Forum Con - John Bodine - Building Brand Advocacy Through Customer Engagement

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John Bodine will share an overview of what has worked to create an engaged community at eBay, Inc. The session will cover the use of crowd sourcing for new product development, usage of real time data …

John Bodine will share an overview of what has worked to create an engaged community at eBay, Inc. The session will cover the use of crowd sourcing for new product development, usage of real time data and intelligence and seeding and facilitation of conversations for active engagements and metrics and data.

John is the Head of US Community Development at eBay, Inc. a leadership position responsible for Community, Social Media and customer advocacy strategy. He is currently responsible for leading The Voices of the Community program, eBay’s Customer Connect Camp, Facebook Fan page, online community strategy, influencer management, communication, planning and management.

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  • 1. Building Brand Advocacy through Customer Engagement February 16, 2011 John Bodine Head of US Community
  • 2.
    • “ One of the things that I repeat probably every day here is that our success is built on our community's success.”
      • - Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay
  • 3. Agenda
    • Background
    • Engagement … resources, encourage, monitor, respond
    • Feedback … learn, listen, engage
    • Measurement … relevant, dynamic
    • Closing the Loop
  • 4. Background
    • John Bodine
      • Led Product Marketing efforts focused on data and pictures
      • Built Experimental Learning Program and Product
      • Head of Community, eBay Inc.
    • The eBay Community
      • 95 million active users
      • 5 million active Discussion Board users in 2010
      • 6 million page views/week
      • >200K board participants/week
  • 5. Engagement
    • Product – know your audience
    • Seed conversations
    • Context – time and place appropriate
    Encourage Monitor Respond
    • Moderate
    • Watch for trends
    • Participate and lead by example
    • Acknowledge their feedback
    • React and respond with action
    • Executive support and product
    Feedback funds growth
  • 6. Feedback
    • Provide opportunities for direct customer interaction
    • Customer Connect Camp
    • Customer Experience Program
    • Community Engagement Training
    • Customer Pulse
    • Community Analysis Report
    • Voices DL
    • Reaction Reports
    • Visits Program
    • Experimentation
    • Garden
    • Customer Calls
    • Voices
    • Community Socials
    • Discussion Boards
    • eBay Radio
    • Special Engagement
    • eBay: On Location
    Learn Listen Engage
  • 7. Feedback - Learn
    • 2.5 day immersive workshop on business and customer
    • Required for new-hires
    Customer Connect Camp
    • Create internal learning opportunities
    • Connect the business to the customer
    • Provide safe opportunities for initial engagement
    • 2 day deep dive with Customer Support
    • On the phone with customers in the call center
    Customer Experience Program
  • 8. Feedback - Listen Analysis Report
    • Distributed to >700 PD, PM, BU, Exec
    • Used for CS, bugs, feature requests
    • Professional, relevant
    • Summarize relevant conversation and distribute broadly
    • Push content and follow up with action
    • Gather feedback and drive value
    • Weekly report of top discussions
    • Delivered to BU, PM, PD, Exec, CS
    • Customized based on internal requests
    Voices DL Action
  • 9. Feedback - Engage
    • Ongoing focus group of 75 customers
    • Weekly calls
    • Direct access to staff
    Voices Community Socials
    • Set expectations, be transparent
    • Talk to them, in person, with your voice
    • Communicate the truth
    • Respond with action
    • Quarterly opportunity to interact with customers, formally and informally
    • Tailored to current business priorities
    Discussion Boards / Facebook / Answer Center
    • Connect the customer to the business
    • Provide safe opportunities to engage with customers
  • 10. Measurement
    • Community engagement must tie to business metrics
    • Engagement will ideally DRIVE business metrics
    Activity Revenue CLV Net Promoter Score
    • Visitors
    • Page Views
    • Posts
    • Conversations
    • Clicks
    • Cost
    • Revenue
    • Profitability
    • Task based
    • Correlated or causal?
    • Promoters
    • Detractors
    • Product feedback
    • Understand your users
  • 11. Closing the Loop Learn | Listen | Engage