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  1. 1. Project Name:Ideabox
  2. 2. overview-process areas to secondary user studies analysis and prototyping future plan explore research ideation of action
  3. 3. goal what we doareas to explore
  4. 4. area of exploration ?? area to explore Introvert ,learning and ideas Design thinking,and methods idea sharing and generation
  5. 5. mind map Brainstorming: taking the area of education we have a brainstorming session in which we decided to work on the concept of introverts and idea sharing
  6. 6. mind map Brainstorming: how ideas are generated,influenced design thinking role in ideas, personality and ideas etc
  7. 7. goal what we dosecondary research
  8. 8. literature study “....Introvert may have some difficulty putting their ideas or thoughts into words. “ ”....working lone or with a single partner may come- more easily to introvert than working in small groups or participating in whole-class discussions” “...introvert showed a stronger prefernce for the ways in which information is presented in online ” references: Design thinking-Tim brown HBR review Styles and Strategies for HelpingStruggling Learners OvercomeCommon Learning Difficulties personality types and online versus in course participation Reference-Tim Brown review on design thinking
  9. 9. design thinkingDesign Thinking refers to the methods and processes forinvestigatin ill-defined problems, acquiring information,analyzing knowledge, and positing solutions in the designand planning fields. As a style of thinking, it is generallyconsidered the ability to combine empathy for the contextof a problem, creativity in the generation of insights andsolutions, and rationality to analyze and fit solutions to thecontext.
  10. 10. online researchWe tried to an online research to find out more aboutidea sharing,design thinking and education,designmethodology etc
  11. 11. goal what we douser studies
  12. 12. user interview goal of questionairre to find out how user,s store their ideas as and when they come,what process they follow to convert their ideas into product/service of value,whom they like to share their ideas and how does feedback for their ideas help .We also asked about how user’s present their ideas to people and problem they face in communicating their ideas to people no of interviews 8 interviews target user:anybody who loves sharing ideas with people
  13. 13. user interview analysis user statement inferences opportunities write my idea as and when it user notes his ideas so that he A system for writing and comes to my mind does not forget and could look storing your ideas back to it in future research on internet to find user looks for some A system helping user in whether the idea exists or not inspirations , knowledge or providing him with or look for current existitng research to further develop on inspirations ideas his idea find out correct people and discussing with people with a system helping in discuss idea with them mindset similar to user or who connecting like minded people are to known him help him in for sharing ideas getting feedback ideas remain vague in my mind iusers don’t know the tech- design thinking tools or niques or tools that might be techniques present in a system helpful in developing one’s ideas that could help user in making his concept more clearer discuss ideas with people and users needs people of interest a system helping user to form a form team with people who in his idea to form team for team of members intersted to shows interest working further on his ideas work on his ideas
  14. 14. user interview analysis user statement inferences opportunities talk to mentor about my idea user sometimes needs the a system having experts or help of expert or mentor to mentors of different fields know how to work on his idea guiding people about their ideas i don’t generally follow any user unaware of different pro- a workplace with different tool process to convert my into cess that could be helpful in and techniques present in a something of great value developing his idea to a system for user to work on his rpoduct or service of value ideas present my idea in form of user needs some presentation a system having differnet presentation,video or poster format to convey his ideas to presentation formats to help etc people user convey his ideas to people sometimes ideas fail due to users doesn’t decide on the system helping user to make a the priority of it with respect priority of his ideas whether to priority order to work on his to other work and time work on it or not ,also doesn’t ideas as well as making a time constraints make a time schedule to work schedule for him and motivating on his ideas him to work according to time schedule
  15. 15. flow model works on it to convert it into product/service doesn’t work on doesn’t work on idea idea improves his improves his idea idea feedback feedback like minded mentor/expert user research and people seeks inspiration gu ida s giv ide nc n sio gu ea es fur us nd fe th isc m ee er ea fe D db ed at ac ba rm ka ck fo nd idea comes in user mind
  16. 16. goal what we do problem and vision statement current scenario user personas affinity diagram information architectureanalysis and ideation
  17. 17. problem statementTo design a platform for the creative and innovative individuals ,helping them share andwork on their ideas.Many ideas that come to their mind remain just thoughts due to thelack of knowledge and support which is essential for the development.This platform,bythe help of crowdsourcing will allow people from all areas of field in their idea develop-ment and realisation
  18. 18. current scenarioscene 1: scene 2: scene 3:Ramesh is a curious indivivdual.One After some time when the idea is Motivated by his first positive opinionfine evening while sitting besides the shaping in his mind(he has been Ramesh wants to seriously work onwindow,observing the regular traffic infatuated with this parasytic idea). this idea.He sits on internet andjams,he has an idea!!I think if we may He shapes it and presents it to share searches for some inspiration.Havingimplement this to our locality,the it with suresh,his close friend.But read a few articles/researches andproblem of traffic jams can be solved. Ramesh is not able to communicate other similar solutions,he concludesA moment of clearity,I want to save in just words,what his intention is. that the idea is novel and might be ofthis thought,can,t lose it.So Ramesh So he takes the help of a pen and value some day.picks a piece of paper,writes a few paper and a few objects kept on the By this time the idea in his head ispoints and draws a few doodle and table to creatively put forth a much clearer than what it was thethe idea is stored demonstration.Wow says suresh this first time. might just work.
  19. 19. current scenarioscene 4: scene 5: scene 6:Ramesh goes to school,he is excited Ramesh now clearer than ever about Now Ramesh is left by himself.Hewants to share the idea.He might the idea approaches an Enterpreneur was succesfully able to communicatesolve a big problem here.But whom in his college society to discuss the somehow what his intent is.But whatto share with a few people who he idea’s potential and fate.An opinion now?How does he go aboutthinks have a wide interest and are from the expert is also required,so implementingcurious about things.Communicating he visits a professor in theand convincing about the idea,the mathematics dept. to get anotherfellows are having a doubt where will insight.Very well now he has thethis idea go after such a discussion. feedback of experts and has shapedOne of them suggest to look for a the idea to a good level.“MENTOR”
  20. 20. affinity diagram inspiration images videos research paper projects,google search,portfolio joining small ideas to form big ideas organization design thinking and methods, timelines,prioirity order,workplace for storing and working on ideas, feasibility, technology required affinity-diagramming, ,,other creative idea generation techniques presentation in form of ppts,videos,images,poster 3d modelling,wireframes,sketches, paper prototypes etc discussion friends,classmates,professors, TA’s,mentor,experts,likemindedpeople, interested in your ideas comments ratings like/dislike, credits/points, awesomwsmart/fun/cool
  21. 21. user persona 1likes name:Rahul Bhatnagarinteract with peopledebating age:19 yrsmusic sex:Malefollowing latest technological trendsput forth ideas and ask questions occupation: Student of mechanical engineeringcurious about everythingsocial networking maritial status:SingledisLikestime wastageattending lectures goalsnarrow minded people to share ideas with peopletheory subjects have discussionstech know how to be more creativebasic computing knowledge to take part and win in competetionsnet access browsingsmart phone user to do good projects that generate valuesmotivationRahul is a curious and outgoing guy .He is very active in social networking sites and writes a blog too. He often comes upwith unusual ideas,few realist and others too bizarre.He likes to share them with people,get their feedbacks and working onthe idea to develop it and make something of value is his inner desire.He wants to contribute to the world by not just givinginnovative ideas but also see them develop as aproduct or service in the future.
  22. 22. user persona 2likes name:Ishan Mahajanplaying chesssolving puzzles age:22yrsreading books sex:Maleworkoutwatching movies occupation: works in software design firmblogginge-learning maritial status:SingledisLikesdiscuusion with too many peopleloudmusic goalsmeetings to indulge in hobbiestech know how to build a very good careerprogramming language to contribute to societysmartphone to convert his ideas into succesful productstablet usercomputer knowledge of high level to learn new programming languagesmotivationIshan is a working professional.Other than his boring 9 to 5 job he is interested in programming,general problem solving invarious fields.Often he falls in love with his solutions to problems and comes with ideas of his own.He is unable to find likeminded people to discuss his ideas or to work on a solution in a team. He wishes to provide a novel solution to a social oreconomic problem in the world
  23. 23. information architecture Home Write Idea Idea Space My Workplace Social Inputs Enter Content Sort Title Reply to Popular Comments Description Review Completed Ratings Media Community Community Notifications Tags Seek Inspiration Category Search Share Your (Tag Assisted) Toolkit Research Papers Share Idea Images Regular Feed Tags Creativity Store Videos Options Comments Communication Ratings Presentations Other Networks Problem Solving Facebook Work Public Blogs Twitter Prototyping Work in E-books Google Community Project Plus Management User Research
  24. 24. goal what we do paper prototypes wireframesprototyping
  25. 25. ideab x
  26. 26. paper prototypes paper prototype for a toned down version of idea box for mobile platform
  27. 27. paper prototypes
  28. 28. home screen
  29. 29. write your idea
  30. 30. share your idea
  31. 31. my workplace
  32. 32. idea toolbox
  33. 33. idea toolbox
  34. 34. goal what we do paper prototypes wireframesfuture plan ofprototyping action
  35. 35. future plan of action visual design usability iterative app for smart development evaluation designs phone devices
  36. 36. goal thank you what we do paper prototypes wireframesSubmitted byVikas LuthraprototypingJatin Pherwani