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  1. 1. A Project Study Report On “Market Mapping Of Eichers Moters ” Submitted to Eicher Moters Ltd. , Jaipur (In partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program) Shekhawati Engineering College Of Science And Commerce, Dundlod Railway Station , Dundlod-333702, Distt. Jhunjhunu, RAJASTHAN Preface Realizing that practical experience is as important as academic for all round development of management personnel, as a part of the course curriculum for Bachelor of Business Administration, we have to undergo
  2. 2. project study for 30 days as practical exposure. This project report is prepared for partial fulfillment for the award of degree Bachelor of Business Administration.. This project report is undertaken in Jaipur city and focus on the topic "Market Maping of Eicher Motors . Ltd. Company. Theory of any subject is important but without its practical knowledge it becomes useless particularly for the Management students. As a student of the Business Administration, we have studied many theories in the classroom, but only after taking up this project work we have experienced & understood these Management theories & practices in its fullest sense, which plays a very vital role in business field today. The knowledge of Management is incomplete without knowing the practical applications of the theories studied. This Project study provides golden opportunity for all students, especially when the Management student does not have perfect understanding of the working of a unit. The primary objectives of the project study are to make students familiar with the organization culture and practical work environment. Moreover it also provides in depth knowledge of the topic assigned to them and links the theoretical inputs and their practical applications, which are essential to keep pace with the dynamic environment. In our attempts, we consulted members from the concerned area at Eicher Moters Ltd. to guide us. Members Of this Company were very helpful in providing us with data in providing useful insights to my approach. The Internet and the brochures at Eicher Company were a rich source of information for our analysis.
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We express my sincere thanks to my project guide, Mr. R.K koul , designated as General manager in Tambi motors ,Jaipur, guiding us right form the inception till the successful completion of the project .I sincerely acknowledge him for extending their valuable guidance, support for literature ,critical reviews of project and the report and above all the moral support he had provided us with all stages of the project. We would also like to thank the supporting staff Department, for the help and cooperation throughout our project. Vinay Khatri Manish Sharma About Eicher Eicher Motors, was founded in 1982 to manufacture a range of reliable, fuel-efficient commercial vehicles of contemporary technology. The unit manufactures and markets commercial vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ranging from 5-25 tons. Today, Eicher Motors is one of the leading manufactures of commercial vehicles in India with a 33% market share in the 7T-11T segment. The success and growth of this unit is a result of various customer-driven strategies. The manufacturing facility is situated in Central India – Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. Eicher Motors has stepped into the Heavy Commercial Vehicle segment with its state-of-the-art HCV, the "Eicher 20.16", the first commercial vehicle designed
  4. 4. and developed indigenously. Eicher Motors functions through a strong three-tier service network consisting of authorised distributors, service centres and company trained private mechanics. The vehicles are sold and serviced through a network of over 576 Authorized Contact Points all over India, supported by service centres and over 4500 company trained private mechanics, who are close at hand on all major highways throughout India to provide initial "first aid" to the vehicles if required. In 1986, Eicher Motors entered into a technical and financial collaboration with Mitsubishi Motor Corporation of Japan to manufacture the Canter range of vehicles. The technical assistance agreement with Mitsubishi ended in March ‘94 after successful transfer of technology and on achieving total indigenisation with only a few parts sourced globally. Eicher Motors has acquired formidable expertise in designing and developing commercial vehicles. It has a world-class R&D centre manned by a team of brilliant engineers and equipped with latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering facilities like NASTRAN, FEM analysis packages. Leveraging its in-house expertise, this unit has successfully developed a wide range of commercial vehicles to meet varying customer needs. The product range includes Trucks : Eicher 10.50, Eicher 10.75, Eicher 10.90, Eicher 11.10, Eicher 20.16 & 30.25; Buses: Eicher Skyline, Eicher Cruiser and Eicher School Bus range of buses. Besides the basic models, it offers over 85 models of ready-to-use custom-built vehicles for various specialised applications. Eicher Motors’ products have been well accepted in the market. This is also demonstrated by significant sales of its commercial vehicles in export markets where the company competes with reputed international brands. About Volvo Eicher collobrotion Company Profile : Basic Information Company Name: venture) VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors joint
  5. 5. Business Type: Manufacturer Product/Service (Eicher Sells): Gears,Gearbox,Transmission,Agriculture Gearbox,Planetary Gearbox,Axle,PTO Gearbox,Worm Gearbox Product/Service (Eicher Buys): forgings,Gear Cutters Address: S.V.Road Number of Employees: Above 1000 People Ownership & Capital Year Established: 1971 Trade & Market Main Markets: North America South America Southeast Asia Africa Eastern Asia Total Annual Sales Volume: Above US$100 Million Factory Information Management Certification: ISO 9001:2008 ISO/TS 16949 Contract Manufacturing: Offered OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Company discription VE Commercial Vehicles Limited owes its inception to the compelling intent of driving modernization in commercial transportation, in India and other developing markets. As a 5050 joint venture between the Volvo Group (Volvo) and Eicher Motors Limited (EML), VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) incorporates unique abilities to be able to do so. The organization brings together global leadership in technology along with deep knowledge and experience of the Indian commercial vehicle (CV) market.
  6. 6. As a company, VECV includes the complete range of Eichers commercial vehicles, components and engineering design businesses as well as the sales and distribution of Volvo trucks. Thus, each of its business units is already wellestablished and backed by a sizable customer base. VECVs portfolio of commercial vehicles includes two product brands with absolutely different market positions yet complementing segment synergies. EicherTrucks&Buseshave a wide offering in the mass market, 5T40T range while Volvo Trucks command a strong presence in the premium, highperformance, heavy duty segments from 25T49T. With a formidable presence in the existing light and mediumduty segments, VECVs main focus is on increasing the penetration and market share of its heavy duty products. Thus, its investments in design, development, manufacturing, systems, distribution and services are largely oriented towards creating a stronger position in the heavy duty market. VECV is going allout to gear itself in becoming a proactive solutions and service provider meeting all customer needs. This it will do by strengthening each of its product brands as leaders in their respective segments. In the near course, VECV will offer an even more innovative lineup of technologically advanced and ergonomically aesthetic products. Volvos widespread distribution network will facilitate the export of these products to countries worldover and will help VECV bolster its presence in more than 26 countries to where it currently exports. With an improved thrust on retail network development and aftersales service, VECV will soon come to be recognized as a lean organization capable of setting new benchmarks in response times. It is important for VECV, that its growth must also have a positive influence on the industry it serves; ensuring that the industry becomes more efficient, environment friendly, offers safer products and manufactures products that are driver friendly. And this dictum of being the differentiator not only reflects in VECVs approach in the market place but also in its internal workplace moving it to becoming a preferred employer in the industry. VE Commercial Vehicles has over 4000 employees with a sales & support network that spreads across more than 300 points across the country. The companys industrial base includes an integrated commercial vehicle factory in Pithampur producing Eicher trucks & buses along with factories in Thane, Gurgoan and Dewas dedicated to manufacturing gear boxes and gear box assemblies. VECV is jointly managed by Volvo and EML with shared management and equal representation rights on the board of Directors. All management positions are appointed by the board. Mr. Par Ostberg (Chairman, Trucks Asia, Volvo Group) is VECVs chairperson while Mr. Siddhartha Lal is the Managing Director and CEO. Operational since July 2008, VE Commercial Vehicles is headquartered at New Delhi
  7. 7. Business areas of Volvo Eicher Motors Limited Eicher Motors Limited comprises of the automotive businesses of the Eicher Group . The business activities of the company are carried out by its constituent Business Units, each covering a product category as described below. Business Area VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd Motorcycles Products Eicher Trucks & Buses, Volvo Trucks, Gears & Shafts Royal Enfield VE COMMERCIAL VEHICLES LTD Manufactures a range of commercial vehicles with GVW of 5 to 11 tons. It has been outperforming the industry for the past six years. The sales growth in its LCV segment has been higher than that of the industry. In technical and financial collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan, EML started manufacturing the CANTER range of vehicles in 1986 at its plant at Pithampur in Central India. The plant is a "state-of-the-art" facility with an integrated capacity of around 20000 vehicles per annum. ROYAL ENFIELD Royal Enfield, manufacturers of the renowned range of Bullet motorcycles, has pioneered manufacture of motorcycles in India. It has a wide range of high powered bikes in its stable to deliver a ‘unique motorcycling experience’ to its rider. Presently Royal Enfield is producing six different models ranging from 300cc to 600cc.All the products are manufactured indigenously in its manufacturing plant in Chennai, which has an annual installed capacity of manufacturing 39,000 motorcycles.
  8. 8. We had completed our 30 day training in VE Commercial vehicle Ltd. at Tambi Motors , Jaipur under the guiddence of Mr. Satis Tambi (Director , Tambi Motors) , Mr. R.K koul(General Manager, Tambi motors) which is prescribed below. Key Topics :Market segmentation Market survey Coustomer Feedback Market Segmentation : Different Coustomers have different and spicific types of needs and demands in the market according to which thay acts in the market .Coustomers need and demand differes in the sence of sex, age, geographical regions,climatic conditions etc.... For example : - In hilly areas a coustomer will perfer a bus having powerful engine rather then having better speed. Market Segmentation can be defined as simelar needs, demands and charecterstics ergarding a particuler type of product. selecting any perticuler type of coustomers having Hence to identify a specific group of people having simelar
  9. 9. charecterstics , needs and demands at any particuler geographical region , market segmentation is importent.It seems much effective technique rather then working randomally for the identification of the target market. During this process we identified the market where we can proeed to survey and can get valuable information from the target maket . So that the facts and figues can be collected and ferther can be used for the marketing purpose . Areas which we segmented from the market are 1. Transport nagar Taksal 2.V.K.I 3. Muhana Mandi Choppar 4.Automobile Nagar road 5.Jalupura 6.chandi ki 7.Chandpole 8.Chotti 9.Sansarchand 10.Sindhi Camp Market Survey: In this field we had collected facts and figures of commercial vehicles in the Market of Jaipur and make conclusion on the basis of this. Market explanation:
  10. 10. Transport Nagar Transport Nagar is widelly spreaded market for transpot companies having a less number of potential coustemers of Eicher motors. Comapnies like Ashock Layland ,Tata motors dominates in this field.According to survey report Eicher moters lagging bhind because of the following resons:1. Costally spare parts 2. Lack of authorised workshops of Eicher moters 3. Frequent Maintanance requiremet . 4. Resale prise is less Automobile Nagar We had survaid about 60 companies in the Automobile Nager . There are , potential coustomers of heavy veichle, mainly of trucks. But there is a need to grab the opportunity by Eicher Motors in the market ,as the goodwill of the the Tata motors in the market is seems to be better. Coustomer are mainly focusd on or demanding trucks which can bear overload , fuel efficient ,less maintainance,easy availibility of work shops. V.K.I industrial area V.K.I industrial area have a large and scattered type of pattern of transport companies.According to the market survay it is a bigger market of heavy commercial vehicles ,specially of
  11. 11. trucks . A large number of transport companies locates here and hence plays an important role in the commercial vehicle market of Jaipur.It includes road number 1 to 15. According to the survay of market ,most of the the transport companies owns the Product of Tata and ashock layland andin future also they intrested in the same .Eicher seems to be at backfoot bacause of two main common reson among all i.e 1. Eicher Trucks are less able to bear overloading in comparision to Tata and and trucks of Ashock Layland. 2. Having less number of workshops is the Jaipur area is the major drawback. Muhana Mandi/Sanganer The transport companies in the Muhana madi are situated on the basis of mandi market.Sabji mandi of muhana market always needed transporters to transport their material. Muhana mandi is a market of large and heavy as well as small commercial vehicles.There are coustomers of trucks but less in numbers. Some transportars had just purchased the trucks and some are still intrested in purchasing. Other areas In other areas of Jaipur like Chand pole ,Jalupura, sansar chand Road and Badi choppar there is a large number of transport companies situated and hence create a market for commercial vihcle industary.There are hot as well as cold coustomers to
  12. 12. whom we meet and get the information regarding their transport vechile. We collected informatin regarding the commercial vechile they owened and vechile which they want to buy in the future.we concluded about their reactions and experiances in the market regarding the commercial veihcles.We come to know that Tata Motors is in leading role in jaipur area in trucks and buses.The major reson behind this success of Tata Motors is coustomer satisfaction through the way of. Coustomer feedback :1. About spareparts :- 25 coustomers had complaint regarding this. -Spare parts of Eicher trucks and buses are not easily available -Spare parts are costly 2. About Average and milage:-Eicher Trucks and buses provode better average and milage 3. Fast Trip, Accerlation and space in containers are the positive points of Eicher trucks 5. Eicher trucks are seems to be best suitable for carring agricultural equipments and machanaries. 4.Goodwill.
  13. 13. - EICHER product have goodwill in some ares of jaipur according to our survry. - Tata is leading in this goodwill factor 5.COST. -Coustomers expects better discount from Eicher Moters -According coustomers Tata is providing better services to their values spend. 6. MAINTENANCE. - Maintenance required is more than Tata in Eicher trucks. 7.Service centres:-About 35 coustomers complained regarding this. -Lack of serivice centres of Eicher moters in the area Table of Survay report of some transport companies for feedback No.of customers Rathore transport com. VRL Logistics New Golden transport com. JAIN transport com. New Shekhawati transport com. Costly Spare Parts WORKSHOP LESS OVERLOADING ENGINE FINANCE SCHEME
  14. 14. Geetangali Tours and Travels