National Geospatial Map

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Presentation done at 2010 Hi Tec Conference

Presentation done at 2010 Hi Tec Conference

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  • 1. Dynamic Internet Based Mapping Tools: National Geospatial Map – Utilizing Flex
    Vince DiNoto
    Mike Rudibaugh
    Ross Allen
  • 2. Community College Program Map – the Geodatabase
    Mike Rudibaugh
    Geography/GIS Instructor
    Lake Land College
  • 3. Vision
    Demonstrate the power of geospatial technology by example – The GeoTech Center will use geospatial technology to visualize and analyze data about community college geospatial programs and the impact of the activities from the GeoTech Center using an online, interactive map.
    Community College Programs
    GeoTech Center Project Impact
    University Program Map
    ATE Center Project Maps
  • 4. Team Members
    Team: Lead and Members
    Leads: Mike Rudibaugh for College Database; Vince DiNoto for Server; Ming Tsou for University Database; Assistants: John Johnson, Cartography, and Ann Johnson, Ross Allen, Brooke Ferguson
  • 5. Scanning the Geospatial Landscape - Community College Map Research Database
    Map Information
    How Data Were Developed
    Data Layers Developed
    ATE Centers
    ATE Projects
    Community Colleges
    (Classifed by how GST is offered, if at all, at the college)
    Degree-Certificate, Degree, Certificate, Classes, None
    Faculty Name (contact information i.e., e-mail and phone)
    Metropolitan Areas (rural vs. urban comparison)
    Congressional Districts
    GIS work-study students from LLC’s GIS program researched and developed the community college layer
    Brooke Ferguson, LLC’s GIS Specialist, integrated the layers into a common geodatabase
  • 6. Scanning the GST Landscape Using the National Map Research Database
    Sammy Tyner - GIS Work-study Student researching community college GST program information
    Cody Stewart - GIS Work-study student and Brooke Ferguson, LLC’s GIS Specialist, for the GeoTech Grant
  • 7. Target Audience
    GeoDatabase in ArcGIS (LLC)
    FLEX Viewer (KCTC)
    Users – Researchers and Evaluators
    Users- GIS Educators
  • 8. Expanding the Online Maps
    Examples demonstrating how geodatabase or other Maps could be used by different users groups in addressing issues associated with geospatial education
  • 9. National Snapshot of Energy Programs at Community Colleges?
  • 10. Scanning the GST Landscape Using the College Program Research Database
    Scanning the System (2009)
    N= 1185 (Community Colleges in GeoTech Center geodatabase
    Program Map Tier System
    1= NO GST (N=733)
    2 = Class (N = 287)
    3 = Certificates (N = 96)
    4 = Degrees (N = 19)
    5 = Degrees and Certificates (N = 50)
  • 11. College Program Research Database -Regional Patterns Associated to Closest Partner
    Using thiessen polygons to assign each college to closest GeoTech Partner
  • 12. Using the Program Research Database to findRegional Patterns
    The following table profiles how GST is offered at CCs in different regions of the country around GeoTech Partner
    Analysis - the West region is the most mature based on the fact it’s the only region with a higher frequency of colleges that have some GST versus none.
  • 13. Using the Program Map Research Database inArcGIS Business Analyst
    Top five clusters of colleges with no geospatial programs.
    Use to target colleges and partners in need of mentoring
  • 14. Using the Program Map Research Database inArcGIS Business Analyst
    Location of College with Certificate or Degree (N=165) in relation to Metro Areas
    • Suggests only 41 of the 165 colleges having Certificates or Degrees are located outside of Metro Areas
    Suggest geospatial education not developed at community colleges serving rural areas
  • 15. Anticipated Impact
    Increase or elevate user interest in GeoTech Website
    Link existing NSF-ATE user community together through mapping other high profile STEM areas
    Demonstrate the use of geospatial analysis in evaluating project impact, evaluation and outreach
    Identify colleges needing mentoring or support
    Can this data be used to be generate revenue?
  • 16. Community College Program Map – Server and On-line Visualization (FLEX)
    Vince DiNoto
    Co-PI GeoTech Center
    Jefferson Community and Technical College
  • 17. Full National Map Configuration
  • 18. National Map of Geospatial Programs
  • 19. NSF ATE Centers and Projects (draft)
  • 20. Web and Server Basemapsfor GIS Students in Kentucky
    Provide students with maps to utilize in projects within GIS classes.
  • 21. Dynamic county road map for a visiting doctor
  • 22. Web Maps for non-GIS Students and Faculty – Spatial Literacy
    Dynamic and static historical maps
  • Did you know about Washington?
  • 27. 1835 Map of Washington
  • 28. Map Library -
  • 29. Do you need spatial services
    How can the GeoTech Center assist you in your special needs?
  • 30. Questions and Comments