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  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance
  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance
  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance
  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance
  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance
  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance
  • Winning team

    1. 1. leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    2. 2. the process of encouraging & helping others to work enthusiastically towards objectives. It is the relationship in which one person (the leader) influences others to work together willingly on related tasks to attain goals desired by the leader & or groupleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    3. 3. Leader of Our Nationleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    4. 4. The Need of the hour is to develop Branch Managers not only to Manage the Branch but also Lead the group who can channelize their contribution towards the goals and objectives of the Bank. Leader has to rise above the levels to be able to deal with the people from different sections/ work class/ with different attitudes in a harmonious manner.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    5. 5. Leaders vs. Managers LEADERS: MANAGERS: innovate administrate focus on people focus on systems and structures inspire trust rely on control have a long-range view have a short-range view ask what and why ask how and when have eyes on horizon have eyes on bottom line originate initiate challenge status quo accept status quo do the right thing do things rightleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    6. 6. Lack of anticipated marketing. Exit Interview Mechanism not implemented. No Interaction with Existing Clientsleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    7. 7. Wastage of time in Un Productive activity We are having policy, which not in tune to Market conditions. May I Help You Desk concept not implemented.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    8. 8. Lack of effective Leadership Low Level motivation among Staff Closed Mindset of Staff for Changes Delay in decision Making at all Levels. Non Availability of Credit Officers.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    9. 9. Branch head is Playing Role of House Keeper instead of Business developer  Branch head is attending query of RO / HO all the time.  Ageing and Less techno Savvy staff, who are reluctant to adopt Changes.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    10. 10. To Build Effective and self Motivated Team. Branch Head to assign the Duty of Business Development. Creation of Post of Manager (operation) for House Keeping and Back end Operation.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    11. 11. For Creating a Winning Branch. What to Do ???????.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    12. 12. Team work is crucial! Interpersonal relationships are essential for teamleaders.ppt (bus1301) Module Leader
    13. 13. SYTECleaders.ppt (bus1301) Module Leader
    14. 14. Do you waste your time? Internal causes No objectives No Priorities No Deadlines Ineffective delegation Indecisiveleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    15. 15. Don’t waste your time?leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    16. 16. Involvement of all the Staff members by inspiring and persuading them Staff members to be motivated to contribute in Target. Branch Head shall focus on Business Development only. Posting of Manager Operation for day to day operation and Responsible forleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    17. 17. SWOT analysis of Branch and find out the own Strength and fellow Bankers’ weakness Analyze Services and Products offered by us and by our other Bankers of Area and Improve the weak area Politeness and services with Smile Creating a Good ambience.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    18. 18. Providing Motivational and Behavioural Training to sub staff Punctuality of Staff Members Use of CRM Data for Personal Touch. Improve Interpersonal Relationship among Staff. Recognition for Good Work / Bad Workleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    19. 19. Opening of New Branches to the state where we have few Branches, To Establish Brand all Over India. Branches to be allotted Publicity Budget for sponsoring Local event , which will Establish Brand at Local Level. Introduction of Floating Rate of Interest Deposit Scheme link with Base Rate.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    20. 20. To increase Other Income, we should finance Insurance Premium in all loan scheme, Sum Insured equal to Loan amount. The Premium to be financed in addition to MPBF.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    21. 21. Positive approach towards Problem of customers and Finding Best available solution to satisfy them. Making the habit, to interact with Five existing client on daily basis, either at our Place or Customer’s Place.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    22. 22. Try to Revive at least one inactive /dormant account by each staff on daily basis . Interaction with Clients, which will provide you feed back and reference for New Customer. (Don’t take Feed Back as a complaint) Don’t Hesitate to get Feed Back. It is Our Mirror. Don’t Hesitate to see the MIRROR.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    23. 23. leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    24. 24. So Friends, What to do, We should open EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT. What is this ????????leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    26. 26. Action : Customer Feedback Impact : – Increase in Customer satisfaction. – Introduction of New Customers by satisfied customer. You Know that “ One dissatisfied customer will spoil your Image. “ So Not to ignore any customer, Whatever his Profile.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    27. 27. Action: Sub-staff Training. Impact : – Customer First Interaction with Sub staff , It Create First Impression on Customer if Sub staff is well dressed and well behaved. As You Know That First Impression is last Impression.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    28. 28. Action : Creation of Post ‘ Manager (Operation) ‘ Impact : During the informal Interaction , we find that ‘ We all are suffering from problem of Shortage of time ‘ and we analyzed the Reason for same. We observed that , Branch head is devoting 50% time in MIS and compliance activity. Submission of statement, Replying query of RO/HO for Routine Work. 30% time in Back End activity and balance 20% time business Development . (contd…….)leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    29. 29. (contd…….) So Creation of Post and assignment of duty will relieve Branch Head for Business Development Purpose, and He will have sufficient time to work for achievement of Business Targets.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    30. 30. Action Plan: SWOT Analysis of Branch. By analyzing the Strength , weakness, Opportunity and Weakness of Our Branch and Fellow bankers. We are in a better Position to face Challenges, Posed to us.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    31. 31. Action Plan : Punctuality of Timing What do you feel, when you are in Branch and customers started to enter in, No staff Reached to Branch Till Time and all counters are unattended. What will be Image of Branch in customer’s Eyes ?????? ………leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    32. 32. Action Plan : Punctuality of Timing So When Time Norms followed by staff, A Message reaches to Area that , “Bank me Sab Time par aa jate he.”leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    33. 33. Action Plan : Use of CRM data. By using CRM data, we can Know Customer Financial Requirement, Present and Future. We were able to Generate additional Business. Data was also used to sent Birthday Wishes.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    34. 34. Action Plan : Interpersonal Relation in Staff. Good Atmosphere in Branch is Boost for Customer Service and Good Customer Service Results in More Customersleaders.ppt (bus1301)
    35. 35. Action Plan : Floating rate Deposit Scheme. This will Reduce Cost of Deposit and Reduce Operational Cost. When ROI Increases, Customer gets The term Deposit Renewed on Higher Rate but, in case of Reduction in ROI, He will not turn up ….leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    36. 36. Action Plan : Change in Retail Lending Scheme. If we allow 50% of income as EMI, it will Increase Loan Amount. . This will enable us to compete with fellow bankers.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    37. 37. Action Plan : Change in Retail Lending Scheme. If Insurance Premium allowed above MPBF, It will generate Commission income and Increase in Advances also.leaders.ppt (bus1301)
    38. 38. Do What you can, with what you have, where you are Timeless advice By Teddy Rooseveltleaders.ppt (bus1301)
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