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  1. 1. Marketing Assignment - Securitas SECURITASINTRODUCTIONSecuritas is one of the worlds top security services firms, providing guards to banks, retailers, largeand small businesses, and residential customers in 45 countries, mainly in North America and Europe,but also in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. It also offers electronic systems and security software.The services provided are specialized guarding and mobile services, monitoring, consulting andinvestigations. Securitas also offer tailored services as per specific industry demands.MACRO & MICRO ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS MICRO ENVIRONMENT The Company i) Management Model: Securitas has a strong corporate culture that creates the shared values of responsibility, ownership and entrepreneurship. ii) Broad Strategy: higher degree of specialization, expansion of mobile and monitoring and increase global presence. iii) Values: Integrity, vigilance and helpfulness. iv) Approach: Securitas is a client-focused organization. Suppliers: communication devices (walky talky), batons for personal security, security software and hardware, electronic devices and guns etc are the resources required by the company to provide the services, for these resources the company depends on its suppliers and continuous supply of resources is important to provide uninterrupted services to the customers. Marketing Intermediaries: market intermediaries include company owned service centres and it is quite large in India covers 180 cities, market services agency and financial institutions (needed to finance new projects) to deliver its services to end users. Competitors i) Security and intelligence service India Ltd. ii) NISA India iii) Paramount Service Solution. iv) Allied Security Holdings LLC v) G4S plc Global vi) Prosegur Compa de Seguridad, S.A. Publics i) Financial publics: It includes shareholders, banks and investment houses for funding company’s projects. ii) Media Publics: It include the medium to spread it news i.e. newspapers, magazines and internet. iii) Internal Publics: It includes security guards, managers, board of directors etc. the satisfaction of internal public directly affect their attitude towards their duty which also affects the external publics. Customers: Its customer segments, ranging from governments, airports, infrastructure, office, banks, shopping centres, hotels, manufacturing industries, mining industries, hospitals and residential areas to high-tech and IT companiesVikas Saini, 11BSPHH010951, Sec - H
  2. 2. Marketing Assignment - Securitas MACRO ENVIRONMENT Demographic: Location: A violent location leads to higher demand of security for individual as well as firms and organisation than a harmonious place e.g. Hyderabad city (Telangana issue) Economic: Security demand is driven partly by home sales, new home construction, and new commercial and office construction so a growing economy leads to increase in demand for security service. If financial crisis occur then the demand for security service decline. Natural: no negative impact on environment so no govt. intervention. Technology: If the company provides its service with advanced technology then its security personnel can perform their duty more efficiently which leads to increase in demand. The cooperation of Securitas and Nokia for bringing security services into mobile devices through the use of GPS technology. Social & Political: It’s one of most important factor as the company’s whole strategy is based on laws, regulations, govt. agencies and pressure limitations. Also the company has to take care about the ethics and social responsibilities. Culture: The Company has to change its services according to the culture of the specific region as per language, taste and preference, food habits and life style. MARKETING MIX (PRICE AND PRODUCTS)TARGET MARKET Large & small businesses Residential customers Government etc.PRICEThe service charge for one security guard for commercial purpose for 12 hrs in Delhi is Rs 16000 +service tax per month and this charge vary as per the following factors. Time period per day for which security guard is required (8hrs, 12hrs) Numbers of security guards required. Location where security is required. Minimum wage decided by govt. at that region. Purpose domestic/commercialVikas Saini, 11BSPHH010951, Sec - H
  3. 3. Marketing Assignment - Securitas SERVICES Security Service: Airport, Malls, Banks, small & large Track and Trace: It organisation and Verificaiton & offer high-tech GPS residential. Investigation: services, such as and tracking cars and trucks as well as Transport security people. Security Consulting: Fire It involves the assess Prevention/Protection of risks and make SERVICES Services: inventory before buying a security service. Event security: Monitoring Corporate Events, Centre/Console Entertainment, Operations: Mobile Services: Product Launches, It include alarm Cost-effective option Fashion Shows, Sports monitoring, verification for small and Events, Trade Shows & and response according medium-sized Exhibitions etc. to instructions. businesses, where one security officer serves multiple. SEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING1. Segmentation: the company segments its customer broadly into following category: Specialized guarding: It includes Banks, Malls, Airports, events, and Companies etc. Mobile security solution: It includes key holding & alarm response (both commercial and domestic), mobile patrols, a locks and unlocks service for commercial premises. Monitoring service A permanent on-line stream of incoming and outgoing signals and messages supplies its security agents with precise.2. Targeting: Securitas believes that each segmentation’s service needs can’t be fulfilled with same set of services so to target each segment efficiently it provide with a range of customized security services that offer a complete security solution and meet the specific needs of any segment or customer. Vikas Saini, 11BSPHH010951, Sec - H
  4. 4. Marketing Assignment - Securitas3. Positioning: Securitas wants to position itself in customer mind as a quality and specialized security service provider for industry specific services need through the customization of its service. BUG IDENTIFICATION Price: Price charged by the company for its services in India is about 15% - 20% higher than its competitor although the services provided is not as superior to its competitor. Service: The Company also doesn’t hold any quality certification for its services on the other hand few of its competitors (M.R. Security & Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd) have ISO quality certification which shows that the company follows the standard rules and regulations in its practice of service providing i.e. selecting the guards physical and education standard, standard salary and holidays. BUG RECTIFICATION Price: The Company can increase its sales or service demand by merely decreasing its service price to an extent like 10%- !5% and hence can give tough competition to its competitor. Services: Securitas positions itself as a standardized and quality service provider so by holding an ISO quality certificate it can strengthen its position and also demand as certain industry and Govt. department follow certain rules and regulation according to which their vendors must follow standard rules and regulations. In the current year Securitas India came under the spotlight for employment practices that violate Indian labour laws, the company’s own Code of Conduct and UNI’s Global Agreement. (It exploit its employee, stops salary of employee and don’t give them sick offs) Vikas Saini, 11BSPHH010951, Sec - H