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Igniting the Conversation: Getting to One Billion Forum MAUs
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Igniting the Conversation: Getting to One Billion Forum MAUs


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The Internet Brands te

The Internet Brands te

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Igniting theCONVERSATION:1 Billion MAUsThe trends, tools and technologies that are drivingthe next wave of online community growth.
  • 2. This isTHE BEST TIMEin history to start a newonline community
  • 3. It was aGREAT DECADEfor building online communities
  • 4. Source: and the wayback machine
  • 5. Every single day, over500,000 PEOPLEget on the internet forthe first timeSource: internet world stats and the wayback machine
  • 6. 30% of the world hasinternet access, and it’sINCREASING 13%year over yearSource: internet world stats, and United Nations / International Telecommunications Union (via Mary Meeker)
  • 7. 85% of the world has cell phonecoverage and majority of the nextone billion internet devicesWILL BE MOBILESource: internet world stats, and United Nations / International Telecommunications Union (via Mary Meeker)
  • 8. Do Online Communities Still Matter?Yes, because facebook is a socialnetwork and online communities can be:• affinity networks (communities of shared interests)• political networks (communities of shared belief)• consumer networks (communities of shared consumer experience)• support networks (communities of shared mission)• local networks (communities of shared geography)• aspirational networks (communities of shared goals)...and so much more Source: XKCD
  • 9. The Audience for Community isas Big as the Internet (almost)• Community sites (not including Facebook) reach 98% of US Internet Users• Internet Brands Lifestyle and Auto Communities reach 9% of US Internet Users (quiltingboard, honda-tech, etc...)• Huddler’s 30 sites reach 2.4% of US Internet Users Source: ComScore May 2012 Data
  • 10. Shouldn’t I just start a blog? NO Because Panda Didn’t like Blogs. Source:
  • 11. But Panda Loves Online Community!• Shallow content? NOPE! IB’s typical forums average 14 posts per thread with an average of over 400 words per thread• Duplicate content? NOPE! User Generated Content (UGC) has the lowest duplicate content rates• Bad social signals? NOPE! High levels of engagement, high pages per visit, above average levels of direct traffic
  • 12. What does it mean for aforum to becomeMORE SOCIAL?
  • 13. more emphasis on thecontributor, not just the content• what and how can users share about themselves• how can users congregate and be filtered into subsets of a sites members
  • 14. more robust interactionamong community members• how members communicate• when members communicate• topics on which members communicate
  • 15. Affinity vs. Social Communities
  • 16. Why Mobile Matters For Forum Sites:The customer is always rightMobile app usage has surpassed web usage in the U.S. Source: Flurry
  • 17. Why Mobile Matters For Forum Sites:Monetization will catch up U.S. mobile ad spending (including display, search and SMS) is expected to ramp steadily in the coming years. • growing advertiser mix • more effective ad units • better targeting Source: eMarketer
  • 18. Why Mobile Matters For Forum Sites:Expanding the breadth of interactionMobile expands the • real-timenature of community • location-awareinteraction • more photo-centric • voice-enabled
  • 19. How community sites are(or should be) ChangingLooming changes for online community sites:• becoming more social • increased personalization• more real-time interaction (both • more streamlined content web and mobile) creation• better interaction with Facebook • easier content discovery• more robust mobile apps • better SEO• better mobile web experience • better security• easier site set-up and admin
  • 20. Thank you