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Delivering The Future
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Delivering The Future



The slides from my presentation on "Delivering the Future - how we identify the trends and translate them into actionable opportunities" at the Future Trends 2009 Conference in Miami, November 3 2009.

The slides from my presentation on "Delivering the Future - how we identify the trends and translate them into actionable opportunities" at the Future Trends 2009 Conference in Miami, November 3 2009.



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Delivering The Future Delivering The Future Presentation Transcript

  • Delivering the Future: how we identify the trends and translate them into actionable opportunities Ville Tikka, Opportunity Identification, Nokia November 2009 © Nokia 2009 © Nokia 2009
  • 1 2 3 How we identify Trends we have How we make the change identified trends actionable © Nokia 2009
  • 1 2 3 Trends we have How we make How we identify identified trends actionable the change – what processes and methods we use © Nokia 2009
  • Trends research & opportunity identification start from embracing the change – the new challenges and possibilities © Nokia 2009
  • Biggest opportunities are better for the people, better for the planet and better for the business © Nokia 2009
  • Socio-Cultural Trends Consumer Usage Trends Trends Trends research happens from both top-down and bottom-up – it’s a holistic approach © Nokia 2009
  • The three key steps: Understand what Discuss, observe and Uncover challenges drives the future empathize with people and opportunities Conversations with Investigative Analysis & experts fieldwork collaboration © Nokia 2009
  • Mike Karnjanaprakorn & Jerri Chou from All Day Buffet Learn from experts & innovators to understand how the paradigm is being challenged © Nokia 2009
  • Discuss, observe & empathize with people and go to experience life where it happens © Nokia 2009
  • Utilize online & digital tools to gather and make sense of the vast amount of data © Nokia 2009
  • 2 1 3 How we identify How we make the change Trends we have trends actionable identified – examples of how communication will evolve © Nokia 2009
  • Digital Intimacy as relationship structures change and become increasingly fragmented, there is a desire for richer forms of digitally mediated intimacy © Nokia 2009
  • Digital Intimacy – Drivers urbanization, migration, fragmented families and friendships, and financially constrained households challenge the current communication methods © Nokia 2009
  • The Future of Digital Intimacy the new communication ecosystems enrich digital communication, create continuity and ambient awareness, and bring elements of physical presence to digital intimacy © Nokia 2009
  • Waking Things Up people will form new friendly relationships with things, giving them their own voices and including them to social networks to extend awareness of the world © Nokia 2009 http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/ © Nokia 2009
  • http://www.botanicalls.com Waking Things Up – Drivers the desire for transparency and ambient awareness, eco-monitoring and serendipitous possibilities for discovery all drive people to augment their everyday lives © Nokia 2009
  • Future of Waking Things Up the idea that things can tell their stories will become standard, there is a new expectation for emotional connections and virtual interactions with and via meaningful social objects © Nokia 2009
  • 3 1 2 How we identify Trends we have the change identified How we make trends actionable – five key learnings © Nokia 2009
  • © Nokia 2009
  • Don’t just inspire with trends as scattered latest trends are often confusing and hard to utilize © Nokia 2009
  • Use a framework to simplify the change and to clarify the relations between trends © Nokia 2009
  • © Nokia 2009
  • Happy audience is important but it doesn’t equal ownership, action points and impact © Nokia 2009
  • Collaborate with your audience and run workshops with defined methods, toolkits & time to think © Nokia 2009
  • For example, trend prioritization tools help to understand the urgency and focus the attention on best opportunities © Nokia 2009
  • © Nokia 2009
  • Tell engaging credible stories about real people, familiar situations, stuff that matters © Nokia 2009
  • Serve with right media mix to reach your audience: blogs, books, magazines, videos, etc. © Nokia 2009
  • Interactive info visualization is one of the essentials for good communication © Nokia 2009
  • © Nokia 2009
  • Ensure buy-in from the top to validate your mandate as a change agent © Nokia 2009
  • Get the timings right to know when in the project or in the process you will be listened © Nokia 2009
  • Know your stakeholders well as everyone talks the talk and walks the walk differently © Nokia 2009
  • Socio-Cultural Trends Do people desire it? Use the right combinations of information to be Consumer Usage relevant for different Trends Trends functions and to Do people buy it? Do people use it? make the trends actionable Brand & Design & Corporate Marketing Concepting Strategy © Nokia 2009
  • And when you do it right your reward is a better future for the people, for the planet and for the business… © Nokia 2009
  • Cut! …and action! © Nokia 2009 © Nokia 2009