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Presales in IT and software industry. Training Session 1

Presales in IT and software industry. Training Session 1

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  • 1. Pre-sales Workshop
  • 2. Contents 1 Presales Process Overview 2 Roles & Responsibilities 3 Writing a Winning Proposal 4 Post-RFP stage 5 A Generic Framework
  • 3. What is presalesA set of activities normally carried out before a customer is acquiredA typical sales cycles  Suspect  Prospect/Opportunity  LeadPresales involvement in these phases differs from situation to situation
  • 4. What is Presales Happens along with a salesperson before a sale closes It is sales support It is also about being a technicaland business consultant
  • 5. A Typical Sales Process Product Knowledge Prospecting Approach Needs Assessment Customer Presentation Sales Close Follow-up
  • 6. Presales Involvement Product Knowledge Prospecting Approach Needs Assessment Customer Presentation Sales Close Follow-up
  • 7. What is not presales Searching for new suspects, prospects or leads Qualifying prospects Deciding and planning to approach prospects Negotiating with customer in closing a deal
  • 8. What is not presales Developing relationship with customers Calling for a meeting with the customer Deciding the price of a deal Collecting feedback from the customer
  • 9. Presales in IT Companies looking for vendors to implement software solutions call for proposals Support for Sales in closing a deal Many times a technical and business consultant for the potential customer Crucial link between Sales, Customer and Delivery Needs a blend of technical, business and soft skills
  • 10. Presales in ITNeeds to work having the ‘big picture’ in mind – winning the deal for the company as well as customer delightPresales role could be specific to account, territory, technologies and partners Plays an important role in making proposals for RFPs and RFIs
  • 11. Why Presales Increasing complexity in customer’s business requirements in terms of variety in technology, number of components or modules, security and infrastructure needs Customer delight is more than matching customer needs with a right technical solution. Customers expect vendors to partner with them in meeting their evolving business needs
  • 12. Why Presales Bidding process is a complex and a very formal one, with strict adherence to procedures and timelines Bidding process involves intelligent negotiation on price, scope of work, schedule and other contract requirements Therefore is too important to be done without committed and dedicated professionals
  • 13. Without PresalesMaking proposals may either end-up with delivery heads or worse, with sales Sales will not have the depth of technical knowledge to provide a solution Delivery heads may not have skills to match customer’s business needs with the right technical solution Both the teams could be short on bandwidth to take full responsibility
  • 14. Place of Presales Sales Customer Presales Services
  • 15. Presales in career growthA great opportunity to know up close the market and the business of software, and what ‘sells’Opportunity to get a systemic view of many things that makes up an organization and it’s businessOpportunity to get to know different cross-sections of customer and technology solutions
  • 16. Presales in career growthPeople with a technical background can add lot of value by bringing in their experience and thereby benefit from itWorking in presales can also be seen as a choice for shifting to management career pathOpportunity to learn a variety of skills including client liaison, managing cross-functional teams, leadership, consulting skills
  • 17. Presales in career growthIn larger organizations, presales gives a very good opportunity to network with all the right peopleSince presales is demanding on both technical and business knowledge and management skills, it’s the right place for a challenging job
  • 18. Presales is differentAny specific sales engagement is temporarytherefore the corresponding sales- presales engagement is also temporaryThe same is true for the other cascading engagements between presales and others down the lineThe engagement on an average lasts for about a month – from the start of the RFP to the end of the RFP
  • 19. Place of presale Where does a presale person belong to  Practices  Center of Excellence or Technologies  Accounts  Territory  Partners  Sales  Sometimes from the project itself
  • 20. Common Attitude and PerceptionsI am on bench. So they picked me up to do this job…This is mainly a ‘cut-copy-paste’ job. Why do they need me ?In any case, winning depends entirely on the sales team and the top management…After all, I am a technical person… I don’t know or want to be a sales person I don’t see the results immediately, it usually takes months before I hear…
  • 21. Common Attitude and PerceptionsWe are non-billable resources. Obviously we don’t get enough resources to do the jobI am not trained for this job…There’s just not enough and right information around to write this proposal…There’s hardly enough time to do this work… Why can’t they inform me much ahead ?How do I grow in my career in this path ?
  • 22. Common ProblemsPresales work is not assigned the right resourcesNot enough training is givenPresales work needs many temporary resources and therefore gets less commitmentPeople who are on bench are assignedProposal can have too many technical components and therefore may need involvement of many people
  • 23. Common ProblemsMay face ownership problemsDemanding on technical, business and soft skills all at onceEvery RFP response ‘suffers’ from extreme time constraints
  • 24. Presales Process
  • 25. Winning a Deal •Market Analysis Market •Strategic PlanningOpening •Account Planning Game •Branding •Account Management Client •Relationship ManagementMiddle •Opportunity ManagementGame •Pursuit Management •Proposal Management Deal •Presentation End •Negotiation Game
  • 26. Presales Stages Pre-RFP RFP Proposal Post-RFP • RFP Issue• Finalise reqmts • Pre-Bid• Shortlist Conferencevendors • Customer • Clarifications• Finalise • Prepare Visits on RFPEvaluation Proposal • Demo of • ModificationsCriteria according to Capabilities to RFP• Finalise Budget RFP guidelines • Presentation • Identify• Customer • Evaluation resources topresentation by work on RFPvendor
  • 27. Presales StagesRoles  Customer  Sales person  Presales person  Finance  Solution Architect  Domain Expert  Technical Consultant  Account Manager
  • 28. Presales Stages Pre-RFP RFP Proposal Post-RFP • Finalise reqmts • Issue RFP • Receive proposal • Request for site visit • Shortlist vendors • Arrange pre-bid and/or demoCustomer • Finalise Evaluation conference • Evaluate and finalize Criteria • Provide vendor • Finalise Budget clarifications • Make customer • Receive RFP • Assist presales with • Arrange for presentation • Seek clarification on inputs from customer Customer visit showcasing services, RFP and about customer • Arrange for demoSales products and • Get commitment • Add commercials to and presentation strengths from internal the proposal resources • Keep mgmt informedPresales • Provide inputs as • Receive RFP • prepare proposal by • Assist sales in needed • Identify resources working with cross- customer visit, demo to work on RFP functional teams or and presentation • Form cross- by taking inputs from functional team them • Seek clarifications • Provide inputs as • Provide inputs as • Provide inputs as • Provide inputs asDelivery needed (case studies, needed (questions to needed (technical needed (inputs for testimonials) customers on solutions, relevant demo) business needs, case studies, etc) technical specs, etc) www.themegallery.com
  • 29. Information Flow • Provide infn on products, service Customer s • present success stories • seek to understand • seek further infn business and on customer •Business Reqmts technical reqmts • Technical to form a solution Reqmts • seek to Delivery • Constraints • Evaluation • understand Criteria solution provided Sales • RFP • Clarifications • questions on RFP • questions on• RFP • questions on customer• Infn on business and • status updatecustomer technical reqmtsconstraints, prefe • questions onrences, priorities • Response to RFP customer constraints,• Competitor infn Pre Evaluation• RFP Clarifications sales assumptions, •Criteria customer problems, etc
  • 30. DiscussionUse the IFD to discuss about  The gaps in information flow  The inefficiencies  What kind of information loss happens  Identify areas of potential risks  The choice of medium and its suitability
  • 31. Session 1 -SummaryWhat did we learnQuestions