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to assume full responsibility for the mistake and believes association should partially assumeresponsibility for fees, cos...
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June 2011 Villa Alhambra Board Minutes


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June 2011 Villa Alhambra Board Minutes

  1. 1. A Corporation Not-for Profit MINUTES OF MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.Call to OrderThe Meeting of the Board of Directors was held on the date, time and at the place set forth inthe Notice of Meeting fixing such time and place, and attached to the Minutes of this Meeting.Notice of the Meeting was posted 48 forty-eight hours prior to the Meeting. The President calledthe meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.Calling of the RollA quorum of Board of Directors was established.There were present the following Board Members: Magali Uribarri, President Maria Victoria Rua, Secretary Randall Gluss, Vice PresidentThere were present the following Management Representatives: Elaine Perez, LCAM Gary Pyott, Continental PresidentAnagoMagali explains to all those present who Anago is and the issues with respect to this companyand the association. Anago was the janitorial company in place at the time of the Developer.They remained servicing the association for a few months after turnover when the boardrequested for the manager at the time Karen Castro to cancel the contract. Karen did so withoutfollowing the cancellation clause stipulated on the contract and Anago in turn filed a lawsuitagainst the association. Magali then proceeds to read a letter she wrote out loud to all thosepresent and the board directed to Anago.Gary Pyott then explains Continental’s position with respect to the contract cancellation and alsoreminds the board that after turnover, the board had a certain amount of time to cancel allcontractors and vendors and this was not done. Gary proceeded to explain that he is not willing 1OPS/Minutes- BOD MeetingRev. 3/18/2010
  2. 2. to assume full responsibility for the mistake and believes association should partially assumeresponsibility for fees, costs and settlement. Board decided they would discuss further and thenpresent response to Continental.Engineer ReportElaine provided an update on the Engineer’s Report. At the time the meeting was held, a finalversion of the Engineer’s Report had not been provided to the association. Therefore, theassociation is awaiting for this to be provided in order for the next update to be provided to allowner’s.LandscapingRandall informed all those present that the association has decided to cancel contract with thecurrent landscaper and Lukes Landscaping was hired as the association’s new landscaper.Improvements to the entire landscaping surrounding the building are almost done. Companyperforming the work is Lukes.DirecTVElaine and Randall gave an update on the DirecTV issue. It was explained to all those presentthat at the present time there are many items that the association does not agree on withrespect to the contract terms that DirecTV is presenting and the association’s attorney isworking on going through all the items in order to reach a mutual agreement.MinutesRandall and Vicky wanted Elaine to change last meeting minutes to state that they both agreewith the discuss project at that meeting.Gary and Elaine were then asked to leave the meeting by the board. Therefore, Elaineexplained that minutes would adjourn at the time of her leaving and that Vicky would beresponsible for completing the minutes to the remainder of the meeting discussion.Adjournment6:37 p.m. 2OPS/Minutes- BOD MeetingRev. 3/18/2010