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The Secret is the Law of Attraction or the Law of Love. It says like attracts like.
It is the Law which determines all the order in the Universe.
You can have, be, or do anything you want.
Nothing is coincidence. Everything happens because someone has thought of it that way.
It emphasizes on the Power of Thought !
The force of Love is the greatest force in the Universe. In this presentation, you will learn to harness the force of love to get anything you want in life. It`s your life. It is in your hands. You will become what you think. Your destiny is in your hands.
Nothing is too big for the force of love. The only limits are which are put by your imagination.

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The secret

  1. 1. Sources : The Secret by Rhonda Byrne(2006) The Power by Rhonda Byrne(2010) The Magic by Rhonda Byrne(2012)
  2. 2. With the deepest gratitude, I would sincerely like to thank and her entire team for revealing this great secret to us in a format which is easily understandable by one and all. It is a great joy to now have known the secret of the of the Universe. Thank You !
  3. 3. You are meant to have an amazing life ! You are meant to have each and everything you love and desire. Your job is meant to be exciting. You are meant to have all the money you need for all that you desire in life .
  4. 4. You were not born to live a life where the moments of joy are few and far in between. You are meant to experience life to the fullest and have everything you want. than you think it is !
  5. 5. There is nothing too big for the power of love. Love is the greatest force in the universe. The more you use it, the more you`ll understand it.
  6. 6. You are being given a glimpse of a Great Secret-The Secret to life. The people who already know this were the greatest people in history : Shakespeare, Pythagoras, Newton, Henry Ford, Hugo, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Edison, Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam, Gandhi. The law began at the beginning of time. It is always responding to your thoughts, whether you are aware of it or not. It is the law that determines the complete order in the Universe.
  7. 7. The moment you begin to “think properly”, this power within YOU that`s greater than the world, it will begin to emerge.
  8. 8. The Secret Revealed We all work with one infinite power. We are all guided by exactly the same laws. The natural laws of the universe. They are very precise. It’s Attraction ! The Secret is the Law of Attraction
  9. 9. The law of attraction says : Like attracts like To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you give out, you receive back. Life doesn`t just happen to you; you receive everything in your life based on what you have given.
  10. 10. energy, frequency and vibration.
  11. 11. The Logic behind The Secret Everything has a frequency. What most people fail to understand is that thoughts are magnetic. A thought can be measured. If you see it in your mind, you`re going to hold it in your hand. The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and the most powerful in existence.
  12. 12. Whether you feel good or bad, determines your frequency, and you attract the people, events and circumstances that are on the same frequency. Everything around you will change if you change your frequency.
  13. 13. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you. Whatever you can imagine The creation is complete since the beginning of time. already exists !
  14. 14. Love is the cause of everything positive and good. Love is the most powerful force.
  15. 15. The force of love is invisible to us, but it`s power is in fact far greater than any of nature`s powers.
  16. 16. Gratitude – the great multiplier for what you have received in your life till now (past). for what you are receiving in your life (present). for what you want in your life, as though you have received it (future). Be grateful for what you have received in your life till now (past).
  17. 17. You are a feeling being! Your feelings are the fuel.
  18. 18. Feelings- good or bad All good feelings come from love.All bad feelings come from a lack of love.
  19. 19. Simply by feeling good you are guaranteed to be giving love ! The measure of love is love without measure. Every good feeling unites you with the force of love.
  20. 20. You can tell right now in the major areas of your life whether you have been giving more good feelings or more bad feelings. How you feel about each subject in your life, such as money, health, your job, relationships, is an exact reflection of what you have been giving out on each subject. Life isn`t happening to you, life is responding to you.
  21. 21. A change of feeling is a change of destiny. All the good things in life want you. Happiness wants you. Money wants you. Health wants you. All you have to do is give LOVE through your good feelings !
  22. 22. Life Follows You...
  23. 23. Destiny is no matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Life follows you.
  24. 24. You deserve all good things that life has to offer. All good things are your birthright. Life has been waiting for you to discover it.
  25. 25. Why do you think that ONLY 1 percent of the population earns around 96% of all the money in the world ? Is it an accident? NO ! They understand the Secret. And now, you are being introduced to it.
  26. 26. To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all But to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing. You are an unlimited All the principles of heaven an earth are living inside you.
  27. 27. The Power of Thought and Belief You create your life through your thoughts. Every thought of yours is a real thing-a force. The Universe is complete in itself.
  28. 28. You are the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe. Your thought reverberates throughout the entire Universe !
  29. 29. Your life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.
  30. 30. It`s attracted to you by virtue of the images, that you`re holding in your mind.
  31. 31. The Secret to Life ! So now that you know that you can achieve anything, what do you want to do in your life ? What do you really want ? What gets you in the feel-good frequency ? What fascinates you ?
  32. 32. Manifest Your
  33. 33. Idealization – Figuring out exactly what you want Visualization – Emotionally visualizing what you desire Materialization – Letting the results appear in your life
  34. 34. There are no Limits ! 1. ASK Make a command to the Universe. LET IT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Be clear as to what you really want
  35. 35. 2.Believe See the things that you want as already yours, as already in your possession. Believe that you have received. You must know that what you want is yours the moment you ask. Have unwavering faith.
  36. 36. 3.RECEIVE Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel NOW the way you will feel once it arrives. Put yourself in the receiving frequency ! It`s important to feel good NOW.
  37. 37. There is NO blackboard in the sky on which God has written your purpose in life. Your life will be what you create it as. FIND your JOY and live it !
  38. 38. Be happy NOW. Feel good NOW.
  39. 39. Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. Enjoy life, because life is phenomenal ! The knowledge of the secret is being given to you, and what you do with it is entirely in your hands.
  40. 40. People who have great lives talk more about what they LOVE So, why the difference?
  41. 41. Knowing that you have working with you a force, which never yet has failed in anything it has undertaken, you can go ahead in the confident knowledge that it will NOT fail in your case, either. What are you waiting for? Nothing ever happens by chance or by accident. Nothing is coincidence. Everything happens because someone has thought and felt about it.
  42. 42. So what are you waiting for?
  43. 43. Thoughts become things ! Tell your story to the world.
  44. 44. Made By – Vikram Malhotra Thank You !