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Veda Profile

  2. 2. V eda Informatics is a fast-growing, Internet Visibility Optimization company. Over the past five years, we have honed our expertise to provide consultancy, technology and content that are critical to online success. Our strong team is knit closely together with sound process knowledge and has keen eye on quality and timeliness. Veda Informatics maintains successful partnering with long-term clients across the globe and operates in India, Germany and New Jersey. At Veda we enable you to Connect with your customers, Communicate with them, Increase Web Traffic and Conversions, Analyze Consumer Data and repeat the process often... “You are a very OUR LOCATION & INFRASTRUCTURE good writer.. We are located in Noida, Delhi NCR of India. Our keep the opinions facility is equipped with the latest technologies coming” - available with backups for emergency. F Colton, - The team works on latest HP P4 machines. www.pennycents. - Dedicated leased line from Bharti Airtel com (India’s largest telecom service provider) with SLA of 99.9% up time. - Two backup lines as standby. - Have 100% power backup with a 20 KVA power generator installed for our office use. - Seating capacity upto 85 people.
  3. 3. SERVICES WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT A company's Website provides a plethora of information about its business to an individual and helps decision making. The first step towards the Internet Visibility Optimization universe is to Develop a Destination for users, create brand through your website and other internet applications such as corporate blogs, online communities, integrated promotions, etc. Veda Informatics has been building Websites since 2003. We have constructed websites for large and start-ups alike. We are adept at information design, interface design, usability, search engine optimization, multimedia integration and content management. We've done an array of websites from massive news driven XML portals to Flash based multimedia sites. COMMUNICATE Are you being able to reach the audience who is critical to your business? Create “Buzz” on the Internet!! Your incredible work goes unnoticed, success appears rather evasive? The onsite content (website) should be captivating to draw enough interest which eventually draws traffic. Your blog or community should be able to attract readers and be updated regularly. Offsite content Comprises of content that refers to your website, your organization, your product(s), blog and/or community. Very few of us know how critical offsite content is. Offline content helps you reach out to various people, groups and organizations and can significantly enhance the visibility of your company or your work.
  4. 4. SERVICES CONVERT Veda Informatics offers wide range of solutions designed to generate quality traffic to your site and deliver the return on the investment you've made in creating an online experience. Over 60% of first time visits to a Web site occur as the result of search! Search engine marketing, getting Web site at or close to the top of search engine returns, is the single most effective marketing that a company can do. Give reasons for users to visit your website often in the future. The reason, why internet marketing is now bigger than banner ads! “Great with research and Search engine marketing has proved to be writing! I even have effective than traditional advertising because them edit my it is interruption free advertising and effective writing. Always information source. Users expect Web to be the immediate response provider of answers to simple queries. Search with projects”. - engine position is not based on the size of the Venassa Van Patten company or annual revenue, what matters is the content. You can get advertising mileage out of search engines for a fraction of the price of direct mailers or even banners.
  5. 5. EXPERTISE CONSULTANCY - Understanding Your Business - Evaluating the online potential for your business. - Analyzing your competitors - Creating strategies for you DIGITAL MARKETING - Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Marketing - Social Media Optimization - Viral Marketing - Affiliate Marketing CONTENT MANAGEMENT - Web Site Content - Articles - ebooks - blogs - press releases - white papers - user manuals - research & analysis WEB TECHNOLOGIES - java, J2EE, java swing, JSF, Struts. - AJAX, Ruby on rails, PHP, Java script - XML, XHTML, CSS2.0 - modernBill, Lucene, Memcached, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, Wiki - web video recording, video streaming, video conferencing.
  6. 6. Contact Us INDIA UNITED STATES GERMANY A-175, Sector 63 212, Durham Ave Phone +49-170-4713446 Noida 201301 Bldg 4, Suite 102 India Metuchen NJ 08840 Phone +91-120-4247327 Phone +1-646-915-0431 “Veda Informatics, was quot;the companyquot;! Professional, accurate, with attention to details and very quality oriented. Because of my level of satisfaction with them, I will continue to utilize their services in updates and development of future projects”. – Tony Perez