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MagIMNUopus_ Dec2007

  1. 1. magIMNUopus Visage of Virtuous Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Placements 2008 Richter and Perspective Surrogate Marketing Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories •English •Hindi Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder Captured Best viewed in FULLSCREEN mode | issue 12/07 | i | @ | Next
  2. 2. magIMNUopus EDITOR’S Richter 10 Rocks at fullest!! DESK It’s a season of carnival in IMNU. Between a successful placement week and excruciating week of examination here comes a gestation period. Gestation or gyration, enervating or energizing its all depends on your perspective. Young folk in Nirma campus take it as an opportunity to recharge them before tryst with tyranny (exams). Perspective and Richter 10 are events which will test the acumen and ingenuity of B-School participants from all part of country. The Inside this issue flavor of Richter 10 and perspective in enthused in this edition by Editor’s Desk mean of an article, “Richter and Perspective: Not just a cultural Rising Rupee festival”. Placements 2008 Rising Richter and Perspective Final year students of IMNU saw a huge jump in their offered salary Surrogate Marketing figures and better job positions for them by various multinationals, Day Trading equity firms and IT giants who came during the placement week at the Nirma campus. Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories This edition contains article on managerial, behavioral and financial •English issues. At the same time we have come up with short stories in •Hindi Hindi as well as English language. Apart from this we have regular Poem - Hindi section like Quiznost, Horoscope and campuses buzz. Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Happy reading folks!! Birthday Reminder Captured | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 2
  3. 3. magIMNUopus RISING RUPEE Indian economy is on an upward swing. Dollars are pouring into India. Net investments by foreign have pushed the exchange rate to around Rs 40 to the dollar. The rupee has risen nearly 10% against IS IT GOOD OR BAD institutional investors (FIIs) were $10.16 billion the dollar this year. It has appreciated more than FOR INDIA? during January-June 2007. This is more than the 14% from a low of 47.04 in July 2006. $8 billion recorded in the whole of 2006. The FIIs are chasing Indian stocks and taking the markets This story may look like a fairy tale to some but it to what many feel are levels of irrational has also caused the rupee to appreciate against exuberance. The bellwether Bombay Stock U.S dollar. Once traded at 47 or 48, the rupee now Page 1 of 3 Exchange (BSE) Sensitive Index (Sensex) is 19,738 hovers at 40 to the dollar. Observers call it the on December 5 against 12,455 on April 2. fastest appreciation of the Indian currency in three Inside this issue decades. This has hit IT companies - the poster- The foreign direct investment (FDI) numbers are boys of India's economic liberalization heavily. Editor’s Desk equally impressive. In 2006-07, FDI inflows They have been unable to meet their forecasted Rising Rupee touched $19.53 billion, a 153% increase over the quarterly earnings. Their shares have been beaten Placements 2008 Rising previous year. (This figure includes private equity down on the bourses, even as the markets are Richter and Perspective and also $3.5 billion in reinvested earnings.) The hitting new peaks. The rising rupee is having a Surrogate Marketing government is looking at a target of $30 billion in large impact on Indian exports and it can erode its Day Trading 2007-08. Foreign exchange reserves stood at competitiveness in the global market. Companies $214.84 billion on July 6. This is a far cry from $5.8 such as Infosys and Wipro that rely heavily on the Half Filled Tumbler billion in the dire days of March 1991, when India U.S. market are clearly hurting, but it is actually Short Stories had to pledge its gold to stave off a default crisis. the smaller companies - garment exporters, auto- •English part suppliers, consumer durables, food and food •Hindi External commercial borrowings of Corporate processing, gems and jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, Poem - Hindi India were $12.1 billion in April-December 2006, and metal and metal products – that are fighting Quiz and Results an increase of 33%. Remittances from Indian the torment. Many of them had banked on the Bol Tara Bol workers abroad - principally in the Gulf - rose 15% appreciation of dollar after signing a contract. to $19.6 billion in the same period. And non- Countries such as China are trying to take Birthday Reminder resident Indian (NRI) deposits, attracted by better advantage of the situation and continuously Captured suppressing the value of their currencies. interest rates, were also up 35% in 2006-07 to touch $3.8 billion. These foreign exchange inflows | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 3
  4. 4. magIMNUopus RISING RUPEE Reserve Bank and the Finance Ministry are facing a trilemma. They may want to have a stable seven times since October 2005. It has sought to suck liquidity out of the system by increasing the IS IT GOOD OR BAD currency, an independent monetary policy and cash reserve ratio (CRR), the amount banks have FOR INDIA? capital account convertibility, but one can't have to keep with the central bank but has not been all three. At least one of it will have to be able to control appreciating rupee. Unlike earlier, sacrificed. Right now the capital account is not today India is not starved of dollars. But, a completely open but it is reasonably open and the stronger rupee does not ensure lower inflation. positive feeling about the Indian economy is The scenario in India is quite different from that in Page 2 of 3 bringing in a lot of capital. The only way this U.S. The so-called free markets in India are not capital can be absorbed is to let the real exchange free and allowing market forces full play has Inside this issue rate appreciate. atypical outcomes. Our three principal imports are crude, gems and jewelry, and capital goods. Crude Editor’s Desk prices are still administered. And gems and jewelry In an effort to force down the rupee's value, under Rising Rupee and capital goods do not affect inflation. normal circumstances, the RBI buys dollars from Placements 2008 Rising the market. This releases rupees which the RBI Richter and Perspective then tries to mop up by issuing debt instruments. A glance at our exports shows that some 65% of Surrogate Marketing But the RBI has bought some 28.4 billion in dollars our exports leaving IT and software aside for the Day Trading between January and May 2007 and it a line needs moment come from the SME segment. There are Half Filled Tumbler to be drawn somewhere. The sloshing liquidity 15 million workers in this sector. The SMEs have then leads to inflation, which is not politically profit margins of barely 5-10%. If the rupee rises, Short Stories palatable either. Indeed, the RBI sees controlling as it has, their entire profit gets wiped out. •English inflation as its prime mandate. Even though as •Hindi measured by the wholesale price index, inflation Looking at experts opinions one can see that Poem - Hindi has come down to around 3.65% now, against Indian companies may not be affected much if Quiz and Results 6.7% in January, analysts warn that the trend may their international competitors' currencies have Bol Tara Bol reverse soon. also appreciated. It would be a better option for Birthday Reminder Indian companies to hedge their currency Captured The RBI has pulled out all the weapons in its exposure, if not done already. Though it may result armory. It has raised benchmark interest rates in losing some shares in the U.S. market, yet it | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 4
  5. 5. magIMNUopus RISING RUPEE Would be profitable to invest in European markets with Euro and British Pound appreciating against make a difference. After all, everyone likes their money to worth more. IS IT GOOD OR BAD Indian rupee. FOR INDIA? A strong currency is good for a country. It However, just as some companies are getting hurt shouldn't just be beholden from the point of view by the strong rupee, many others like Airlines are of exporters but also consumers, who are going to benefiting from it. It is now cheaper for Indians to gain undoubtedly because of the strong currency. travel to the U.S. This is also a good time for Indian As the Indian economy grows, the rupee will grow Page 3 of 3 companies to buy equipment and technology stronger. You can't get the benefits of globalization products from the U.S. Companies that buy without feeling the other effects. My view is that Inside this issue components from the U.S. are still in a good there should be a renewed imperative for IT firms shape. It is a lot cheaper for an Indian PC to go for high-end work across all industries. Editor’s Desk manufacturer to buy an Intel chip or a Motorola Rising Rupee phone. Mobile phone operators benefit from the Placements 2008 strong rupee. A stronger rupee Rising it easier will make -Rupali Verma Richter and Perspective for IT firms to set up operations abroad. Also, MBA 1st year Surrogate Marketing companies need to work on improving their Day Trading resource utilization. Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories As for manufacturers, one thing could make life easier for them. Currently costs are high because •English of weak infrastructure. As India's infrastructure •Hindi improves, those costs will come down. As freight Poem - Hindi corridors are built and airports are finished, it will Quiz and Results help the manufacturers absorb the downside of Bol Tara Bol the appreciating rupee. The strong rupee can also Birthday Reminder help companies drive through some strategic Captured deals. The strong rupee is good for Indian companies seeking to make acquisitions abroad especially when deals are worth billions, it does | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 5
  6. 6. magIMNUopus PLACEMENTS Final year students of Institute of Management, Nirma University saw a huge jump in their offered quot;IBM Global made a few offers for their newly created exports cell and Deloitte recruited five 2008 salary figures and better job positions for them by students for their US client servicing,quot; added IMNUians ALL THE various multinationals, equity firms and IT giants Desai. WAY who came during the placement week at the Nirma campus. quot;The other recruiters included Vodafone, Idea, Hewlett Packard, Infosys, Ashok Leyland and This year, the highest salary figure was over Rs 11 Indian Oil Corporation. lakh per annum and the average salary offered by the companies was around Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 8 -Nirma students in high salary bracket Inside this issue lakh. TOI,Ahmedabad Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Professor Ajit Desai, chairman, corporate relations Placements 2008 Rising said, quot;We have seen quite a jump in the profile of the companies coming here for recruitment. Last Richter and Perspective year, the average salary was around Rs 5.5 lakh, Surrogate Marketing this time our placements got over within two Day Trading days.“ Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories Companies like ICICI, Kotak Group and HDFC Bank •English made several offers in core and banking finance, •Hindi while IMRB and AC Nielsen made offers to the Poem - Hindi best in analytics. Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) recruited Birthday Reminder students for their operations based out of Captured Singapore, Tokyo, New Jersey, Canada and Brazil. | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 6
  7. 7. magIMNUopus RICHTER AND December’s here again, with its bright sunshine, But it’s pure sacrilege to consider it merely as a “cultural fest” when its really a FESTIVAL OF FUN PERSPECTIVE: chilly teeth-chattering breeze, hot coffees, snuggling pullovers, but hey! This time its GAMES AND ULTIMATE SPORTMANSHIP!!! It is a NOT JUST A different…there’s a thump in the air, a pulsing beat fest, an ‘Intellectual Kumbh Mela’ of sorts that CULTURAL converges so many things - from your brains to in every sound that we hear….We are only a few brawn, from skills to wits - that instead of a FESTIVAL!! days away from two of the most electrifying cultural fest it is more of a combat of who you are, events of IM-NU, Richter and Perspective, which versus who you can be. It is the fest that will bring have been clubbed together to present one of the out your strengths and give you the power to exciting management festivals ever held!! participate and the guts to win. The fest. where Inside this issue you aren’t required to show only your cultural Lazing around is out and that you are going to lose know how, but also your strategies and tactics to Editor’s Desk a lot if you stay indoors snuggled in your favourite win. And above all, you will be pitted against the Rising Rupee blanket sipping garma garm chai… Coz it’s the time brightest minds in the country, where more than Placements 2008 Rising when you are supposed to rock the nights, shock winning, sharing the same platform and giving a Richter and Perspective the daylights out of the people and participate to tough fight is the true incentive. the fullest in the upcoming events - where you can Surrogate Marketing prove your mettle and show them your ‘dimaagi Day Trading Because Richter and perspective is going to be a shakti’ . Half Filled Tumbler saga untold till now, you are the ones who would pen it down. So tighten your seat belts, and take Short Stories The four-day festival which will be held during Nirma to the epitome of intelligence and •English 12th-15th of December, will begin with Perspective sharpness of mind. •Hindi which is the game of wits and reason followed by Poem - Hindi Richter, a riot of cultural affairs. All prestigious -Pallavi Nautiyal &Richa Sharma Quiz and Results Management institutions right from the IIM ‘s to K.J. Somaiya are ready to compete with their best MBA 1st year Bol Tara Bol talents in the various events that will be held Birthday Reminder during the festival, such as case studies, debates, Captured paper presentations, street plays singing, and dance competitions. | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 7
  8. 8. magIMNUopus SURROGATE as brand extension, which can be carried out for related products (eg: Tata Salt and Tata Tea) or MARKETING: unrelated products (eg: Tata Tea and Tata Indica). METHODS AND Prima facie, there is nothing wrong with brand MORALITY extension. The problem occurs when brand extension is carried out in response to the ban on advertisement of one product category. In this case, the companies launch other products with Page 1 of 2 the same brand name for the purpose of reminding their old customers. Heavy advertising And who would had thought that this is done so that the customers do not forget their Inside this issue advertisment is for packaged drinking liquor & tobacco brands, for which advertisements Editor’s Desk water.According to dictionary - surrogate means are banned. The advertisements for such new Rising Rupee substitute. Many of us have come across this word products are placed under the category of in connection with surrogate Rising motherhood. This quot;Surrogate Advertisementsquot;. Their only objective Placements 2008 time it has come in a new avatar - quot;Surrogate is to compensate the losses arising out of the ban Richter and Perspective Advertisementquot;. Surrogate advertising… a trend Surrogate Marketing on advertisements of one particular product (i.e. which is fast catching up with Indian companies liquor). Day Trading has suddenly attracted a lot of innovative and Half Filled Tumbler creative brains around the country. The Dilemma Short Stories On one hand, the govt cannot allow public •English ORIGIN OF SURROGATE ADVERTISEMENTS advertising of liquor companies. But ironically, •Hindi As a reaction to the directive of Government, the liquor and cigarette sales are the biggest revenue Poem - Hindi liquor & tobacco majors sought other ways of generators in terms of taxes and duties on these Quiz and Results endorsing their products. They have found an items. That’s why an overt acceptance of the alternative path of advertising through which they marketing in these sectors is not legally Bol Tara Bol can keep on reminding their liquor brands to their acceptable. This has led to one of the biggest Birthday Reminder customers. They have introduced various other Captured ironies of the country – Sales of these items are products with the same brand name. Launching not banned, yet advertising on the same has new products with common brand name is known strictly been prohibited! | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 8
  9. 9. magIMNUopus SURROGATE The rule says “Advertisements which lead to sale, consumption and promotion of liquor should not this affair. Finally on 13 April 2004, the Court gave a verdict to curb smear advertisements on MARKETING: be allowed.” So, in Surrogate Marketing, a product electronic media. By appointing Election METHODS AND which is different from the main product is Commission as referee, the court has tried to put MORALITY advertised, and has the same brand name as the an end to surrogate advertising in politics. main product. The product is called as “surrogate” and advertising through this channel is called What are the other practices companies are “Surrogate Advertising”! looking at? Page 2 of 2 It may include CDs, water, clothing, Apple juice, a) Heard about the “Red and White Bravery fashion accessories, sports goods or even events Awards”??? Companies are getting involved in Inside this issue sponsoring! Sponsorships of events and have launched their own awards for bravery or lifetime Editor’s Desk These gimmicks, in turn, help the consumers build achievements! Rising Rupee a strong equity of the parent brand, and with the b) Internet advertising has become a lucrative Placements 2008 Rising enhanced visibility, the equity of the brand would area which has so far not been delved into. Richter and Perspective definitely become higher! The medium holds a lot of potential to Surrogate Marketing enhance visibility, and companies have lately Liquor companies were forced to look at realized that. You advertise on a site which is Day Trading innovative ways of building their brands. With an registered outside India and bong... you Half Filled Tumbler objective of enhancing brand recall, companies circumvent Indian laws. Short Stories either engage into “surrogate advertising” or c) quot;Oohhh-laa-laa-laa-lole-ooo... Ooh-laa-laa- •English displaying “socially responsible messages”. laa-laa-laa-le-Ohh. Catchy jingles have •Hindi become the norm of the day to ensure that Poem - Hindi And how can we forget politics their brands have a high brand recall A similar tussle over the issue of surrogate d) With restrictions in other marketing elements Quiz and Results advertisements in politics was raised in April 2004 – in terms of pricing and distribution, Bol Tara Bol on the eve of Lok Sabha elections. Complaints of companies have ventured into another Birthday Reminder slanderous and offensive advertisements were important element – Packaging. Captured raised by two major political parties - BJP and Congress against each other. The issue became so -Maheep Mandloi, MBA Finance serious that the Supreme Court had to interfere in | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 9
  10. 10. magIMNUopus ALL IN A DAY’S Buffet, “With a million dollars to invest in stock market and insider information, you will be broke WORK in a year.” A lot of people attempt day trading on the “tips “received from their brokers. Here I can recall a joke I read somewhere…..Why is the person to Page 1 of 3 whom you entrust your life long savings called a broker? ……………..coz he makes you broke.. :) Inside this issue That was of course on the lighter side. A lot of Editor’s Desk people devote hours and hours to the technical Rising Rupee This cartoon aptly depicts the spirit of day trading analysis of the stocks, pouring over tons and tons Placements 2008 Rising or “trading on margin” as it is more commonly of paper and charts, trying to identify patterns and referred to. With the Sensex touching new heights techniques to aid in day trading. These people Richter and Perspective every fortnight and the volatility on the indices have made millions in the past and continue to do Surrogate Marketing boggling the minds of the people, it sure is a Day so. This brings us to the fundamental question as Day Trading trader’s dream come true. to what Day trading actually is. Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories Simply put, day trading is a highly risky game What is Day Trading? •English wherein the speculator bets on the short term • Day Trading involves taking a position in the •Hindi (meaning a few hours or minutes, or it could even markets with a view of squaring that position Poem - Hindi be seconds) movement of the stock price in either before the end of that day. direction. Such trades are driven mostly by Quiz and Results rumours or the so- called “insider information” on • A day trader typically trades several times a day Bol Tara Bol any particular scrip. It is thus, based purely on the looking for fractions of a point to a few points Birthday Reminder technical analysis of the stock as contrary to the per trade, but who close out all their positions Captured fundamentals of the stock. This makes it all the by day's end. more risky. To quote investment guru Warren | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 10
  11. 11. magIMNUopus ALL IN A DAY’S • The goal of a day trader is to capitalize on price movement within one trading day. leverage can increase your profits if used wisely. WORK • Unlike investors, a day trader may hold • Profit in any market direction: Day trading positions for only a few seconds or minutes, often will utilize short-selling to take advantage and never overnight. of declining stock prices. The ability to lock in profits even as markets fall throughout the Day trading can be further subdivided into a trading day is extremely useful during bear number of styles, including: market conditions. Page 2 of 3 • Scalpers: This style of day trading involves the • Liquidity to the market: Day traders benefit the rapid and repeated buying and selling of a large market by offering liquidity and efficiency Inside this issue volume of stocks within seconds or minutes. Editor’s Desk The objective is to earn a small per share profit Entry level Strategies of day trading Rising Rupee on each transaction while minimizing the risk. There are per se no set strategies of day trading. It Placements 2008 Rising • Momentum Traders: This style of day trading all depends on the then existing volatility of the Richter and Perspective involves identifying and trading stocks that are stock price movement, the volumes traded, any Surrogate Marketing in a moving pattern during the day, in an stock specific news, short term trend analysis of attempt to buy such stocks at bottoms and sell the stock and the risk appetite of the trader. A Day Trading at tops. technical analysis of the stock from the charts Half Filled Tumbler using following methods may also help: Short Stories • Identifying the Support and Resistance levels Advantages of Day Trading •English • Identifying the trend as in Upward, Downward • Zero Overnight Risk: Since positions are closed •Hindi prior to the end of the trading day, news and or Range bound Poem - Hindi events that affect the next trading day's • Line charts, Bar charts, Point and Figure charts Quiz and Results opening prices do not effect your portfolio. • Candle-stick charts Bol Tara Bol • Increased Leverage: Day Traders have a greater • Moving Averages Birthday Reminder leverage on their trading capital because of low • Head and Shoulders pattern Captured margin requirements as their trades that are closed in the same market day. This increased • Double tops and bottoms | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 11
  12. 12. magIMNUopus ALL IN A DAY’S • Triple tops and bottoms the end of the day, meaning I take a reverse position in the same stock for the same quantity. • Triangles WORK • Indicators and Oscillators The difference between the two trading prices (net of the brokerage and transaction charge) is my gain or loss. Some brokers do allow the traders Exit level strategies of day trading: to convert the day trade into delivery based trade • Scalping and take delivery of the said stock to cut the • Fading losses of the trader in the event of falling prices. Page 3 of 3 • Following the momentum • Stop loss strategies Day trading is a highly risky game that sets the Inside this issue adrenaline pumping. So go ahead and take a peak Editor’s Desk into this world at your own risk. Enjoy. How is day trading done? Rising Rupee It basically involves taking a position say buy Placements 2008 Rising position in Reliance stock at the prevailing market -Hemali Shah, C.A. Richter and Perspective price. The main advantage of day trading is the MBA Finance Surrogate Marketing high leverage it permits. Most brokers allow Day Trading trading for 5 times the margin deposited. This means, on a margin deposit of Rs 1 Lakh, you can Half Filled Tumbler take positions up to Rs 5 lakhs. Thus, considering Short Stories the price of Reliance Industries stock at Rs 2800, in •English day trading, I can buy as many as 178 shares in a •Hindi deposit of Rs 1 lakh while in case of delivery based Poem - Hindi trading, I could have bought only 35 shares. The Quiz and Results brokerage is also very low on intra day transactions. While it costs brokerage of 25-30 Bol Tara Bol paise per Rs 100 of transaction in case of delivery Birthday Reminder based transactions, it costs only about 3 paise per Captured Rs 100 of transaction in intra day trading. As a day trader, I normally square off my position before | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 12
  13. 13. magIMNUopus THE TUMBLER “Look at your tumbler as half-filled and not half- empty”, Dad would always say. He has been Like someone said, “It is necessary to be at peace with yourself, for being at peace with the world HALF FILLED professing this thought to me since my childhood, around you”. So give a toast to all your quoting examples from his 30-some years then. achievements! Let the tumblers clink in “Cheers!”. Now his 30-somes have turned into 50-somes, and The tumblers half-filled! Right, Dad?? I’ve grown up from an eccentric child to a young lady (still slightly eccentric!!). But, I can profoundly -Akankshka Bumb say that it was one of the most vital lessons of my life that I learnt from as trivial an event as a MBA 1st year tumbler half-filled (Yes! And not half-empty). Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Over the years, life has strayed away from the planned way. Dreams have remained semi- Rising Rupee fulfilled. But it’s easier this way to be happy - by Placements 2008 Rising counting my achievements rather than recalling Richter and Perspective what’s lost. And isn’t this what life is all about – to Surrogate Marketing be happy; and not just exist like creatures?? Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler Don’t misunderstand this “being happy syndrome” Short Stories with complacency. Unfulfilled desires can fuel your •English fire within. But it’s your view-point on the tumbler that will decide whether this fire consumes your •Hindi inner peace or propels you to enhance your Poem - Hindi efforts. Moreover, only a half-filled tumbler has Quiz and Results the capacity to have more. Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder Captured | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 13
  14. 14. magIMNUopus RELATIONS Preamble: This is a story my grandmother used to tell whenever I used to pay her a visit in this idyllic The story: Once upon a time there was a baheliya .He used NEED TIME village in eastern Uttar Pradesh. to lay traps to catch birds and sell them in the city. SHORT STORY One day he visited the jungle to trap birds, but Prologue: was able to manage only one bulbul. Since it was My village didn’t have electricity and so, its not economically feasible to visit city to sell only residents used to finish cooking dinner by evening. one bird, he kept it in a cage, near his door. He They used to sleep in the open air in the nights of thought to sell it with other birds in the near Page 1 of 2 future. It started raining that night. summer. Inside this issue While telling this, dadi became gloomy .She My elder brother was a studious lad, and that Editor’s Desk inevitably made me the leader of gang of children. gestured and spoke superstitiously about the Rising Rupee whims of rain god .I guess the pain of last year’s Placements 2008 Rising We used to create all types of nuisance for all the draught was still fresh in her mind. She heaved a sigh .It was an indication that she has come back Richter and Perspective women in the household involved in making to the story now. Surrogate Marketing supper for us. That used to be the time when we Day Trading heard a familiar mellow voice: “Tunnu, come hear with your gang I will tell you a story”. I used to Baheliya went to the door and brought the cage Half Filled Tumbler into the house for safety. He used to live alone so wonder, why dadi is calling, but a democratic Short Stories he did not require anyone’s permission to do so. leader that I was, I used to surrender to the •English overwhelming consensus in my gang, which was •Hindi to listen to dadi’s never enchanting stories. We Poem - Hindi used to sit under a neem tree with dadi. My head Quiz and Results would be resting gently on dadi’s lap and I would Bol Tara Bol patiently wait for her story to end. As the story progressed, I would have stopped paying attention Birthday Reminder to the story because I had memorized the story Captured word by word, having heard it so many times in the past. | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 14
  15. 15. magIMNUopus RELATIONS That week rain god decided to wreak havoc. Bahelia couldn’t go outside to earn anything. good or bad .You should take your time before making your mind about someone. If a bulbul can NEED TIME Gradually as time passed, he started paying like a baheliya, why can’t a human like another SHORT STORY attention towards bulbul. He used to feed her, human? clean her cage and tend to her with care. Since he was not earning the stock of food gradually -Vinaytosh Mishra depleted till there was nothing left. The day came when he did not have anything to eat or feed the MBA 1st year Page 2 of 2 bulbul. When it became evident that he will die someday, he opened the door of cage so that the Inside this issue bulbul could fly to her place after his death. Editor’s Desk The next day was a bright sunny one. Bahelia’s Rising Rupee friend came to his home to ask whether he will Placements 2008 Rising accompany him to the jungle. He found that Richter and Perspective bahelia was no more and a tittle petite bird was Surrogate Marketing seating just beside him. Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler After the bahelia’s death new habitants occupied Short Stories the house but bulbul refused to leave the house. •English •Hindi With these words dadi again heaved a sigh. This Poem - Hindi was an indication that story has reached to an Quiz and Results end. One of my cousins asked curiously, why wasn’t there any king in this story? Then dadi told: Bol Tara Bol “Most of the stories don’t have any raja or rani. Birthday Reminder Captured I wonder what did dadi actually wanted to say. May be the essence of the story was that no one is | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 15
  16. 16. magIMNUopus Jab Aam ne sev ka kam ikya Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Placements 2008 Rising Richter and Perspective Surrogate Marketing Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories •English •Hindi Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder Captured -Nachiketa Desai,Business India Author is well known name in the world of journalism | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 16
  17. 17. magIMNUopus kivta Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Placements 2008 Rising Richter and Perspective Surrogate Marketing Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories •English •Hindi Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder -Manish Ojha Captured MBA 1st year | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 17
  18. 18. magIMNUopus QUIZNOST Rules: • 1. The quiz consists of 10 questions. • 2. Send your answers to Raghav Rastogi <> by 11:59 PM 15/12/2007 with subject line as ‘MagNIMopus_DEC_Quiz_Answers’. Entries sent over IP won't be considered. • 4. The top five scorers’ names will be published in the next issue of the magazine. • 5. In case of a tie, entry submitted earlier will be considered. • 6. Multiple answers from a person would not be accepted. Only the first entry will be considered. 1. Identify the logo: Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee 2. What does the acronym SINBAD stand for? Placements 2008 3. Rising This village was gifted by the Pandavas and Kauravas to their Guru (Dronacharya). Which village? Richter and Perspective (hint: Now a bustling city) Surrogate Marketing 4. We all heard about Honey moon package/vacation, but when do you take a Baby moon package?? Day Trading 5. Which material is considered the most slippery solid material in existence? Half Filled Tumbler 6. What is the real name of Gulzar? Short Stories 7. Which is the only country to have its map on the National flag? •English 8. Amitabh Bachchan has acted in two movies with the same title, but with very different story-lines •Hindi and released 29 years apart. What title? Poem - Hindi 9. What three word Japanese phrase, meaning quot;Tiger, Tiger, Tigerquot;, is associated with the Pearl Quiz and Results Harbour bombing? Bol Tara Bol 10. What does the logo commemorate? Birthday Reminder Captured | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 18
  19. 19. magIMNUopus QUIZNOST Winners of November Edition’s Quiznost: 1. Chandrasekhar (12) NOVEMBER 2. Rohit Khurana (11) RESULTS 3. Neha Gupta (10) 4. Harish Gupta (10) 5. Yogesh Mehta (3) And the first response of the quiz came from Neha Gupta and that too in just 2 hours of release of the magazine. Congrats to all the enthusiastic participants. Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Placements 2008 Rising Richter and Perspective Surrogate Marketing Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories •English •Hindi Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder Captured | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 19
  20. 20. magIMNUopus BOL TARA BOL Aries Expert Comments: Stars Says: Focus this month is on branching out, Popularity: It’s a double edged sword expanding your interests, higher education, Positive attitude: B+, Exams are in December only. adventure, and perhaps some travel. Expert comments: Cancer Higher Education: Seating on last bench (at Star says: You find more enjoyment in the work maximum height from sea level). you do, and it is easier than usual to find Page 1 of 3 Adventure: Sleeping in class. employment now, if applicable. Romantic Traveling: Daily venturing to Rajasthan Dhaba. relationships prosper, and relationships with Inside this issue children are strong in December. Taurus Expert comment: Editor’s Desk Stars Say: Unexpected money could come your Enjoyment in work: I guess less study. Rising Rupee Placements 2008 Rising way, and this is an excellent month in which to Children: Of whom? work on financial planning and strategy. Financial Richter and Perspective gains may come through a partnership. This is a Surrogate Marketing brilliant month for coupling with a special partner. Day Trading Expert comment: Half Filled Tumbler Financial gain in partnership: Dowry is a moral Short Stories crime dude. •English Unexpected money and special partner: Casual •Hindi relationship. Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Gemini Bol Tara Bol Star says: Good publicity may come your way this Birthday Reminder month with a positive, winning attitude. If your Captured work takes you before the public, you can safely expect popularity. | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 20
  21. 21. magIMNUopus BOL TARA BOL Leo opportunities present themselves, making it much easier for you to get from point A to point B. Star Says: Your love life and creativity thrive in December! Creative projects could possibly even Expert comments: bring some type of recognition or reward mid- A to B: Ahmedabad to Bombay .Don’t drink and month. drive on return trip. Expert comments: Communication: Examinations are an opportunity Creativity: You will rock the Richter!! to communicate your learning. Page 2 of 3 Love life: Once a true lover is never a creative person. He becomes a follower. Scorpio Inside this issue Stars say: A strong financial month is in store for Virgo you, dear Scorpio. Monetary problems from the Editor’s Desk Star Says: December is a power month for you past may clear up, especially in the first three Rising Rupee weeks of December. when it comes to positive changes to your family Placements 2008 Rising and home life, as well as to your basic sense of Expert comments: Richter and Perspective well-being and security. Some form of reward may First week: It’s already over guys, Where is the Surrogate Marketing be offered to you now. Don't pass up on any money? Day Trading opportunities that come your way. Financial Problem: One way to eradicate the Half Filled Tumbler Expert comment: problem forever is renunciation. Short Stories Security: From December onwards entry time 8:00 •English pm. •Hindi Well being: No pigeon, printer or Quiz! And, mess Poem - Hindi food will be excellent. Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Libra Birthday Reminder Star says: This month, you find much joy in Captured communicating, learning, and socializing. You may decide to buy a new car, or transportation | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 21
  22. 22. magIMNUopus BOL TARA BOL Sagittarius Expert comment: Stars say: Opportunities arise to better your You have wonderful opportunity to prove your situation in life and to be less dependent on mettle in Richter and Perspective. Some of us can others. This is a strong month for travel and explore the opportunity to join NGO’s and SHG’s education. Watch for financial excesses in the last to promote a greater cause. week of December. Expert comment: Page 3 of 3 Not dependent: In exams, it can cost you some Pisces marks. An event may occur that expands your career or Education: You must start studying now, after professional interests. The more willing you are to Inside this issue getting your midterm grades. put yourself in the limelight, the more positive the Editor’s Desk rewards--this is not the time to be a shrinking Rising Rupee Capricorn violet! Placements 2008 Rising Stars say: The first half of December is a power Expert comment: Richter and Perspective period for you when you could uncover awesome Participate in events like “RJ hunt. Chase your Surrogate Marketing opportunities that were previously hidden or hobbies and interests. Don’t be engrossed in Day Trading unrecognizable. money matters only because all that glitters is not Expert comment: gold. Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories We will discover new ways to score without study. •English You can find out new hang out spots in vicinity of Nirma University. •Hindi Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Aquarius Bol Tara Bol The achievement of a long-term goal is likely to occur this month, dear Aquarius. You may have Birthday Reminder opportunities to join or lead clubs and groups. Captured Group activities and associations could be avenues for fulfilling your own goals. | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 22
  23. 23. magIMNUopus BORN IN Some are before Christ some are after Christ, but all of them are born in same month. DECEMBER December 3: Nidhi Trivedi December 4: Sumeet Surana December 6: Husain Sunelwala December 7: Vivek Vaideeswaran December 8: Anuja Mahindan Nair December 12: Abhishikta Sharma December 13: Abhishek Chokhani Inside this issue December 15: Akanksha Bumb Editor’s Desk December 18: Chandrasekhar Rising Rupee December 20: Kamal Kumar Agarwal, Sachin Jain Placements 2008 December 22: Santosh K. Bhagat Rising Richter and Perspective December 23: Sathish Kasinathan, Arnab Sinha Surrogate Marketing December 24: Abhinav Saxena, Ketan Mardikar Day Trading December 25: Himanshu Kapoor Half Filled Tumbler December 28: Nitin Jha Short Stories December 29: Ankur Gupta •English December 30: Mithilesh Kumar •Hindi December 31: Munjal Shah Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all. May your roommate bring the best and the biggest cake and Birthday Reminder you treat us to TGB. Captured | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 23
  24. 24. magIMNUopus CAPTURED LIFE@IMNU Inside this issue Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Placements 2008 Rising Richter and Perspective Surrogate Marketing Day Trading Half Filled Tumbler Short Stories •English •Hindi Poem - Hindi Quiz and Results Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder Captured | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 24
  25. 25. magIMNUopus INFO Team magIMNUopus for December edition Editorial Team Vinaytosh Kaushik Content Development Akanksha Mahip Inside this issue Raghav Editor’s Desk Rising Rupee Design Placements 2008 Rising Maheep Richter and Perspective Surrogate Marketing Please write to for any queries, suggestions, entries, criticism, words of Day Trading encouragement etc... Half Filled Tumbler Or if you’d like to speak (rather than type.. and spend on call charges) dial +91 9904315511 Short Stories •English 2008 will bring many surprises. Even if the sensex does not touch 25k, we will definitely •Hindi Poem - Hindi be there with a better and improved issue. Looking forward to your participation. Quiz and Results PS: students from other colleges are also invited to contribute, not that we have ran out of authors.. ;) Bol Tara Bol Birthday Reminder Captured An Institute of Management, Nirma University Student Initiative. | issue 12/07 | i | @ | 25