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Evoking the Sense of Self in Regional Managers
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Evoking the Sense of Self in Regional Managers


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I believe the most neglected person in a Pharmaceutical Company's Field Force is not the Medical Representative. It is not even the Area Manager ; It is the Regional Manager. Without a clear …

I believe the most neglected person in a Pharmaceutical Company's Field Force is not the Medical Representative. It is not even the Area Manager ; It is the Regional Manager. Without a clear understanding of their roles RMs are trapped in a hierarchy without knowing what to do. This presentation is meant to provoke the thinking of all National Sales Managers , SBU Heads and above.

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  • 1. Leadership orEvoking a ‘Sense of Self’ in the RM Vikram A Munshi Leadership Consultant WhiteSpaceTM Consulting & Capability Building Mumbai , 16th June 2012 © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 2. A Small Story © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 3. The Events The Birth The Treatment from others The Treatment of Self The Treatment from others Self Realization (Metrics) © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 4. The Regional Manager Story4 Critical Factors Selection Process Performance Sense Company Metrics Treatment of Self Self Treatment © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 5. The Birth or Selection Process orWhy Should I be chosen as the Regional Manager? I always communicateMy Area Performance is the well with my Boss andbest HO. Have good links. All the KOLs know me. I am the Senior Most AFM in And I am good in the zone so naturally I developing KOLs. should be chosen. © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 6. How does the Company Treat?Sometimes I feel like a Even PMT prefers to Glorified ABM? speak directly to ABMs? No Secretarial Support toWhy don’t ‘they’ take our comply with increasingopinion before taking any Data Requirementsstrategic decision? © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 7. ‘How do I treat myself?’I am basically a Server. Reach out above AFM to PSRCompile and mail Have to Keep my Boss Happy. Somehow do the budget Only Act . No need to I have tremendous analyse contacts with KOLs © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 8. ‘What Am I measured on ?’ or How is it different from an AFM? Top line Sales Brand Sales Attrition of PSRMarket Shares Coverage of Team and KOL © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 9. Behaviour change is essential before Mindset Change © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 10. 3 Behaviours an Organization Should Look into 1 . Robust Parameters in Selection Process 2. Treatment of RM 3. Have the right Metrics for Evaluating Performance © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 11. The Selection Process determinesSense of Self & Future Behaviour Top Down People Orientation Process Orientation Performance Orientation © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 12. Treatment of RM Avoid reaching out to AFM over the RMProvide a Platform for Participation in Strategic Decision MakingTreat as HO out in the Field © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 13. Have the Right Metrics for Measuring Performance Regional P&L Top line Sales Product Mix Personnel Cost Promotional Cost Sales & Distribution Expenses Expiry / Collections / Inventory Bottom line Achievement © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 14. Have the Right Metrics for Measuring Performance P&L Orientation Input Parameters Efficiency • Regional Budgeted Calls vs Actual • Cost of Sales / Call Effectiveness • Regional Budgeted Sales / Call vs Actual Customer Satisfaction – KOL Market Share – KOL P&L Process Parameters – FW ratio PSR : AFM – AFM Attrition / Development © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 15. The BenefitsStrengthen Overall Field LeadershipAlign HO (Thought) & Field (Action)Create Internal Talent Pool for Senior Management © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 16. • Sow a thought, and you reap an act;• Sow an act, and you reap a habit;• Sow a habit, and you reap a character;• Sow a character, and you reap a destiny.- Charles Reader © Vikram A Munshi 2012
  • 17. Thank You © Vikram A Munshi 2012