrammatically correct or win the noble peace prize….I am here to make money and getresults, results, results………….80% of your efforts should be on marketing notaccounting, legal issues, web design, businessprocedures, admin they can all be outsourcedMarketing is the most important business skill youcan Learn
  • 3. Learn to sell, communicate and market and you will never starveEverything we do is selling:Stockbrokers – Selling stocksLawyers – Selling to the judge or juryBusiness Raising money – You are selling your companies prospectsCEO’s of companies – SalesmenTV producers – scriptwriters – Selling the pitch to the TV companyJournalists – Selling to the editors and the readersPolice – Selling to prosecution to take up action, selling to judge toget a convictionA Job Interview - Your selling yourselfYour Degree will not put food on the table
  • 4. From near bankrupt exheavy weight boxer tomulti millionairesalesman ($137 milliondeal with Salton)www.themillionairedropout.comBut he says his athletic ability was less afactor in his business success than hisselling skills. “If you learn to sell, it’sworth more than a degree,” he says.” It’sworth more than the heavyweightchampionship of the world. It’s evenmore important than having a milliondollars in the bank. Learn to sell andyou’ll never starve.”Success Magazine
  • 5. Fire your Boss Do What You Love Reclaim Your Life!www.themillionairedropout.comThe Millionaire Dropout is aschool-of-hard-knocks ‘how to’manual. There is no exam orfancy degree at the end, but ifyou follow the advice in thisbook and take action, you canlive a lifestyle others only dreamabout. You can join the new rich– those not only rich financiallybut also rich in time andfulfilment.