Private island villa 3363,bali


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Island Villa 3363 a petite jewel in the Thousand Islands, a collection of tropical islands in the Java Sea
near Jakarta.

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Private island villa 3363,bali

  1. 1. Villa 3363 Fact SheetPrivate Island Villa 3363Private Island, BaliKEY INFORMATION: Rating Beds Baths Sleeps Weekly Low Weekly High Weekly Peak 4 4 8 USD $20,300 USD $20,300 USD $20,300VILLA IMAGES(c)
  2. 2. Villa 3363 Fact Sheet(c)
  3. 3. Villa 3363 Fact SheetVILLA DESCRIPTIONVILLA 3363 IN PRIVATE ISLAND, BALIAbout The Island Island Villa 3363 a petite jewel in the Thousand Islands, a collection of tropical islands in the Java Seanear Jakarta. The island is approximately one hectare in size, with two pristine white sand beaches. At(c)
  4. 4. Villa 3363 Fact Sheetan easy pace, one can walk its perimeter in less than fifteen minutes.Island Villa 3363 is a totally private island, so when you book your stay, you have the luxury of theentire island paradise awaiting you. The island presently accommodates a maximum of 8 adults.There are four houses dotted around the island, enhancing the feeling of absolute privacy and serenity.The main Joglo houses a large living and dining pavilion, two master suites and two bathrooms. TheMalay style guesthouse includes a master suite with an adjacent bathroom and the Balinese Lumbunghas a double bed and separate toilet and shower area. There is a fantastic freestanding pavilion toconvene at for dinner and drinks.Whether youre aim to unwind and relax back with a good book or youd like to explore yoursurroundings,  Island Villa 3363 has something to appeal to everyone. Water activities includewaterskiing, kayaking to neighboring islands, snorkeling, Scuba Diving and fishing.If youre transferring from Jakarta onboard our vintage motor sailing yacht   ᠀吀栀攀  Raden Mas, youmight also like to tour the islands for a day or enjoy a starlit barbeque onboard. Guests have beenknown to fall asleep on deck under the canopy of twinkling stars!Location & Getting ThereIsland Villa 3363 is set amidst Indonesias Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu), a collection of stunningtropical islands in the Java Sea near to Jakarta. Despite its name, The Thousand Islands compriseapproximately 130 small islands surrounded by a National Marine Park and hundreds of coral reefs!Approximately forty miles offshore,  Island Villa 3363 is a beautiful petite jewel in the Java Seareachable via a leisurely cruise onboard our vintage motor sailing yacht the  ᠀刀愀搀攀渀 Mas. Speedboat orHelicopter transfers are also available for those who prefer the air, excitement and a speedy journey.The  Island Villa 3363 experience begins at Jakartas Ancol Marina Harbour, where guests board our60ft vintage motor sailing yacht the   ᠀刀愀搀攀渀  Mas. The vessel originated from the English town ofCowes on the Isle of Wight, an area synonymous with boat building. Commissioned over 40 years agoby a British aristocrat, she has been immaculately maintained, with timber decks, brass fittings and fourcabins characterized by varnished wooden bulk heads and old world charm. In keeping with heraristocratic roots, when she arrived in Indonesia she was renamed  ᠀刀愀搀攀渀 Mas a Javanese Noblemans(c)
  5. 5. Villa 3363 Fact Sheettitle.The journey takes approximately four hours during which drinks and light refreshments are servedonboard. After a light meal guests tend to gravitate towards the shaded deck and laze on oversizedcushions often spotting dolphins cavorting alongside the bow and enjoying the magical scenery of anumber of tiny islands and traditional sailboats.If you would prefer a speedy journey via our speedboat or a breathtaking helicopter transfer pleasecontact us for further information.ConservationIsland Restoration Island Villa 3363is a dream realized by Indonesian antiques aficionado David Salman. David firstdiscovered the island over twenty years ago. He had leased a simple cabin on a neighboring island andwould swim daily across the channel to explore the uninhabited islet. Left unattended for years, theisland had lost some of its foliage and had suffered some reef erosion. With a clear vision of restorationin mind, David set about trying to purchase the island, which was clearly not for sale. Withcharacteristic tenacity, he persevered and finally secured  Island Villa 3363 two years later.David then set about restoring the delicate ecosystem of the island and its beaches. There are twochannels flowing alongside and the shifting currents, combined with some damage to the reef, haderoded part of the shore. David constructed a natural stone breakwater to prevent currents fromdamaging the island.He then began a reef protection program, educating local fishermen and re-attaching corals. Theresults after several years are outstanding. Not only is the coral reef thriving, but the beautiful sandybeaches on all sides of the island have also been preserved.On land he planted numerous indigenous trees including pandanas and whistling sea pines known ascasuarinas. Both species are resistant to salt-laden breezes and tolerant of sandy soil. In amongst theislands flora, David created meandering sandy pathways that allow you to explore and enjoy all parts ofthe island.Environmental Care(c)
  6. 6. Villa 3363 Fact SheetIsland Villa 3363s mission is to impact as little as possible on the nature of the island. In construction,we sought to minimize our impact on the environment by using recycled building materials almostexclusively bought locally and using the skills of local craftsmen. Committed to ecologically friendlysolutions, a septic tank has been installed as well as a desalination plant to ensure guests can enjoy freshbathroom water. A natural water treatment system takes wastewater from the showers and washbasins,processes it and recycles it for use in the gardens. We minimize our electricity consumption by usinglow voltage LED and CFL lighting and limited landscape lighting. We avoid using plastic by usingrefillable bottles in the bathrooms. We purchase as much organic produce as possible and avoid usingprocessed products and produce basics such as juices and pastries ourselves.Travel TipsHealth and ImmigrationAll International Passport Holders (non Indonesian) require a passport that is valid with more than sixmonths prior to expiration. Visas are a requirement in Indonesia and, depending on your nationality,you may be required to apply for visa in advance in your home country or may receive a one-month visaon arrival. Please check with the consulate offices in your home country prior to departure.Island Villa 3363 and the surrounding Thousand Islands are malaria free.. Mosquitoes are present andwe provide plenty of repellant and bite relief treatments, however if you have a favorite brand you maywish to bring your own. All beds have mosquito netting. Bottled water is providedThe BasicsThere are plenty of plugs and adaptors (the island is fitted with Indonesian sockets). There are lots oftoiletries available such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap. Hairdryers, sarongs, bathrobesand slippers are available in the suites. Insect repellant is available throughout the island.Keeping in touchThe island has excellent mobile phone network coverage. What to bring and wear The fantastic thingabout renting  Island Villa 3363 is that year round sunshine allows you to travel light!On arrival guests each will receive a welcome hamper that includes:A pair of beach sandalsA sarongMosquito repellant(c)
  7. 7. Villa 3363 Fact SheetA beach bagA fanAvailable on the island:Fins and masks for snorkelingSoft shoes for walking in waterBoogie Boards for childrenKayaksWater skis and lifejacketsBeach towelsBooks and magazinesBoard gamesFirst aid kitI-Pod and docking station with music selectionDVDsShampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soapThings you might like to bring with you:Comfortable light attireLong sleeves/pants for eveningLots of swimwearSunscreenMosquito Spray (preferred brand)HatI-Pod with your own selection of musicAccommodationMain JogloFirst steps onto  Island Villa 3363 reveal a magnificent century old Javanese wooden Joglo house. Thisornately hand carved open timber building was created in Central Java and was disassembled piece bypiece before being transported to the island where craftsmen restored it to its former glory less thantwenty meters from the waters edge. Today the Joglo house serves as the main living area and is alsohome to two master suites and two bathrooms. The large open atrium has two bedroom suites that are(c)
  8. 8. Villa 3363 Fact Sheetseparated from the living area via Dutch colonial screens and Venetian blinds. Perpetual sea breezeswhisp through the Joglo making it the perfect spot in which to relax with a book and enjoy turquoise seaviews.Joglo Suite 1: Sentong WetanThis bedroom includes a beautifully carved antique four-poster bed, adorned with Egyptian cottonsheets and Indonesian hand woven covers. The bed is draped with mosquito nets. Wardrobe and sidetables rest either side of the bed. Colonial style louver doors create shade and night and open out in theday to create the feel of luxurious campingJoglo Suite 2: Sentong KulonThis bedroom lies opposite Setong Wetan with an identical layout. Saloon doors and a hallway to thebathrooms separate the two suites. Shuttered windows offer both a colonial appearance and an indoor-outdoor feel of luxurious camping.BathroomsA semi open hallway leads down to two antique style bathrooms. Century old enamel washbasins,originating from the Old Dutch Planters Club in Surabaya, now rest upon cast iron stands in thebathrooms. Original taps and showerheads deliver silky soft purified water from the islandsdesalination plant. The floors are set with antique Javanese floor tiles. High ceilings and open bamboogrills allow for light and ventilation.The Malay Guest HouseThis beautiful Malay style guesthouse sits directly beachfront, overlooking spectacular sunrises. Whatbetter way to begin the day than relaxing in a plantation chair on the veranda, watching the pastel colorsof the gradually brightening sky, reflected on the shimmering sea and the glistening shoreline.This elegant teak structure, raised on short stilts houses two beautiful antique four-poster queen sizedbeds occupy the bedroom suite, canopied by mosquito nets. Side Tables, comfortable plantation chairsand sun loungers outdoors complete this perfect little hideaway spot. Louvre windows open out quietviews of the pandanas and casuarinas pines.The Lumbung(c)
  9. 9. Villa 3363 Fact SheetOn the east shore, a leisurely three-minute walk from the main house, the Balinese Lumbung is hiddenwithin the tropical jungle garden. Originally designed to store cultivated rice, this Lumbung serves as abedroom, perfect for older children and teenagers. Reminiscent of a tree house and accessed by aladder, the Lumbung houses a double bed on its floor, petite chests serving as side tables and anoverhead fan. All you require for a perfect short stay! A separate toilet and outdoor shower are outsidethe building. The Lumbung is three meters off the ground on a raised platform and offers a stunningocean vista and fresh sea breezes.InclusionsIsland Villa 3363 is a privately hired island for up to 8 adult guests sharing 4 suites.Island Rates include:• Return car transfer from Jakarta airport to Ancol Marina• Return transfer onboard ‘The Raden Mas• Your exclusive accommodation on  Island Villa 3363• All meals and drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages)  ∀ꀀ䤀猀氀愀渀搀  Villa 3363 team of staff including Island Manager, Private Chef, Activities Organizer andButlers. ∀ Watersports equipment: water skis, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, childrens boogie boards, watersocks.• One semi inflatable boat for fishing and short trips• Fishing equipment• Board games, DVDs, I-Pod with docking station, books and magazines• Laundry facility• 1 x half day tour of islands onboard The Raden Mas• Use of The Raden Mas for barbeques (stationary)Additional Costs  ∀  Alcoholic beverages as per menu (contact us for copy of the menu) (preferred alcohol can be pre-ordered)• Additional tours onboard The Raden Mas ∀ Scuba Diving: tours and equipped are charged at additional fee (for more information please contact(c)
  10. 10. Villa 3363 Fact• Paradise Island PicnicCurrency: US$ Dollar.All rates incur an extra 5.5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax. Payments by credit card will beinvoiced in Indonesian Rupiah at the prevailing exchange rate, in accordance with IndonesianGovernment RegulationsOperational MonthsIsland Villa 3363 is non operational during the months of 5th January to 31st March due to monsoonweather.WellnessTodays stressful lifestyles demand some time for relaxation, rejuvenation and self-reflection. At IslandVilla 3363 we help to create a wellness retreat, which has been tailored for your specific needs prior toarrival. Our minimum stay is three days but we suggest at least week to help bring about lasting lifechanges. We work with a team of highly qualified yoga instructors, traditional gurus and self-development consultants.You will experience a balance of yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and spiritual guidance as well asplenty of time to relax and enjoy the island. To help us to create your own Island Villa 3363 WellnessRetreat by filling in the pre-arrival wellness questionnaire. Email us at madhavi@villagetaways.comCuisineOnce you arrive at Island Villa 3363, all decisions regarding cuisine are removed. A new menu iscreated daily to perfectly suit your tastes, based on a survey, which we ask you to fill out prior to yourarrival.(c)
  11. 11. Villa 3363 Fact SheetYou can expect the most succulent dishes prepared using the freshest tropical ingredients of theArchipelago. We offer a fusion of Eastern and Western dishes to tantalize all taste buds. Sip from afresh young coconut and enjoy tropical fruit salad breakfast platters. Watch our fishermen arriveonshore with freshly caught fresh to be prepared for lunch and enjoy a beach barbeque as the majesticsun sets against the Java sea.Special childrens menus can also be provided with prior notification.The BaleThere are several breathtaking spots around Island Villa 3363 to enjoy fresh island delights. The Baleis a cozy standalone pavilion with cushioned daybeds and traditional serving trays, a place to enjoymeals in relaxed comfort, while listening to the waves lapping against the shoreline. Guests gravitate tothis area to enjoy the food sharing banquets prepared by Island Villa 3363 culinary team. Fresh catchof the day, accompanied by a medley of vegetables served on a bed of organic rice or mouthwateringbarbeques at sunset. When the chef sounds an old ships bell dinner is served.If you would prefer a romantic interlude, a table for two at Sunset Point on the beach is guaranteed toalight the romantic in you. Proposals have been made there (and accepted)!ActivitiesFor those who want to venture offshore, there are lots of water activities on offer. We providesnorkeling equipment for those who want to explore the islands underwater paradise. Kayaks are agreat way to enjoy the scenery and visit neighboring islands too. If youre looking for an adrenalinekick then jump into a pair of water skis and let the captain jet you across the strait or don some scubagear and explore the reef below. Fishing is also a perfect way to while away the morning and bring backlunch too.Another perfect way to enjoy the day is onboard The Raden Mas, exploring the surrounding islands,stopping off for another island picnic on shore and admiringSnorkelingKayaksWater skis(c)
  12. 12. Villa 3363 Fact SheetFishingScuba DivingIsland Tours onboard Raden MasChildrens ActivitiesWe make sure that children are kept well entertained at Island Villa 3363s with our Kids ActivityManager. They could be out in the water learning about tropical fish or finding pirate treasure onshore.We endeavor to create the most magical island experience.We have a large range of childrens DVDs, toys, books and games available. We also have cots, highchairs, baby baths and babysitting services available with prior notification. Guests can pre-order itemssuch as formula and diapers.Boogie Boards for childrenBoard GamesTreasure HuntsShort trips onboard our semi inflatable boat.Massage and ManicuresIf peace and relaxation are the order the day, enjoy a sublime massage under a shady spot on the beachwith the sounds of the waves to lull you into a dreamy state of bliss. Or be pampered with a manicureand pedicure while sipping a Mojito or two under the canopy of the Joglo.CelebrationsWeddingsThere are few places on earth more heavenly than Island Villa 3363 to say  ᠀䤀 do. We love to help tocreate weddings and honeymoons on the island.Island Villa 3363 houses a maximum of 8 adults within the master suites around the island. We canaccommodate further guests in tented accommodation. For more information please contact:madhavi@villagetaways.comHelp us to tailor your inspirational wedding day by filling in this pre-wedding questionnaire.Honeymoons(c)
  13. 13. Villa 3363 Fact SheetImagine waking up on your first day of married life on your own private island?Spend 7 nights in our private island paradise and receive our special Island Villa 3363 Heavenly Honeymoon PackageLow Season: USD$21,000++ (plus 15.5% tax and service)High Season: USD$24,500++ (plus 15.5% tax and service)Peak Season: USD$28,000++ (plus 15.5% tax and service)• Your exclusive accommodation on Island Villa 3363 x 7 nights• Bottle of champagne• Romantic dinner for two at sunset point• Paradise Picnic on a neighboring islandPlus all regular inclusions:• Return car transfer from Jakarta airport to Ancol Marina• Return transfer onboard ‘The Raden Mas• All meals and drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages)  ∀ꀀ  Island Villa 3363 team of staff including Island Manager, Private Chef, Activities Organizer andButlers. ∀ Watersports equipment: water skis, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, childrens boogie boards, watersocks.• One semi inflatable boat for fishing and short trips• Fishing equipment• Board games, DVDs, I-Pod with docking station, books and magazines• Laundry facility• 1 x half day tour of islands onboard The Raden Mas• Use of The Raden Mas for barbeques (stationary)*Offer Valid from Jan 1st 2010-Dec 31st 2011.**Extra nights will be charged as per published rate and is subject to availability(This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer and is valid for directbookings only)(c)
  14. 14. Villa 3363 Fact SheetOther CelebrationsWe love to help our guests celebrate special occasions whether anniversaries, birthday or wedding vowrenewals. We can host beach party barbeques or an elegant dinner party aboard the yacht. Let yourimagination run wild! Contact us for further information on madhavi@villagetaways.comPackages - Bali/ Java escapeExperience private island luxury at Island Villa 3363 and cultural Bali at our luxury antique Jogloresidences Villa 342 in Seminyak, Bali -  Package rates are based on the use of our 3 bedroom villa. If you require additional bedrooms please letus know and we can upgrade the package to include both Villa 340 and 342 (5 bedrooms). Costs• Alcoholic beverages as per menu (preferred alcohol can be pre-ordered)• Additional tours onboard The Raden Mas  ∀  Scuba Diving: tours and equipped are charged at additional fee (for more information• Paradise Island PicnicCurrency: US$ Dollar.All rates incur an extra 5.5% Service Charge and 10% Government Tax. Payments by credit card will beinvoiced in Indonesian Rupiah at the prevailing exchange rate, in accordance with IndonesianGovernment RegulationsLow Season Package Rate3 night stay at Island Villa 3363 and a 3 night stay in Villa 342 (3 bedroom) USD$8750++ (plus15.5% tax and service)High Season Package Rate5 night stay at Island Villa 3363 and a 5 night stay in Villa 342 (3 bedroom) USD$16,500++ (plus15.5% tax and service)Festive Season Package Rate(c)
  15. 15. Villa 3363 Fact Sheet3 night stay at Island Villa 3363 and a 7 night stay in Villa  342 (3 bedroom) USD$13,500++ (plus15.5% tax and service)*Additional nights will be charged at the published rate of the season*Rates are subject to a further 21% government and service tax per night. (c)